[Festival Review + Playlist] Take Us Back: Outside Lands 2014 Highlights through Photos & Songs


During the Gold Rush, the area where Golden Gate Park currently resides was referred to as the “Outside Lands,” a sprawling seemingly uninhabitable expanse, before being adopted by the city of San Francisco and developed into what is now the gorgeous western portion of the city. Today, Outside Lands carries a whole new meaning as the the premiere music festival of the Bay Area located in the heart of the park. Every event has a unique charm and, for OSL, the magic of San Francisco’s physical and cultural beauty is truly at its core. With breathtaking scenery, quality food/wine and the lingering remnants of the hippie movement, Outside Lands 2014 served as yet another reminder of why the area has become, and has for so long been, such a desirable destination even with its famously cold summer weather.

Just over two weeks have passed since we took our final steps out of what was the most popular OSL in the event’s history. In the days following a festival, the mundanity of everyday life can become particularly evident. Luckily, with concerts, there’s always an artist’s music to revive the excitement of your most memorable, albeit sometimes least remembered, moments. This year’s Outside Lands lineup featured an incredible diversity in artistic styles making for a broad range of experiences to look back on. Join us as we take revisit a dozen of our top highlights from the weekend through photos and songs. Continue reading

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[TMN Premiere] VÉRITÉ – Strange Enough (Cosmic Quest Remix)

Strange Enough (Cosmic Quest Remix)

Imagine yourself lying in an open field staring up at the cosmic realm above you. Now take that scenario and imagine yourself levitating up towards the sky only to be consumed by a milky layer of ambient clouds that are aimlessly drifting beneath your floating frame. Doesn’t that just sound like the Utopia we all desire? Often times we come across music that helps inspire this intrinsic line of thinking and we cannot help but emerge ourselves in this lucid, dream-like trance. There aren’t too many artists that make us wish we were wandering about the cosmos, however, those rare entities are out there and we tend to have a knack for finding them.

A few months ago we happened to stumble upon an artist by the name of Cosmic Quest; now if you have a good memory then you might remember the gem we picked up from him and Molly Williams called “Water Winds”. Not only did that song move us like never before, but it opened us up to an entirely new realm of music that we forgot ever existed. After months of fine-tuning his productions, the Carmel Valley chill wave wizard is back with an official remix for the lovely, Vérité and her internet hit, “Strange Enough”. With an atmospheric vibe, a melodic synth progression, reverbed percussion (for a lasting wavey effect), and a layer of chopped vocals, Cosmic Quest sent us straight into the clouds with this one. Just when you think the euphoric sensation ends, he takes us to swoonville with a stunning piano outro that sends chills down your spine and permeates your skin with a refreshing blast of solace. We are so fortunate to be premiering the latest from Cosmic Quest and we look forward for what’s to come for this small town producer because he is about to take the world by his hands and take us all to new heights.

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[Chill/House] Alex Wiley – Vibration (Honest Remix)

Alex Wiley
Vibration (Honest Remix)

Holy mackerel did this tune set us off on the correct foot this morning. Arizona repping electronic producer Honest came to us armed with what has been our favorite tune to make its way our of her studio thus far. This time around Honest has tackled  Alex Wiley’s ragga tipping hip-hop groover “Vibration” and has worked it into a sumptuous slice of sophisticated house music. Rather than approaching her take on the tune with a formulaic four-four kick to start things off, Honest rides a wave of filtered pads and vocal chops into a gorgeously arpeggiated lead piano line  before a sampling of staccato synth stabs sidles in through the back door. Further establishing the tune’s laid back but highly danceable vibe is the way Honest has toyed with Wiley’s raspy vocal track and made it sound as if it was made solely for her production to begin with. This one’s got us feeling all kinds of groovy, so do us one better after your listen and grab the free download here in exchange for a Face book “like”.

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[TMN Resident Artist] Le Castle Vania and his Top 5 Songs


It is almost September, hard to believe how fast summer has flown by and how much good music TMN has been listening to. Before we let Le Castle Vania go, we had to ask him about his five favorite songs right now, and boy, did he pick some great ones. Throw each of these into a playlist, sit back and reminisce about all things summer.

Knife Party – Resistance
Dyro – Sounds Like
I Am Legion – Choosing For You (Nightwatch Remix)
Oliver – Fast Forward
Nero – Satisfy
’Knife Party – Resistance’
’Dyro – Sounds Like’
’I Am Legion – Choosing For You (Nightwatch Remix)’
’Oliver – Fast Forward’
’Nero – Satisfy’
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[Pop] VÉRITÉ – Weekend


Sultry. Seductive. Sensational. VÉRITÉ embodies so many descriptors with her captivating voice that it’s hard to imagine this is just her second release. Dropping just hours ago, “Weekend” is a stunning follow-up to her debut song, “Strange Enough.”

Showcasing her vocal range, this NYC artist displays a smokier side to her vocals that remind us a bit of Lana Del Rey in the verses. However, in sheer pop brilliance, she flaunts the higher notes in the choruses, which provide tremendous amount of energy and vigor throughout.

Written by VÉRITÉ and Elliot Jacobson, produced by Elliot Jacobson, and mixed and mastered by Mike Tuccillo, this lyrically engaging gem will garner high praise from the blogosphere, fans, and new ears alike. Whether it’s the easily accessible lyrics, the uplifting pop nature, or VÉRITÉ’s vocals that tickle your fancy, you’ll find yourself pressing play again and again.

So we can hang our noose
under stars bright
ready to glow
and we can fall in love for the weekend
We’re on the edge baby
two hearts starting to slow
and we can fall in love for the weekend
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (August 2014 Round #5)


Summer might be winding down, but it ain’t over yet. There’s still plenty of daytime hours and warm weather to soak in. Don’t let it go to waste. Just like you wouldn’t let an Indie Dojo go to waste. Someones gotta play it.

’Sego – “20 Years Tall”‘
’Flyte – We Are The Rain’
’ATTU – Don’t Sleep’
’Tower – Can’t Vibe’
Vinyl Pinups – ‘Gold Rays’
’George Bennett  – Calling You’
’Stuart Newman – One Big F’
’I.AM.L – Lionheart’
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Bipolar Theory – Polar EP [TMN PREMIERE]


A few weeks ago, we happened to stumble upon the Deep House sensation, Bipolar Theory (Whyel & JDefeats) and their phenomenal remix of Disclosure’s, “Latch”. Just when we thought the internet had had enough of hearing the the classic baby-makin’ song of the year, Bipolar Theory took a risk and unleashed a beast of a remix that we still have at the top of our playlists to this day. Their debut remix set the pace for their new side project as a duo in which Whyel and JDefeats are taking on an entirely new side of dance music by producing Deep House (which is essentially the exact opposite of what they make individually). Deep House has progressed to a point where it has put us all into a giant melting pot full of roaring bass lines, groovy synth melodies, pitched vocals, and a undeniable urge to go one deeper. Now that we have reached a shift in tastes as a culture, Bipolar Theory dropped in at the perfect time to take the world by their hand and lead us all down to the dance floor.

Today we are pleased to be premiering Bipolar Theory’s debut Polar EP and have been sitting on this release for much longer than we could actually handle. This EP has been something we’ve been waiting to have sent our way for quite some time now and just when we thought we had heard it all, Bipolar Theory takes their unique identities and sound to a much deeper level. After listening through all 3 tracks, we felt as if we had just got back from dancing for 8 hours straight in a hot and sweaty club in Ibiza.  The opening track of the EP, “Another Night”, is a combination of heavy-hitting synths, stabby piano melodies, and a bass line to make you feel some type of way. The second track of the EP, “Dreamers”, is a little less dark but still maintains that club nature that Carl Cox would be proud of. The final track on the EP, “Resusci”, closes out the EP with its dark, grimey, and filthy progression in which we are led down a rabbit hole of acid-like thoughts and images of DJ Hanzel spiraling around us. If you haven’t yet lived the magic of Bipolar Theory, we recommend you take the next 13 minutes and 23 seconds to introduce yourselves to the dark side by going 3 time deeper than normal.

’Another Night’
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