[Hip-Hop] Childish Gambino – Sweatpants

childish gambino because the internet
Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino‘s Because The Internet is only weeks away, and we can hardly contain our excitement. Pre-orders for the album have just opened up, and those who purchased it today were treated with this brand new single from the project. Despite what the title might suggest, “Sweatpants” is quite the banger, as Bino laces a loopy 808-fueled beat with some ridiculous bars, with Cali native Problem weaving in a few ad-libs as well. From what we’ve heard so far, it seems like this might be his best work to date, meaning you need to get your pre-order in ASAP.

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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 2]

Sunday Night Soul

Last week we launched our new series, Sunday Night Soul, and frankly, we were nearly surprised by the tremendous reception. That’s put a little pressure on us to repeat that success, and we think we’ve accomplished that here. Volume 2 is just as strong as Volume 1, if not better, with features as diverse as Tev’n‘s minimalistic “Rose Petal” to the comedic stylings of R. Kelly‘s “Italian Hero Sandwich.” Of course we’ve got many other soulful offerings from artists like Marian Hill, Bedlam, DB2, Tink, Tinashe, and many more. Now before you get a case of the Mondays, make sure to deal yourself a proper dose of relaxation as you plug in your headphones, lay back and the let the music take its course.

Marian Hill
Treat Me Like Somebody
Mae Oriel
Toyin (Prod By @soundsmithbeats)
Dre Green & The GTW
Neymar Night
Naomi Pilgrim
No Gun
Unconditionally (Reimagined)
Drop Lamond feat Jerome Thomas
Breaking The Walls
Falcon Eye (Reprise)
Tough On You
Rose Petal
Raleigh Ritchie
Free Fall
The Prometheus Interlude Feat. QuESt
Vulnerable feat. Travi$ Scott
Kiah Victoria
Breathing Is Too Easy
R Kelly
Italian Hero Sandwich(ANGO Remix)
Chris Brown
Fantasy 2 Ft. Ludacris
Greatest Song I Ever Felt
Erik Hassle
Talk About It (ASTR Remix)
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[Weekend Banger] Koyote & Deformaty – Bouncin’ (Original Mix)

Koyote & Deformaty
Bouncin' (Original Mix) [BROOKLYN FIRE RECORDS] OUT NOW!!!

With support from MAKJ, Disco Fries, Krunk!,Tommie Sunshine, Zoofunktion and Ron Reeser, “Bouncin'” is bouncin’ it’s way up the charts with it’s killer Easy E samples, coupled with that good ol’ fashioned Melbourne Bounce sound.

Koyote and Deformaty have crafted a stellar original, fusing together an ominous build with a beautiful bouncy drop that demands your presence on the dance floor. And with that, we’ve now filled our monthly quota for saying the word bounce.

Don’t resist. “Bouncin” is available now on Beatport.

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River Tiber – The Star Falls EP


A distinctive 23- year old Canadian singer/producer compels us this week with his debut EP, “The Star Falls”. Founded by Tommy Paxton-Beesley from Toronto, he is complemented by three tuneful comrades on stage to showcase the capacity of, River Tiber.

Each song is produced by multitrack recording vocals, instruments, sounds and samples, and it is best enjoyed in a calmer, quieter environment to appreciate the reflective qualities conveyed throughout the EP.  The unhurried progressions of shadowy undertones are overlaid with haunting vocals to produce a sole electronic resonance.

Take a brisk evening saunter, and enjoy “The Star Falls”, as you watch the smoke materialize when your exhalation meets the wintry atmosphere.

If you’d rather stay indoors, you can enjoy “The Stars Fall” music video on screen, shot by the crew themselves.

The Star Falls
The City
What Are You Afraid Of
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[Get Crunk] Clayton and Victor Niglio’s Friday Party Playlist + “Jiggy VIP Edit” Premiere


By now you’re no stranger to Clayton’s Friday Party Playlist. For the past year and a half, we’ve been slinging up the best free party tunes to carry you through your weekend. One of our favorite regular contributors to this list is none other than Victor Niglio.

This Philly born producer/DJ always has something dance-inducing to offer up, which is why we teamed up with him to bring you Clayton and Victor Niglio’s Friday Party Playlist. Coming off the heels of his monster release with Borgore, Victor has curated today’s playlist for us, as well as thrown in a premiere edit of “Jiggy.”

Lace up those dancin’ shoes and #danceirresponsibly.

Oh, and one last thing. #jiggymademedoit

Victor Niglio
Jiggy (VIP)
Strangers (Original Mix)
Power (Original Mix)
E.F.R (Original Mix)
Zombie Nation
Kernkraft 400 (Riggi & Piros Remix)
SNACKS.017 Happy Colors & G
Steve Aoki & Rune RK
Bring You To Life
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Vs DVBBS & Borgeous
Stampede (Skylapse Hard Room Refix)
Gas Pedal (Diamond Pistols Remix)
Major Lazer
Jet Blue Jet (Tujamo Remix)
Sub Focus
Turn Back Time (Steerner Bootleg)
Bounce (Original Mix)
The Fog
Victor Niglio
Jager (Goon Bags Remix)
Zedd Ft. Hayley Williams
Stay the night (MERCER Remix)
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[Beautiful] Benjamin Clementine – I Won’t Complain

Benjamin Clementine
Benjamin Clementine
I Won't Complain

Every once in awhile I’ll receive something in my inbox that’ll completely blow me away. Most of the time I’ve begun to realize, the artists responsible hail from the streets of London. I don’t know what it is that they have in the water over there, but The Brits are churning out amazing acts left and right. Benjamin Clementine is yet another name to add to that lucrative list with his masterful single, “I Won’t Complain.”

“I Won’t Complain” is a relatively simple track when you break it down to its basics: just a piano and some vocals. Clementine is able to make use of those tools expertly however, pouring his soul out over flurrying keys to produce a powerful ballad that’s both raw and evocative. The UK crooner walks us through a whirlwind of emotions on the buildup to the powerful chorus, where he vows not to take any grievance in his unfortunate circumstances, and appreciate the world for what it is. Peaceful and enlightening, this single makes for perfect listening around this time of year, with winter right around the corner.

This is just a preview of what Clementine has to offer before his Cornerstone EP arrives in January. For more from the artist, make sure to check out his official SoundCloud page, as well as a spectacular live performance of some of his other songs below.

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[Chill/Tropical-House] Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix)

Marvin Gaye
Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix)

As the weather has turned here in Denver towards the slightly cryptic and snowy, we thought it was about the perfect time to slip a little tropical pick me up into our daily dose of tunes. Hailing from Norway, 22 year-old feel-good house producer Kygo again graces the pages of TMN, this time with a sexy little remix of one of music’s all time sexiest little singles; Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”. It has been becoming a common theme for this writer to be amazed at Kygo’s uncanny ability to take a track, which on paper has no business on the dance floor, and rework it into an alluring, hip-shaking beat. Marvin Gaye’s timeless vocals are left completely intact, and play utterly well to Kygo’s softly keyed, upbeat four-to-the-floor instrumentation. Trust us when we say this one will be on repeat once you get your hands on it. If you haven’t yet had a chance to delve into Kygo’s back catalogue, be sure to check out his remixes of Ellie Goulding’s  take on The Weeknd’s “High For This” and Passenger’s “Let Her Go” as well. As with all of Kygo’s productions, it’s been offered up as a free download in exchange for a Facebook “like” here, so we expect to hear this one being played all over the world this weekend.

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