[House] Axis of Evil and Jontron – Pineapple Express

Anyone who says the music business isn’t alive and thriving in Denver, obviously hasn’t been paying attention. Aside from the marquis names like Pretty Lights, Big Gigantic, The Lumineers, and Savoy, there’s also a ton of smaller artists throwing down some solid tracks. In this particular case, progressive house duo Axis of Evil have teamed up with electro house producer Jontron to drop “Pineapple Express.” In this release we not only get an buzzy, dance-inducing house track, but we also get some tasty remixes as well.

That’s the thing about the scene in Denver. These artists work together to help each other out, and bring each other up. It’s a great thing to see in an otherwise cut throat business. With that being said, the remixes below are from other reputable Denver artists. You’ve probably heard of a few of these names at this point, so we won’t delve too far in descriptions. Just know that Joman, Ecotek, Tangle and Matuesz and Ishe all do this stellar track justice in their own way.

If you dig these tracks, make sure to head over and Global Dance Music, and check out some of their other work.

Pineapple Express (Original Mix)
Axis Of Evil & Jontron
Pineapple Express (Joman Remix)
Axis Of Evil & Jontron
Pineapple Express (Tangle & Mateusz Remix)
Axis Of Evil & Jontron
Pineapple Express (Ecotek Remix)
Axis Of Evil & Jontron
Pineapple Express (Ishe Remix)
Axis Of Evil & Jontron
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[Indie Rock] ON AN ON – Ghosts (Video)

This song just absolutely blows my mind. ON AN ON have attached to it a weird montage/video collage documenting the history of space exploration? I, for one, want to see the three band members (formerly of Scattered Trees) play music. Maybe in the next video.

Their debut album, Give In, comes out January 29th, 2013, on Roll Call Records.

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[Hip-Hop] Meek Mill – Maybach Curtains Feat. John Legend, Rick Ross & Nas

With Meek Mill‘s debut album, Dreams & Nightmares, set to drop at the end of the month, we’re finally getting a preview of what to expect from the young MMG representative.  ”Maybach Curtains” fits more into the vein of what you might find on one of his boss’ records, but the talented musician is able to adapt seamlessly while crafting a fitting verse of his own.  Of course smooth, exuberant tracks like these are Rick Ross‘ bread and butter (actually bread and butter are his real bread and butter, but you get the point), so you know he had to squeeze in a verse himself (I just shuddered at the thought of Ross squeezing into anything), while bringing longtime collaborators John Legend and Nas along for the ride.  As stated earlier, Meek Mill is able to break out of his shell a bit on this one, toning himself down slightly, while Legend appropriately belts out “Look how far we came” and “Through these Maybach curtain I see how life has changed” during the chorus.  This was definitely one of the most anticipated track off of the album, but I’m sure it’s not the last big single from Meek.  Make sure to check out his Dreams & Nightmares album when it drops on October 30th.

Meek Mill ft. Nas, John Legend & Rick Ross
Maybach Curtains
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[Progressive House] Eric Prydz – Every Day (Original Mix)

Eric Prydz‘s newest track “Every Day” was released last Monday and is an extremley solid prog house track. With simple vocals playing throughout, a great synth rhythm and a straight bassline, what’s not to love? Definitely worth putting on a dance playlist. It is available now on Beatport but you can check it out below.

Eric Prydz
Every Day (Original Mix)
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[Denver Event] Superheroes and Villains – Powered by TMN (10/27)

Oh shit, ninjas! As you well know by now, we’ve been hustlin’ hardcore in Denver for the past six months. We’ve thrown some bad ass parties at Vinyl, and now we’re ready to invade Beta for their Superheroes and Villains party on October 27th. This is, of course, a Halloween party, given it’s the weekend before the holiday. We’re encouraging you to come dressed as your favorite, or completely made up superhero or villain. We will be rocking ninja costumes, so you can easily identify us. However, this is also my personal birthday celebration, so a conversation about music with me might be a little slurred and incoherent. Just sayin’.

Jontron and Dragon are headlining this night, and promise to have a fun, funky, and energetic set for everyone to dance their ass off to. We also are working with them and Beta to put together some goodie bags for a select number of party-goers. Because kids shouldn’t be the only ones that get goodie bags on Halloween.

This night is going to be one for the record books, so make sure to head down and show your TMN love!

Dragon & Jontron
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[Electro Pop] LexiconDon – Pretending (TMN Song Premiere)

Los Angeles’ own LexiconDon have hit the road, played Filter’s Culture Collide, SXSW and CMJ and released a stunner debut album Pink + Blue on Binary Entertainment, the label co-owned by Goldroom‘s Josh Legg. The trio draw inspiration for their music from their everyday lives — whether their partying hard at a festival or nursing a broken heart in their apartments — and that sincerity shows.

Today, The Music Ninja is happy to premiere LexiconDon’s new track “Pretending”. It begins with a dreamy intro, like a slowly swirling fog that sweeps through little by little. Once it settles in completely, it revs up and doesn’t relent. It’s got chill undertones, but is wholly captivating and charged with infectious, uplifting electro-pop energy. Turn it up and let it soundtrack your next late-night adventure. Download it for FREE below and show them some love on their Facebook.

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[Trip-Hop] Sweet Valley – Eternal Champ

If you haven’t heard anything off of Sweet Valley’s Eternal Champ yet, then you’re missing out. This project is an essential listen for any fan of video games or hip-hops. Sampling such classics as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, no other musical undertaking (other than Ocarina of Rhyme) has been able to evoke the simple memories of pure joy resulting from sitting cross legged and wide eyed in front of a television for three hours while holding an awkward shaped plastic controller in your hands. While the project doesn’t solely rely on video game samples for its sound, it is able to still come together to form a cohesive masterpiece that will run you through many of the same emotions felt during those hard fought battles in the kingdom of Hyrule. Considering that this project is coming courtesy of Wavves‘ own Nathan Williams and his brother Joel “Kynan”, makes it even more mind blowing. Although Nathan is primarily known for his noise rock, he’s able to piece together an incredible beat tape here. Add in the fact that they’re currently touring with GZA & Killer Mike, adding even more credence to their identity as a legitimate act within the genre.

If you like what you hear down below, make sure to head over to their Bandcamp page to check out the rest of the project and for a free download of the entire tape.

Sweet Valley
Eternal Champ

Sweet Valley
Chaos Speed

Sweet Valley

Sweet Valley
The Great Bay Shrines

Sweet Valley
Where Will I Go
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