TNERTLE – Way To Grow – (Tnertle x Passion Pit x Lucius x Gentlemen Hall x KING x Sydney Wayser)

Way To Grow
(Tnertle x Passion Pit x Lucius x Gentlemen Hall x KING x Sydney Wayser)

Colorado based electronic hip hop producer duo TNERTLE is back at it again. If you’re not familiar with this self-proclaimed “samptronic” outfit, you will be after today. We’ve been long time fans of this Mile High City musicians for quite some time, posting pretty much everything they does.

Their style is infectious, meticulously sampling and infusing jazz, electronica and hip hop elements to create a sound that we just can seem to get enough of. Today we’re featuring a tune that exemplifies this. “Way To Grow” is a playful collage of samples from their friends at Berklee School of Music who are on the up and up. Including bits and pieces from the likes of Passion Pit, Lucius, King, Gentlemen Hall and Syndney Wayser, it’s a well thought out homage.

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[Electronic/Soul] Made in Heights – Mantis


As we slowly pull ourselves out of our holiday induced food, family and booze comas, it’s important to start the day off right with something real nice (as Cousin Eddie would say.)

Coming off of the mixtape from the electronic producer/vocalist duo, Made in Heights, has a downtempo delight that’s perfect to ease you into reality. Chock full of atmospheric layering, subtle tribal drum work and a underlying synth melody, the true hero in “Mantis” is Kelsey’s heart-wrenching lyrics. The simplistic soundscape is a perfect backdrop for the her story.

Coming off of their latest release,The Wøøds, This is apparently just a light taste of what’s on deck for this upcoming year for this talented duo, according to their Bandcamp:

a sort of albumixtape to lead you on an audio journey thru the HEIGHTS. a lil’ lagniappe of sonic fantasy foreshadowing some of what’s to come in 2014.
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[NEW] Baauer – Good 2 U

Good 2 U
Hudson Mohawke

Through out the month of December, record label LuckyMe has been handing out a free song a day as part of their holiday advent calendar. For Christmas Eve, they unleash a new tune from the always dope Baauer. “Good 2 U” is a simple, but heavy melody that is best suited for large speakers or some quality headphones.  Listen and grab a free download above. Also, make sure to check out Hudson Mohawke’s booming advent contribution from a couple days ago. You will definitely want to save these two for New Years.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (December 2013 Round #4)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaDo you think Santa Claus ever gets sick of all the cookies? Probably not….But it doesn’t hurt to switch it up a little. Say in the form of a playlist? Some cookies and a little music? We’re sure he wouldn’t mind. He’s got nothing but a long, silent night ahead of him anyways…

Paul Thomas Saunders
Good Women
D.D Dumbo
i woke up covered in sand
Oh Darling
Finish Ticket
Bring the Rain
Lo Fine
More Better
The Wick
Solid Ground
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[Dirty] Blackwax – Grimace

Blackwax - Phobia _ Grimace

Dark. Ominous. Haunting. This tune has all of those lovely descriptors associated with it, and we couldn’t be happier. London DJ/Producer duo Blackwax is back with a brand new EP, featuring two bass-laden tunes. Our favorite of the two, “Grimace”, is absolutely addicting.

With a monumental, cinematic style intro featuring alternating string sections, a grimace will be the furthest thing you’ll be experiencing. The track then ventures into deep, simplistic bass coupled with claps, rapid tom hits and sporadic vocal samples. It’s gorgeously orchestrated, and mastered beautifully.

When asked about the free two track EP, Blackwax replied by saying:

After a long period of silence, we thought it would be good to give something back to everyone supporting our music. These are two tracks that have been doing the rounds for a while now and have gained support from the likes of Visionist, Desto, Teeth, Sully, Compa, Etch, J Kenzo, Oil Gang, Glacial Sound, Emma, Wen, Teki Latex, Last Japan, Slackk, Murlo and many more.

Thanks to all the promoters, DJs and fans who have been following us over the past few years. We’ve got a lot of great music in the pipeline that we hope to share with you in the coming months.

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[Progressive] Jeremy Olander – Bandersnatch

Jeremy Olander
Bandersnatch (EPIC Radio 010 Preview) **Out Now**

We’ll admit it. We were falling in love with this track before we even hit play. Our inner literature nerds came out from hiding with the title itself. Named after the fictional character, “Bandersnatch,” in Lewis Carroll’s novel Through the Looking-Glass, this brand new release carries the association well. Dark and infectious, the steadily churning beast drives its way into one hell of a powerful tune, utilizing gorgeous melodies and a slow, building bassline.

Dropping today on Beatport via Pryda Friends, this tech-inspired progressive gem via Jeremy Olander is definitely one to pick up for your set, your party playlist or just for your afternoon commute.

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[Mix] SoSuperSam – Street Classics Vol. 1


Even with today’s plethora of exciting new emcees, it is always worth taking a step back to bump some old school hip-hop to appreciate the genre’s roots and evolution. As a fan, listening to classics provides a new layer of depth and understanding by uncovering the inspiration for contemporary artists.

For all those looking for a crash course in early 90s hip-hop, LA-based DJ Samantha Duenas, aka SoSuperSam,  has got you covered with her latest mix. Including hip-hop legends like J Dilla, 2pac, Notorious B.I.G., Dr. Dre, Mos Def, Mobb Deep, KRS1 and many others, “Street Classics Vol. 1,” a collaboration with Vision Street Wear, takes us back to an immortalized period of hip-hop history. Enjoy above!

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