[Soul/Pop] Farewell Luna – By the Morning

If there’s one thing that we need more of in this world, it’s handsome men who can sing like angels. Oh wait, now that I think of it, when I’m standing there trying to look handsome, and some golden-voiced handsome guy comes up and handsomes so much harder than me, it really throws salt in my game.

Ok, I went a little bit off track there, in all seriousness though, we really dig Farewell Luna’s music. This Jersey pretty boy puts together soulful tunes that are dripping with emotion, passion, and vocal ranges reminiscent of Adam Levine. The track we have picked out for you is “By the Morning.” This soulful track takes on similarities of Graffiti6 at times, only with a little less pop, and a little more vocal finesse.

Make sure to stop by his facebook page and give let him know what you think!

Farewell Luna
By The Morning
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[Instrumental] El Ten Eleven – Yellow Bridges

There’s one band that I regularly tell people they need to see live. I don’t even have to know what kind of music you’re into to know that you’ll have an amazing time at El Ten Eleven‘s live shows. They’re simply that amazing. The band is comprised of two members, a drum set, a keyboard, 4-6 guitars, 15-20 pedals, and a looper. Two men man all these instruments with flawless execution, and keep you entertained for as long as they’re on stage. The best part about it is, their shows are usually about $15.

Live performances aside, El Ten Eleven’s recorded work is a melodic journey perfect for studying, working, and…well…private time with your significant other (note: themusicninja.com cannot be held responsible for any hookups during the listening of El Ten Eleven. Please notify them on Facebook if you’d like to complain, and/or share your sexy stories.) All kidding aside, “Yellow Bridges,” which is due out on their album funded by the fans via Kickstarter, is an epic build up of rythmic drumming, groovin’ basslines, and their signature sounding guitarwork.

El Ten Eleven
Yellow Bridges
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[HOT] Lana Del Rey – Blue Velvet

Sultry pop vixen Lana Del Rey is back with a stunning cover of the 1950s favourite “Blue Velvet” as part of her promo work for clothing giant H&M. The song was used in David Lynch‘s 1986 film Blue Velvet, and the advertising spot is suitably surreal and disorientating in homage to Lynch’s film-making style. Lana’s on fine form here, with her lower-register vocals taking a hypnotic and dark turn to create a very individual twist on a classic. Check out the commercial clip, followed by the full track below. As a bonus, listen to another of Lana’s newly surfaced tracks, the electronica-infused “Backfire.”

Lana Del Rey
Blue Velvet

Lana Del Rey
Backfire (Unreleased)
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[Dubstep/Funk] Manic Focus – We Won’t Land

Manic Focus AKA John McCarten, is a producer who has an uncanny ability to fly “under the radar” per say while consistently releasing huge original releases and remixes. Starting off with a background crafting hip-hop beats John began to transition into the solo instrumental project now known as Manic Focus. His hip-hop background is invariably evident as all of John’s work contains groovy dub-infused bass with soulful vocal sampling. Manic Focus’ latest release “We Won’t Land” doesn’t stray far from his signature style, highlighting soul-ridden guitar samples and sensational synths. Sit back, relax, download and prepare to get funky on this fine Tuesday!

Manic Focus
We Wont Land
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[Hip-Hop] Murs & Fashawn – This Generation (ft. Adrian)

Earlier today, LA-based veteran Murs and Fresno-bred up ‘n comer Fashawn dropped the title track off their upcoming collaborative album. On “This Generation,” the two Cali natives reminisce about their respective experiences growing up over the light, guitar-driven instrumental of Beatnick and K-Salaam, the producers behind the entire project. Both emcees manage to capture the struggles and unifying qualities of their generations without losing the bright, laid-back feel of the west coast.

Stream and cop this strong single below and, if you’re digging it like we are, make sure to grab This Generation when it hits stores on September 25th via Duck Down Music. You can also pre-order the album now on iTunes.

Murs & Fashawn
This Generation (feat. Adrian)
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[Dubstep] Foreign Beggars – Apex (Dirtyphonics Remix)

My goodness, Dirtyphonics we bow down to you. This is just a remix and a half, featuring some funky bleeps on the intro mixed with the hard rapping from Foreign Beggars. This original production was done by Knife Party, but this remix enhances the filthiest sounds from the original and makes it a classic face melter. The second drop as just an insane as the first featuring a massive Drumstep section, Dirtyphonics truly pull out all the stops on this tune. Not to mention the flow of Foreign Beggars is flawless over these ridiculous wobbles. Make sure to check out the Original tune to hear some classic Knife Party. Cheers.

Foreign Beggars
Apex (Dirtyphonics Remix)

Released on September 16th via Mau5trap

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[Electro] Kavinsky – Nightcall (3.A.M. Remix)

French DJ/producer Kavinsky is a man that has been integral in bringing the unique, European electro-pop sound across the pond to the USA. Ever since “Nightcall” became synonymous with Ryan Gosling driving around in a pristine, badass 1973 Chevelle in 2011′s “Drive”, his popularity has skyrocketed, and deservedly so. Here Canadian trio 3.A.M. emphasizes the distortion, heaviness and chop made popular by the French electro scene, all the while enhancing the lazy airiness of Lovefoxxx’s vocals in a darker manner. And it’s free for you ninjas! Solid.

Kavinsky - Nightcall (3.A.M. Remix)
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