[NEW] Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment – Wonderful Everyday: Arthur

Chance The Rapper & The Social Experiment
Wonderful Everyday: Arthur

Chance The Rapper nearly broke the internet when he covered the Arthur theme song for the first time live at Sasquatch! Music Festival, putting a unique spin on the classic children’s tune. Now, as he prepares to take the stage at Lollapalooza this weekend, Chance has decided to reveal a far more polished version of the track that he’s been performing for a few months now. Although part of the hype around the release is fueled by nostalgia, Chance’s rendition is a beautiful song in its own right. Contrary to what his name may imply, the Chicago native has proven he’s more than just a rapper over his last few releases. Teaming up with an extremely talented cast that includes Wyclef Jean, Jessie Ware, Elle Varner and more, Chance and crew craft a wonderful ballad that’s guaranteed to have you smiling ear to ear by song’s end.

Listen to the single above, and make sure to check out Chance’s set on Sunday either live or via stream at the official Lollapalooza website.

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[Indie Electronic] Samuel Proffitt – Sladky ft. Khai

Samuel Proffitt
Sladky ft. Khai

We’re halfway through the work week, and  we can’t think of a better way to float through the day than with the smooth grooves curated by Boston’s Samuel Proffitt in “Sladky”. This is first single from Proffitt’s forthcoming EP, ‘Blue Notebook No. 10’, and if it’s any indication of what to expect, we’re all ears.

“Sladky”, featuring Khai on vocals, is an emotive track defined by its use of synths and piano melodies. The collaborative result is a powerfully heartfelt track teeming with sentimental value. Grab a free download of the track via Proffitt’s official Facebook page.

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[Video Premiere] Crywolf – Eyes Half Closed (Acoustic)

10414613_640900172658552_6778473929156174829_n (1)

After an overwhelming response from his Angels EP earlier this, Crywolf has definitely showed the world that it’s ok to make music you love and believe in. Now that the world has been introduced to the likes of Crywolf and his emotion-evoking music, he decided to treat his fans with an acoustic music video for his lead single, “Eyes Half Closed”. When he originally sent this to me, I at first thought that the quality of the video wasn’t quite up to par with his actual music, however, once I heard the story it all made sense and I instantly was game to premiere his video here on The Music Ninja.

When it comes to music videos, nearly every single production is thought out and has some sort of chronological order as to how to put every idea together in a tasteful and artistic way. Sometimes artists like to break that chain and go out of their way to create something spontaneous, clever, and captivating – and that is exactly what Crywolf did with his acoustic rendition of “Eyes Half Closed”. The background behind this music video was that Crywolf happened to be messing around on his guitar at home and his roommate/videographer was rushing out the door to meet up with a client. In that moment, Crywolf told his roommate to film him on the spot for fun and games. He didn’t really think anything of it at first because the lack of planning on his part didn’t really reflect how he works as an artist. Then it hit me  – that is the entire point of this video. The fact that this was shot and recorded on an iPhone tells us that art can be captured at any given moment. Whether it be behind studio doors or in your bedroom messing around on a guitar, the artistic value of spontaneity gives us the ability to appreciate these times and bring forth a new movement in the world. After seeing what he had created, Crywolf was drawn to the organic nature of this random vision and decided to create a new acoustic series called: Crywolf Unpulgged. We are extremely happy to be the premiering this video with all of you and we look forward to seeing what the next episode in the series has to offer. We here at TMN hope you enjoy this video – it may not be the quality you came for, but the story behind this gem makes us love the iPhone 5 quality that much more. Stay tuned for more Crywolf Unplugged and keep your eyes peeled for his upcoming EP with Ianborg this fall.

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[Melodic House] I Am Oak – On Trees and Birds and Fire (Sam Feldt & Bloombox Remix)

I Am Oak
On Trees and Birds and Fire (Sam Feldt & Bloombox Remix) [Available September 8]

As the day carries on and the work load begins to pile even higher than normal, it has become evident that even ninjas can be in over their heads with the demanding forces around us. Luckily we know just how to cure these overwhelming times of stress with music to calm our nerves and bring us back to reality. One of our go-to TMN artists, Sam Feldt, just unleashed his latest remix with Bloombox in which they took on I Am Oak’s indie tune, “On Trees and Birds and Fire”. What we have come to love about Sam Feldt and his work is that he continues to push his sound with each and every song he puts out – and kills it every time. Don’t you remember his “Guitar” remix? If not, then do yourself a favor and click this for magic.

We aren’t too familiar with Bloombox’s productions, but considering him and Sam just nailed this I Am Oak’s remix tells us that maybe we should keep him on our radar as well. Just know that as soon as you press play, you will be welcomed with a lovely music box melody, a folky banjo, and a trumpet to get your body movin’. There is nothing more pleasing than the soothing sensations of melodic house during times of stress. So thanks Sam and Bloombox, we appreciate these calming vibes.

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[Hip-Hop] Wread Wrkr – Good Morning SF (Compilation Tape)

’Native Mindstate – Trees’
’TRW – Glass Tables (prod. Causmic)’

Over the last few months, we’ve introduced a couple fresh new artists from the Brooklyn and SF-based Wread Wrkr Media collective. Earlier this summer, WW delivered their first compilation featuring an array of artists and producers from both locales. Ninety, TRW, and Database  lead the charge, creating amply versatile, yet unified, sound spaces merging an array of genres and sounds–all indicative of the diverse locales and influences they habituate.The tape carries a distinctively laid-back feel melding positive vibes from both coasts fitting perfectly with the last month of summer.

Check out a few of our favorite tracks above and head over to Bandcamp to download the whole project: Wread Wrkr – Good Morning SF.

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[Indie-Pop] Sir Sly – You Haunt Me

Sir Sly
You Haunt Me

Howdy Ninjas! Now then, Sir Sly may have crept their way onto your musical radar earlier this year with their excellent cover of ‘Marvin’s Room’ by Drake. Or maybe you straight up had no idea about this cover but the name Sir Sly rings a bell somewhere in the back of your mind; well that may well be due to their earlier release ‘Gold’ featuring on the trailer for Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag – a move which catapulted the Los Angeles based indie poppers into the global spotlight.

Well now it appears they intend to stay in this new found spotlight and the release of their debut album ‘You Haunt Me’ will do just that i’m sure – at least if this title track we’ve been offered up is anything to go by.

This song is unusual as it manages to sound lovely and nice – making you feel all warm and fuzzy. But then at the same time the dreamy, melancholic lyrics set off a pang of sadness somewhere inside. The pain of loss is a theme running throughout, something i’m sure everyone one of us can relate to. This mix of emotions is certainly a weird experience but if anything it helps drive home the sheer beauty of this song.

Sir Sly are hitting the road next month for a tour of North America to coincide with the release of their album on September 29th. I would definitely be getting down to one of their shows if it didn’t involve being on a plane for roughly 10 hours and costing me hundreds of pounds I don’t have to get over from the UK, so I’m going to have to let you ninjas go there for me ok?

We’re really expecting great things from this band, make sure to check back towards to end of September when we can bring you the sounds of their whole album.

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[Remix Package] HELENA – Levity


Rewind a couple of months and rising star HELENA released the highly infectious ‘Levity’ ft. Shawnee Taylor on Ultra. It certainly hit the spot for fans and DJs alike and remains a staple on the electro house circuit to this day. Now, to be released on July 28th via the label, a four-track remix EP lands – manipulating the original’s vocal hook and pulsating rhythm to new territory.

Stepping up first is young New York producer Fareoh, who delivers a gently building remix based around the soft use of piano in the intro. For those wanting a deeper and slightly darker sound, Maarcos is your man. Going for a more tech-inspired rework, he uses the ricocheting pulse with intense detailing. None of the energy is lost, but it’s a chanced to delve beyond the obvious core of the tune. Italian duo Merk & Kremont provide the third addition, pouring in their trademark groove and bounce, and making their edit full of fun. The fourth and final remix is yet to be revealed, and HELENA will have selected a winner from a recent TalentHouse competition.

’HELENA feat. Shawnee Taylor (Fareoh Remix)’
’HELENA feat Shawnee Taylor – Levity (Merk & Kremont Remix)’
’HELENA feat. Shawnee Taylor – Levity (Maarcos Remix)’

This EP is a delicious collection of new sounds, taking an already classic sun-soaked anthem to new heights. Pre order a copy here.


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