Rihanna – The Monster (PS & CB Remix) [TMN Premiere]

PRFFTT & Svyable
Monster (PRFFTT & Svyable X Chris Barnhart Remix)

After a little hiatus from the internet, PRFFTT & Svyable are finally ready to put out some intense new feels for us. The two have been working tirelessly on both original material as well as some intense remixes that will ideally end up being a cat-tastrophe. We were fortunate enough to premiere their last remix of “Interlude” by London Grammar and that song took our breath away. We were able to see a softer side of their production that had us crying for weeks on end.

Today we have the honor to premiere their newest remix of Rihanna’s infamous song, “The Monster”. PRFFTT & Svyable joined forces with Chris Barnhart for this project and have blown us away yet again. The trio approached this pop song with the intention of creating a summer anthem with an emotive value and upbeat tempo that has us bringing out our inner monster. PRFFTT & Svyable and Chris Barnhart knocked this one out of the park and we can definitely picture this one going off on every main stage this year.

Grab your free download and your dancing shoes because you’ll want to be on your feet for this one.


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Noosa – Forest Lane [TMN PREMIERE]

Forest Lane

Photo Credit: Myles Pettengill

As you slowly rolled out of your bed today, we were already hard at work planning out the next two premieres from Noosa’s upcoming album, Wonderland. Today’s first feature brings you a slightly more up-tempo take in comparison to what we’ve been sending your way the past few days.

Producer Mickey Valen did a bang up job on this track, giving it a soundscape that’s familiar, yet stands apart from the rest of the album. Experiencing both the calming vocal verses from Sky paired perfectly with luscious layers of strings, and the driving percussion work during the choruses, we’re left quite fond of the varying soundscapes in “Forest Lane.”

Check back later today to catch the other premiere from Wonderland!

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[Deep-House] Kiesza – Hideaway (Bixel Boys Remix)

Hideaway (Bixel Boys Remix)

L.A.’s Bixel Boys have been a group with whom we’ve witnessed basically a complete musical evolution; from their humble beginnings churning out a solid slate of groovy-deep remixes to their move into the self-appointed world of ‘Big Room Underground’ to legions of new fans. While we’ve certainly enjoyed seeing the duo hone in on their current EDM energy meets sleek indie-dance and deep-house production structures, their latest remix of Kiesza’s “Hideaway” was exactly what this writer has been wanting from the pair since having the pleasure to see them live a little over a year ago. The Bixel Boys’ remix leans much closer to pure house this time around, behind a classic piano sample that could’ve been pulled off of a Marshall Jefferson late 80’s track, and a wonderfully rhythmic, deep bass line. Not to mention, Kiesza’s vocals fit the house game like a sequined glove, weaving their way onto the tune with such an airy and soulful refrain on which the dance genre was built upon that one could easily be persuaded into thinking her incantations were written explicitly for this arrangement. We’ve been grooving this one out all morning, so you might be doing the same after giving this one a rinse. “Hideaway” is available for purchase via Lokal Legend, but if staying here a while and streaming above is your thing, we are totally cool with that.

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Victor Niglio’s Top Five Songs [Resident Artist Exclusive]


As we continue on through our month of Niglio, we’re offered up a glimpse into what his top five songs are at this very moment. Most of these were pretty on point with what we expected from him, but one threw us for a little bit of a loop.

Take a listen through each and check out what he had to say about why he’s digging it.

I just found this track today through my promo email, and wow, this is truly remarkable. Gotta be one of the hardest trap tracks I’ve ever heard.
Hell Trap
What happens when you take a GTA style intro & break, mix it with a Deorro inspired drop, and give it loads of drugs? This. First time I heard this I spent an hour replaying the drop over and over.
Ido B & Zooki
Another track from the depth of my promo email; you’re not quite sure where this goes, but when that swung kick & stretched vocal sample hit, you don’t care.
Naid Riot
Yup, another promo sent to me; how lucky I am that people send me stuff this high quality. What an incredible production. The melody on the drop is something straight out of a dream.
Quantum (Enyo & Mario Ayuda Radio Edit)
A lot of people don’t know, but I’m a huge reggae fan (I even listen to it while taking showers). It’s tough finding new quality reggae, especially given that 90% of my music time is spent on EDM sites & blogs. I mainly use Spotify to find new reggae, but I was lucky enough to stumble onto this masterpiece yesterday on Soundcloud. Enjoy!
Steppin Out
Alborosie & David Hinds of Steel Pulse
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[Deep House] De Hofnar – Calm After The Storm (Bootleg)

De Hofnar - Calm Before The Storm

Surely you all know this has been a huge week for new tracks, and the biggest deep house track I’ve heard so far is De Hofnar’s “Calm Before The Storm” bootleg! With layers of guitar, piano, and sensual vocals, this track will have you swaying to the beat. De Hofnar really highlights the vocals from the Dutch duo The Common Linnets and backs it up with some deep bass. If you love artists like Kygo, then this one is a guaranteed grab for your collection!

De Hofnar
Calm After The Storm (Bootleg)
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[Throwback] Len – Steal My Sunshine (Remastered Anniversary Edition)

Alcopop! Records
Steal My Sunshine [Remastered Anniversary Edition]

In celebration of the 15 year anniversary of arguably one of the greatest summer hits, Alcopop! is re-releasing Len’s ‘Steal My Sunshine.’ If you’ve been reading my posts, you’ll know that summer is my absolute favorite season. You might even argue that I don’t belong in Denver, where summer is only three months long.

Regardless of that very accurate fact, I love flip flops, sunnies and jamming out with my windows down. Now that Alcopop! has released their hundredth tune , I’ll gladly cycle this back into my playlists. After all, it is an all-time summer classic.

Pour yourself a cocktail, fire up the BBQ and get ready for some solid throwback action.

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Noosa – Stranger [TMN PREMIERE]


Photo Credit: Myles Pettengill

As we continue down this path of slowly releasing each song from Noosa’s LP, Wonderland, we’re bringing you a song that we battled with. Not that we didn’t absolutely love the sound of ‘Stranger’, but we couldn’t put our finger on what it was about. Is she talking about her love life? Maybe it’s a relative who recently passed away? Well, we were wrong. Here’s what Sky had to say about the song’s meaning:

Nothing fell and there was definitely no earthquake. His roommate lou in the other room didn’t feel it, but we definitely did.
Then a bit later the big telephone pole outside the apartment fell down! We were definitely creating something powerful through our music in that moment. We felt some unseen help in the studio that day and it was beautiful!

That wraps up today’s premieres. Look for two new Noosa tracks tomorrow!

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