[Booty Bass] Ivarr – Party People

IVARR Party People Cover art
Party People [FREE DOWNLOAD}

Here at The Music Ninja we supply only the finest records for all of you party goers out there! Whether it be a trap banger, a booty bass track, or even something sweet for your soft side we bring you nothing but the best! Ivarr’s newest track “Party People” samples bits and pieces from Kano’s “I’m Ready” and the Tag Team classic “Whoomp! There It Is” to create “Party People”! This booty bass track may be sitting at 128 beats per minute but it most definitely will make you twerk! It’s a bit crazy to see such talented artists like Ivarr have less than one thousand followers, especially being featured on a couple of David Heartbreak compilations! I guess that’s where we come into place, bringing you those hidden gems like Ivarr’s “Party People”; trust me we’re not stopping anytime soon!

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Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Baby (2014 Remixes)


A lot’s changed in the world of house music since 1999, but Madison Avenue’s cult hit ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’ is a classic that has stood the test of time, and would still easily get crowds buzzing in any modern set. Nevertheless, the team over at Vicious recordings have assembled a remix package to mark this 15 year anniversary in style, re-imagining the original for the current day audience and highlighting how the electronic scene has evolved from then to now. Probably the best example of that development in musical styles is the version from young Australian producer Just A Gent. At only 16 years of age, he likely only started walking when the original first hit the charts, and yet his wonky off-beat jam manages to reinterpret it perfectly for the varied tastes of today’s listener. On the flip-side, the package also contains the veteran influence of Tommie Sunshine, who weighs in alongside The Disco Fries for a more conservative approach. Rather than reinvent the wheel, this remix respects the enduring groove of the original, amplifying the different elements of production where necessary and providing a thorough update to this track to make it ready-built for the dancefloors of 2014. The other one we’re calling out is from the remix competition winner Filterkat, hailing from Australia’s Gold Coast. With an infectious funk and insane effort on the beat, this nu-disco edit is ready to elevate any summertime dance playlist to the next level. Altogether this makes for a complete time-machine experience for the 1999 hit single, transporting it 15 years into the future and showing off all the production qualities we get to enjoy in this amazing era of dance music.

The package is available on Beatport now.

Madison Avenue
Dont Call Me Baby (Just A Gent Remix)
Madison Avenue
Dont Call Me Baby (Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries Remix)
Madison Avenue
Dont Call Me Baby (Filterkat Remix)
Madison Avenue
Dont Call Me Baby (Motez Vicious21 Remix)
Dont Call Me Baby (Andy Van 2014 Full Vocal Remix)
Dont Call Me Baby (Andy Van 2014 Club Remix)
Dont Call Me Baby (Andy Van 2014 Dub mix)


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Noosa – Clocktower [TMN PREMIERE]


Photo Credit: Myles Pettengill

Earlier today, we premiered Noosa’s first track off of her new album, Wonderland. If you missed the boat, you can check it out and read up on how we’re premiering the entire album, song by song.

After you’re done with that, feel free to dig into a much deeper, brooding lyrics from this now LA-based vocalist. While the last tune brimmed with whimsy, “Clocktower” is obviously tied to a serious life event. Her luscious vocals definitively add tremendous depth to this tune, providing something that’s inherently intense and personal.

Producer Mickey Valen adds to the haunting pensive lyrics with a rich background of light, trembling synths and a powerful section of strings.

After two songs we’ve now seen two completely different sides to Wonderland. Check back in tomorrow to see what’s on tap.

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[NEW] Nero – Satisfy


UK-based veteran EDM trio, Nero, are gearing up to release a new album and, just a couple hours ago, they unleashed the first single. The massive “Satisfy” embodies what we have come to expect from the legendary outfit with the captivating vocals of Alana Watson overlaying a monumental and building instrumental that perfectly captures the intended emotions. While we have come to associate Nero with dubstep most prominently, their latest effort comes hard with an electro-house bassline fit to tear down the Sahara tent. Make sure to check this one out above and look for the project to drop later this year.

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[Synth-Pop] Garden City Movement – Terracotta

Garden City Movement - Terracotta

Israeli synth-pop trio Garden City Movement put out their newest record “Terracotta” and it’s by far the most graceful piece of art to land its way in my feed in a long time, quite possibly ever! The way Garden City Movement combines wispy vocals, layered guitars, bells, and eastern soundscapes will have you reaching a musical nirvana. If you’re not nodding your head within twenty seconds in, you may need your hearing checked because this song is utterly beautiful! The feelings that wash over you when listening to “Terracotta” is completely incomparable to any track on your local bars’ jukebox or your public radio station, so prepare yourself for Garden City Movement to take you on a spiritual journey with this masterpiece!

Garden City Movement
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[Remix] Five Knives – Savages (Pretty Lights Remix)

Five Knives
Savages (Pretty Lights Remix)

It hasn’t even been a year yet since producer extraordinaire Derek Vincent Smith, aka Pretty Lights, wowed us with A Color Map of the Sun (and of course, who can forget the remix follow-up or outtakes found in The Hidden Shades?). Riding a seemingly endless wave of inertia, he’s back at it with his first “new” material since, remixing “Savages” from powerhouse electro-rock quartet Five Knives–one of three solid remixes for Red Bull Editionsremix campaign.

True to PL style, this one starts subtly, cuing you in with vocal teasers, dialed-back stabs and strings before a sashaying reveal about 40 seconds in, a danceable beat resonating and effortlessly carrying the vibes deep into the song. The real magic happens about halfway in, as the song swells and all arrangements combine. All energy elegantly lets loose, underscored with a healthy helping of permeating, buttery bass that satisfies the drop-hungry club-goer and the laid-back lounger all at once. It’s not a drop; it’s a denouement.

I’m always hungry for what’s coming next, and this track’s sure to tide anyone over for a long while. It’s an exceptional blend and, as always, showcases Smith’s reworking chops on top of an already powerful track. And while DVS might have the limelight here, keep a close eye on Five Knives, who are already raking in rave reviews. They’re currently hard at work on their debut album. Until then, be sure to sample their EP, The Rising.

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[NEW] Dawn Golden – All I Want (Diplo Remix)

Dawn Golden
All I Want (Diplo Remix)

Few established producers have demonstrated as much versatility as Diplo, who has delved into and succeeded in nearly every genre. On his latest re-work, the eclectic Mad Decent founder puts a heavy twist on Dawn Golden’s airy, self-described #SadBanger, “All I Want.” The track still holds the hazy-pop stylings of the original until it slowly develops introducing some enormous, Hudson Mohawke-esque horns. The result is a unique dynamic that manages to relax and energize simultaneously.

Dawn Golden is the monicker for Dexter Tortoriello, of the duo Houses, and “All I Want” can be found on his debut solo project Still Houses, available now on iTunes. Happy Turnip Tuesdays, ninjas!

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