[TMN Exclusive Interview] Stealing Panties with PANTyRAiD

PANTyRAiD 3.15.2013
PillowTalk Album Mini Mix

Last weekend in Boulder, CO, two of my favorite gentlemen came to town to throw some crazy panty-dropping tunes around. That’s right, Marty and Josh, the dynamic duo who make up PANTyRAiD. I had to opportunity to interview them and well, this one is for the books.

TMN: I’m sitting down tonight to talk with two very talented producers, Martin and Josh who make up the lady pleasing group PantyRaid. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us before you go on.

PR: No problem – huge fan of your site – thanks for the time.

TMN: Let’s start off with kind of your musical history/background. When you were kids, did you listen to any music or was there a certain genre/artist that got a lot of repeat time on your player?

Marty: I started producing music in 2006 – I grew up listening to the Beatles and Rolling Stones that my parents would jam all day long. Then I got into reggae and eventually loved house, techno and hip hop. But my true inspiration for wanting to make my own music was the music of hip hop, with the story telling composition of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

Josh: I grew up in New Orleans and was surrounded by music my entire life. Everything from jazz to The Beatles to local Mardi Gras songs, Al Sherman from my grandpa, Credence Clearwater Revival from my older brother to discovering hip hop and New Orleans bounce rap. I mainly got into local hardcore and punk rock, played drums and guitar in a few bands, then eventually found my way into electronic music when I was about 16 by randomly ending up at an underground rave in the late 90s. My mind was blown, I had never heard any thing like it… jungle, hard house, trance. I was completely fascinated by what could possibly make these sounds. From there it was all a journey to get where I am today.

TMN: Do you remember the first cassette/cd you ever owned, and who was that?

Marty: Gosh no – dont remember but def. Remember making mixtapes of mu fave techno which I have to this day. Love those old things.

Josh – Stone Temple Pilots & The Beatles – Abbey Road

TMN: And when was the first time you heard electronic music?

Marty: During college at the University Of Cape Town I started hearing of “raves” and got really into techno/trance/house and “rolling” :) That was about the time the whole EDM culture began emerging in Europe and then Detroit/San Francisco and other US cities – I moved to San Francisco from South Africa and totally immersed into the rave scene as a fan.

Josh: Answered in an earlier question.

TMN: On the heels of that question, you two have been collaborating together since 2008 after a vacation in Coast Rica, something about worshipping the sun (yes I am interested to know if this worship process involved any clothing, a goat or any magical liquids of any kind). What was the big realization that you two came to while on this trip? Did you feel a calling for the type of music you produce

Marty: Ha – There is definitely some spiritual connection we have with the sun but that rant is for another interview :) Yes – Josh came down to Costa to DJ at one of the festivals I was throwing down there in 2008 and happened to come into the “garage” studio I had made and was working on music. He loved what I was doing and we immediately started working together and shortly after coined the name PANTyRAiD. Our common tastes and similar personalities led to a very easy collaboration which continues still today. But yes that visit in Costa was the beginning of everything PANTyRAiD.

Josh: Marty nailed that one, yes, Sacred moments under the rising sun and good music on the beach in Costa Rica was the birth place of this project!

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