Alesso – Years ft. Matthew Koma (Hard Rock Sofa Remix) [Preview]

Matthew Koma vocals provided the foundation for one of the biggest anthems of the last couple of months in Alesso’s breakout track ‘Years’. At just 21 years old, the Swedish producer has proved himself to be an aggressive contender in the dance world, releasing such tracks like ‘Clash‘ and his collaboration with Dirty South on ‘City Of Dreams‘.

But of course, we also have the energetic Russian superstar duo Hard Rock Sofa that continue to blaze through the scene supported by the likes of Tiesto, David Guettа, Pete Tong, Axwell, Steve Angello. Their 2012 electro house banger ‘Quasar’ became instantly ubiquitous at every single dance festival with its sharp strings and exhilarating bassline. And it is this forward attitude that has brought them here today, with a preview of their much anticipated remix of ‘Years’. Bringing their high-octane sound, massive drums and addictive synths riffs, the duo continues that momentum all the way through into 2013. Refune Records will be officially releasing the track on Feb 12, 2013. Here is a preview below

Alesso Ft. Matthew Koma
Years (Hard Rock Sofa Remix)
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[Get Crunk] Clayton’s Friday Party Playlist #39

Hey hey, ninjas! It’s Friday! You’re rounding third and you’re almost to home plate. Luckily we’re standing at home plate with a double shot of fireball, ready to kick your weekend into gear. We know you’ve had it rough lately – long hours, no raises, and sleepless nights. Well, you can put all the shit behind you for the next two days. Press play, and get this party started.

Download ZIP: Clayton’s Friday Party Playlist #39

The Party Starter (Mashup)
Kryder feat. Bo Bruce
Damaged (Dzeko & Torres Remix)
Kavinsky vs. Dada Life
Nightcall To Your Boyfriend (Case & Point Mashup)
Deorro & Duvoh
Black (Aylen Remix)
French Montana vs. Crookers vs. Al Bizarre
Pop That Blast Wave (Kastra Bootleg)
Scotty Lee & Matt Watkins (Original Mix)
Le Man
Crank & Scotty Lee (Original Mix)
Deorro Feat. Erick Gold
Stand A Chance
Lights Rift With The Best (Alex
Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries feat. Kid Sister
Cool Without You (Audien Remix)
Dont Spark Me Up (Alex
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The Harlem Shake Video [Viral colleciton]

Harlem Shake

Just 8 months ago the wonderful and catchy single by Brooklyn producer Baauer (signed to Diplo’s label Mad Decent) was released into the world, becoming one of the most memorable tracks in the trap scene. Trap of course is ‘a sound that began steeped in the 4/4 dance tradition, slowly took on hip hop tendencies until the two became one.’ With the popularization of the genre and the emergence of these catchy trending viral videos, you will be hearing a lot more of it.

It started as a simple introductory piece to youtube user DizastaMusic’s sixth installment of the video series ‘FILTHY COMPILATION’, causally dancing to the song until it reaches the drop and then twerkin’ and shaking uncontrollably thereafter. Soon, the guys from TheSunnyCoastSkate (video above) parodied the dance in a much exaggerated manner and from that point on, a viral trend was born.

Here we have all the videos we have come accross to date. Please comment below for new additions. I am sure in a couple of days we will get tired, but for right now WE CANT GET ENOUGH OF IT.

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[TMN Resident Artist of February] 3LAU’in Up

RL Grime vs Big Sean
Oh Gawd (3LAU Mashtrap)
H8 (3LAU Bootleg)
Zedd feat. Matthew Koma
Spectrum (3LAU Remix)
Sultan & Ned Shepard
Walls (3LAU Vocal Edit)
James Egbert
Back To New (3LAU Remix)

Here comes that month decorated with red and pink and way too many hearts. But here at TMN we are ready to shower all of our love on our next resident artist for the loving month of February none other than our friend Mr Justin Blau, known to all you wonderful EDM fans as the mind capturing artist 3LAU. The Las Vegas native, whose career making music began just two short years ago when he vacationed in Sweden and first discovered electronic dance music, has exploded onto the electronic scene. He’s a young buck at only 22-years-old and he is finishing his college career this year. You heard me right, this unbelievably talented artists also finds the time to learn about finances at Washington University in St. Louis. Finances and electronic music, now there are two combinations you don’t see every day. But that kind of describes perfectly who 3LAU is, something you don’t see every day. He grew up as many artists do with a musical background playing piano and guitar while serenading people with his singing. But it literally was not until 2011 that Blau decided to put all of that music talent to work for himself and started making mash-ups at college. The rest, as they say, is history.

Action (3LAU Extended Bootleg)

Skrillex and Kaskade
Lick it (3LAU Disco Edit)

He went viral overnight thanks to the help of fellow college students and music blogs the internet threw him into the spotlight going from a normal college kid to an artist whose YouTube videos had over 4 million views. Talk about a change of pace. After making remixes for none other than Zedd, Blau decided it was time to start making his own original tracks and sound which is where we find him today.

So this is the month of 3LAU. He is a man of many talents with a heart that is evident through his music and also his involvement with the charity Pencils of Promise. Making music, finishing school and making trips to Guatemala to build schools, this is one busy and incredible artist whose shows we cannot wait to check out.

Hang on readers this artist is about to 3LAU your mind.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Sunday, February 17 – San Diego Sports Arena, California
Tuesday, March 12 – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Friday, March 22 – Whim Nightclub, Pittsburgh PA
Friday June 27-Sunday June 30 – Electric Forest, Rothbury MI

Jagger Bomb (Sander/R3hab Feat. Avicii, Maroon 5 and Christina, Tiesto, Ne
All Night Long (Darth and Vader Feat. LMFAO, Ellie Goulding, Mann)
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[R&B/Chill] Rich Hil – Nomads ft The Weeknd

The apple seems to fall from the tree. As the son of the well-known designer Tommy Hilfiger, Rich Hil drops some new tunes for the interwebs this week. Mixing dark tunes with his raspy voice, this singer croons over an atmospheric beat complete with snares and hi-hats on the single “Nomads”. Almost a drug-induced feel and vibe, it is only right that he recruits the talents of the drug-and-sex oriented Canadian singer The Weeknd to emphasize the “tortured-soul” vibe of Hillfiger’s rebelious son’s painful lyircs. A theme that can be heard throughout his entire debut album SYLDD. As a huge gift to the fans and a middle-finger to his record label, Hil released his debut album for free here, via Noisey.

Nomads feat. The Weeknd
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[NEW] James Blake – Retrograde

Here it is, ladies and gents: James Blake‘s new song “Retrograde”. The downtempo, yet still buzzy electronic track is absolutely beautiful, emotionally crushing and sexy in that, well, James Blake way. We’ve been waiting for this to surface and now that it’s here, we’ll be spending a lot of time with it. The song was premiered about an hour ago by Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1; it’s off his forthcoming album, Overgrown, due out April 8th. Check it out below!

James Blake
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[Funky] FKJ – So Much To Me

Are you guys familiar with Paris’ own funky maestro French Kiwi Juice, aka FKJ? We posted his slick, excellent single “Lying Together” back in November, and subsequently featured some worthwhile remixes, too. Now, he’s back with a new track called “So Much To Me,” and as you might expect, it’s full of solid, hip-moving, body-grooving funk vibes alongside smooth, light keys and a generous helping of soulfulness. Aside from the lovin’ message of the tune, the music itself hits you right in the heart and warms you to the core. Yet another delightful jam from this French man. Check it out below.

So much to me
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