[House] Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash Feat. John Martin – Reload (Ahzee Remix)

Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash Feat. John Martin
Reload (Ahzee Remix)

Another week has come and gone, and here we are talking about New York producer Ahzee. After featuring this up and coming EDM star multiple times, we’ve now come to realize something. While others are trying to replicate this big festival drop sound, Ahzee is perfecting it. Yes, it is a common occurrence to hear a drop like this, yet we find ourselves shrugging off the majority of these releases.

Not with Ahzee. Somehow this Big Apple resident has found a niche in simplistic synth hits and a steady four to the floor beat. The negative space in his soundscape add excitement and anticipation – the kind that you yearn for out on the dance floor.

The funny thing is, Ahzee keeps taking on legendary tracks like it’s no body’s business. Avicii? No prob. Tiesto? Sure. Sebastian Ingrosso? Yup. Each monster track he takes on, we keep expecting a hiccup. If you listen to this latest remix, you’ll come to the same conclusion we have. There hasn’t been one yet.

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[New Artist] Letters to Fiesta – Tears Apart

Letters To Fiesta
Tears Apart

There is something about a new musical group, or even better, a new group who has been working on their sound for a few years and finally, the time has come for them to display their insane talents.
Enter Letters to Fiesta (LTF), a group from Manchester, who will be releasing their debut EP Aphorism on October 28th but have released their song “Tears Apart” to give everyone a taste of what is to come and, this simply stunning song has captured the likes of all of us at TMN. Their light pop sound, lyrical vocals and distinct British sound carry such a strong presence in their song. LTF tell a beautiful story in this song, with soft drum melodies and domineering vocals that add power to this pop piece. Keep this band on your radar because 2013 is the year they decided to step into the music scene, and it is for a very good reason.

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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] Amy Stroup – Falling

Amy Stroup
Amy Stroup

When you first hear her voice come streaming through your speakers, you may feel like you have stepped back into an 80’s pop music scene.
But that is just one of the joys of Amy Stroup and her uniquely beautiful voice, with a lowness and sass that captivates the eardrums and leaves a mark.

Growing up a musical child, taking piano lessons when she was little and then making songs from each chord she learned, to traveling with her family singing the alto section, to teaching herself guitar in the backyard of her family’s Texas ranch when she was in middle school, Stroup is no stranger to the essence of music. She is an independent songwriter living in Nashville whose songs have been featured in over twenty shows and has released 3 digital EPs and one nationally full length solo recorded called “The Other Side of Love Sessions”. Her new song “Falling” we have the pleasure of premiering on TMN, a song off her upcoming album. The song is indie meets pop, with Stroup’s seductive vocals telling the story of the possibility of falling in love and what we are capable of in doing so. The melodies are soft, with small drum beats, a splash of tambourine and guitars stringing together something simply addicting. After this release, we are definitely falling for Miss Stroup.

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dream on
Dream On / Dream Off

In a myriad of sounds and styles, Derby UK based CRUSHING BLOWS certainly has a unique sound about them. Some dance punk, some electro, some psych rock – it’s hard to really put a finger on what you would label them as, and we’re certainly not going to try that today. Instead we’re simply going to bring you a premiere of one side of a Double A side single, “Unknown Animal / Dream On / Dream Off,” out October 7th on Snug Recording Company.

This tune enters with a very dreamy soundscape with fluttering synths that partner with lead singer’s heavily treated voice. What you would expect next is a dancy pop tune that would be fit for an iTunes commercial. What you find instead is a heavy rock breakdown (1:45) with a rolling snare, clashing symbols, and heavy distorted guitar riffs. The band keeps you guessing throughout the song, switching from light and airy to heavy and gritty.

Growing up on punk and metal, I loved hearing the inclusion of some heavier elements. These guys know how to craft something truly admirable, and we can’t wait to hear more.

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[Indie-Pop] Brick + Mortar – Bangs EP


Brick + Mortar are back with an EP for us! With simple beats, powerful vocals and lyrics and a heavy electro backdrop, this EP has plenty of umph to get you up in the morning, on the dance floor, or into work on time. It’s almost impossible not to move to this music!

“Locked in a Cage” begins with vocals that sound vaguely reggae, if not for the fierce lyrics. The song employs a simple electric guitar well, creating a gritty feel that lasts beyond the song.

“Old Boy” keeps up the energy with a banging drums, a driving bass line and contagious lyrical repetition. The short ditty relies on crunchy synth notes to drive the melody.

This EP is solid, high energy fun!

Brick + Mortar
Locked In A Cage
Brick + Mortar
Old Boy


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[Electro] Chase & Status – Machine Gun (feat. Pusha T)

Chase & Status
Machine Gun (feat Pusha T)

Just in case you’re having some trouble getting over the hump this week, U.K. production duo, Chase & Status, have got you covered with a high octane track featuring a verse from none other than the recently omnipresent Pusha T. As its name implies, “Machine Gun” holds a dark, heavy and intense feel accentuated perfectly by Push’s ruthless brand of raps.

Wake yourself up with this booming single above and look out for Chase & Status’s upcoming album, Brand New Machine, due out on October 7th.  Pusha T’s highly anticipated album, My Name Is My Name, drops the following day on October 8th.

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[Album Review] Janelle Monáe – The Electric Lady

Janelle Monáe
PrimeTime ft. Miguel
Janelle Monáe  
Givin Em What They Love ft. Prince
Janelle Monáe
Electric Lady ft. Solange
Janelle Monáe
Dorothy Dandridge Eyes ft. Esperanza Spalding

As a child of a drug-addicted father with a Kansas City upbringing, and after early days spent in New York City, Philadelphia, and eventually Atlanta trying to make it into the music, it was apparent that Janelle Monáe’s past was more elaborate and obscured than most artists in the industry. Instead of dwelling on the struggle or waiting for a hero to come rescue her, Monáe became her own super-hero in the form of a George Clinton and David Bowie inspired android named Cindi Mayweather. Armed with a classically trained voice, black and white suit, and a creativity that has not been seen since the 80′s, Monáe’s alter-ego became more than just a form of escapism, but a savior from the ever-growing monotony of today’s R&B genre.

With her major label sophomore release The Electric Lady, Monáe continues to take listeners on a grand journey through the inner workings of her mental space. Similar to her 2010 ArchAndroid release, the android tale continues but with a far more personal take along a course through R&B, funk, rock, jazz, and rap. Bringing in a wide array of guests and familiar artists, Monáe conveys a fictional landscape that is both a nostalgic venture into the great sounds of R&B’s past and a pop-oriented, radio romp of songs about love and heartbreak.

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