[Indie/Pop] PrOfiles – Luxury


Want to go for a spin on the old disco dance floor? Wait, I will make that even better, a disco roller-skating dance floor where the lights twirl you around the your feet ski along the wood floors while your body sways to an intoxicating pop beat.

That is exactly where listeners are transformed when listening to PrOfiles new song ‘Luxury’ off of their debut EP Luxury due out later this month. An electronic indie-pop duo hailing from sunny LA, the duo write songs about personal experiences with sex addiction, hypnotherapy and love. The highly talented Lauren Pardini, who began her writing with producer DJ Khalil, handles vocals and keys. Taking over as the producer and all things guitar is Danny Sternbaum who has six years of music experience under his belt. The two collaborated for a unique and sexy sound that combines pop, indie, and yes a hint of disco. Feel free to bust out the old roller-skates and take them for a spin while listening to this laidback single.

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[Dance/Pop] The Ugly Club – Passengers


Some artists just work really hard at their craft, as in harder than most and in the end, their music shows just how time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears went into it all. The Ugly Club is one such group who have been operating for five years now making incredible rock music. Their recent single, ‘Passengers’, transforms the group into a new sound of dance pop. The funky beat mixed with the hand clapping melody and catchy vocals, makes this single a hard one to not listen to on repeat a few times over. Keep an ear out for this hardworking not at all ugly group, their hard work is continuing to pay off and us listeners are the lucky ones.

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[NEW] SBTRKT – Higher (feat. Raury)

Higher (ft. Raury)

Atlanta’s Raury has been seemingly omnipresent in the last couple months culminating in his excellent debut project, Indigo Childand subsequent signing with Columbia Records. The young artist has an extremely versatile repertoire of styles, which although classified by many as hip-hop, incorporates a strong folk influence as well as impressive vocal melodies. More important than his genre-classification, though, is the evident passion portrayed in his music that has already earned him a loyal fan base and, in some ways, sparked a movement of its own. Although Raury tends to lean more towards singing, he has an incredible flow as evidenced in his recent freestyle on Sway in the Morning.

The latest Raury sighting comes in the form of his feature on SBTRKT‘s upcoming project, a song we’ve been waiting for since the tracklist was released a few weeks ago. “Higher” is the fourth glimpse into SBTRKT’s much-anticipated album Wonder Where We Land and might be our favorite yet. Over a minimal, electronic soundscape, Raury employs a quick-hitting stream-of-consciousness flow reminiscent of his ATL predecessor Andre 3000 with two particularly personal, and powerful, verses. Enjoy this one above and head over to iTunes to grab a pre-order of SBTRKT’s upcoming project, which drops on October 7th.

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[Electronic] Trumpdisco – Third EP


Displaying a talent for creating dance music that strays from convention, Australian producer Trumpdisco has just unveiled his new three-track EP, “Third.” Released as a joint venture between No Tomorrow and Vicious Recordings, this collection is a wonderfully explorative journey and is a modern twist on the underground electronic sound from years gone by.

“Ill Still” is a highlight here, with grimey snatches of bass and sharps twists of melody throughout. “Outworld” is probably the most accessible of the three, and the subtle groove of the bass line works as an infectious hook. Finally “High Silence” is probably the darkest with its thumps of rhythm playing a key role.

Trumpdisco’s “Third” EP should be listened to in full, and enjoyed as a bold sampler of his work. You can pick up a copy here.

’Trumpdisco – Outworld (Preview)’
’Trumpdisco – High Silence (Preview)’
’Trumpdisco – Ill Still (Preview)’
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[Future] KRNE x TastyTreat – Clouds (Original)

KRNE X TastyTreat

After coming across TastyTreat (now a TMN favorite), we couldn’t help but Say Yes to their last release in the form of a premiere. John Smith and Devin Hardy have become two of the tastiest producers in the realm of Future Bass and R&B. Notorious for making sexually pleasing beats and tummy tingling sensations, TastyTreat is back yet again with a new original, “Clouds”, alongside Oakland bae, KRNE. Loaded with 2 tablespoons of some sugary synths, 1 and half cups of chopped beats, mixed together in in a heaping bowl of delicious bass, “Clouds” is smouldering in a pot of 130 bpm goodness. If you’re struggling with an afternoon sweet tooth, then TastyTreat and KRNE are bound to satisfy that craving with the press of a button. This is where the cookie crumbles, so grab your free download and munch on some tasty beats.

Stay connected with TastyTreat on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

Stay connected with KRNE on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

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I See MONSTAS – Circles (Mat Zo Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Circles (Mat Zo Remix)

First things first – make sure to prepare you ears for the unexpected because they may or may not experience a euphoric pain with the latest Mat Zo remix of I See MONSTAS beautiful DnB track, “Circles”. Last month, “Circles” made its way across our newsfeed and we plunged into a vicious cycle of conflicting emotions that made us run from the feels and straight to the Kleenex box. Now that we have experienced the tear-jerking wonders of the original, it’s time to unleash a grimey new rendition from one of dance musics most profound producers, Mat Zo.

Mat Zo is notorious for his eclectic style of production; whether it be his charming global heart-melting track with Porter Robinson, “Easy”, or his funky electro-house anthem, “Pyramid”, Mat Zo has certainly made a point to his listeners that he is not one to succumb to pigeon-holing himself to one distinct sound. Instead he just plays with whatever he wants and Zo-ifies (new word) it up until it has that signature MZ vibe we all are familiar with. Well ninjas, Mat Zo is back with another genre-pusher in his latest remix of “Circles” and gives us another reason why he is the master at keeping us on our toes. Loaded with heavy elements of dubstep and DnB, Zo throws us an aggressive (and elegant) curveball full of grimey, filthy breakdowns interwtined with a certain delicateness to balance out the flow of the track. After a few listens through this unexpected anthem, it became apparent to us that Zo understands that there is a certain beauty found within chaos, and this remix evidently shows his artistic ability to make us feel mental in a state of complete sanity.

Make sure to peep the original video of “Circles” by I See MONSTAS and cry your eyes out- take this as a warning because you will feel a lot of intense emotions after watching this. Look at this way, it’s Monday, so now you have an excuse to tell your boss why you’re crying like a baby who hasn’t had an afternoon nap yet.

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[Deep-House] Indiana – Heart On Fire (SNBRN Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Heart On Fire (SNBRN Remix)

While the Summer weather may be tailing off, what with the National Football League kicking off last week  (that’s the sport we watch religiously in the U.S. for our non North American friends) and temperatures beginning to dip comfortably from those scorching highs stateside; it seems some of our favorite artists’ sounds have begun to shift with the season as well. One of our most beloved L.A. exports, SNBRN, who’s coming off of another viral remix run with his take on Mark Morrison’s “Return Of The Mack”, again enters the eclectic grounds  of TMN this morning with yet another ear enslaving track modification. With his latest remix, SNBRN pulls Indiana‘s lush R&B burner “Heart On Fire” into the more sensual end of his brand of house music; delivering yet another sophisticated, hooky and utterly danceable cut. Warm but hazy synths along with Indiana’s pensive, wistful vocals merge on SNBRN’s version of “Heart On Fire” to create what we think is his most superlative tune yet. When queried about his remix, the skyrocketing house producer articulated: “A few months ago I got this track in my inbox and fell in love, so when I was asked for an official remix I couldn’t wait. With summer coming to an end I wanted to really touch into a darker side of SNBRN. Enjoy this remix and soak up the last bit of summer with me”. As support already rolls in on this one from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and  Clubbers Guide with Ministry of Sound, we’re fairly certain there are going to be droves of listeners doing exactly that. Take in SNBRN’s remix of Indiana’s “Heart On Fire” in the form of a trusty TMN Premiere above, grab the free download in exchange for a Soundcloud “follow” here and ride this groove for the rest of your week.

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