[Event Review] Mad Decent Block Party – San Diego

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Last Sunday, following the recent heat wave that everybody would soon forget about, Mad Decent took their members and friends to sunny San Diego. The venue is located at Park Boulevard and Imperial Avenue near Petco Park and downtown SD. With only one giant stage put in the parking lot area, the artists definitely brought down the house with their high-energy performances and star power. Participating in this year’s lineup, we have artists like Cashmere Cat, Diplo, Flosstradamus, Laidback Luke, STRFKR, Thurz, TJR and Zeds Dead. It was a great mix of music, showing off their roster and connections with diversity.

With Kaytranada‘s set being cancelled due to personal reasons, STRFKR started off the one-day festival with some of their indie psych rock music to get the crowd in the mood. They put on a great show as people were just starting to roll into the venue and vibing their way into the crowd. Their mellow and enjoyable tunes are the epitome of a great band performing at a great festival.

Next up we have Thurz, a member of the underground hip-hop duo U-N-I. It was a smart choice for him to come on after an indie band. His high-energy performance definitely got the crowd going by playing some familiar rap songs and some of his own. At this point there was already a good amount of people in the audience, slowly and reluctantly making their way into the front of the stage even though the immense heat was getting onto everybody. Cashmere Cat, who was the next act, warmed up the crowd even more with his clever remixes of trap and hip hop tracks. His music covers a wide range of genres and sub-genres which take everybody on a fun and exciting joyride of both hype and chill music.

TJR was definitely the dark house of the festival. For those who weren’t familiar with who he is, the crowd referred him as “the mysterious bald guy who stole the show at Mad Decent”. The talented producer from Connecticut showcased his skillset with a variety of turn-up jams spanning the trap, house and funk genres. He incorporated funky drops and fast-paced trap beats into remixes of popular songs, which got the crowd pumped up like no other. His jaw-dropping performance definitely left the crowd in awe.

As the sun set and the heat gradually submerged into the horizon, the crowd was all warmed up and ready to get crazy. From the moment Laidback Luke got on stage, that’s when the real block party started. The Dutch DJ/producer got everybody on their feet and bobbing their head left and right with his incredible electro/deep house goodness. It is difficult as a house DJ to channel the right energy into a crowd at an open stage/venue, but Laidback Luke did just that. With lasers shining at your eyeballs, you just couldn’t help but dance your pants off to these hard-hitting house beats.

One amazing act following another, the artist introduced and welcomed Flosstradamus on stage. This is what the crowd came here to see, and what Floss were the best at doing. Needless to say, the Chicago-based duo delivered and killed it with style. The crowd was super loud and riled up, especially when they dropped a song like “Mosh Pit”, that there were a good amount of moshing going on throughout his set. To bring up the energy even more, the two hype men brought out special guest Waka Flocka, who gave his 110% at pumping up the stage with his anger and aggressiveness.

The headliner of the festival and Mad Decent’s frontman, Diplo, was undoubtedly the best act of the night. With so much energy and creativeness in his performance, Diplo always brings the most entertaining and trendiest electronic music to the stage. Mixing hip-hop with trap and electronica, the 35-year-old veteran never ceases to amaze everyone and never stops the innovation of his music. From taking off his shirt to bringing girls on stage for a twerk contest, Diplo sure knows what the crowd wants to hear and see. There was never a dull moment in the entire duration of Diplo’s set, and the crowd got about as loud and turnt up as they could be.

Amongst the shuffling pits, dance circles, exchange of kandies and fist pumping, the celebration never stopped for the Mad Decent crowd. Ending the night with a bang, Zeds Dead provided everyone with some hardcore drum & bass and dubstep. At this point, the lasers and lights were in full throttle. And with the heavy bass shaking the whole place down, you just couldn’t help but viciously headbang back and forth.

By assembling their roster and inviting friends and fellow artists to perform at their shows, Mad Decent has done it once again. With that said, our Ninja crew will be back for next year’s block party. We can’t wait to see what these talented performers have in store for us in the near future.

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Hold On, We’re Going For The Remix – The Best Remixes & Covers of Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home”

Last week was Drake‘s birthday (October 24th), and in order to properly celebrate his 27th year on this earth, we’ve put together a nice little belated gift for October’s Very Own. Below we’ve compiled 22 (because 20 just wasn’t enough) of the best covers and remixes of possibly the most addicting single to drop this year, “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” It’s almost astonishing how many unique renditions of the track we were able to find during our search, making it incredibly tough to narrow down our selection. Nonetheless, we’ve broken them down for you into two separate collections of 11 songs each, listed in no particular order. Even the staunchest Drizzy haters will find something to enjoy here, with revisions that range from the garage rock stylings of Arctic Monkeys to the festival friendly Max Methods refix and everything in between.

Check out all the different selections below, and let us know if there’s any that we might’ve missed!


’Arctic Monkeys – Hold On, We’re Going Home (Drake Cover)’
’Misterwives – Hold On We’re Going Home (Drake Cover)’
’ASTR – Hold On We’re Going Home (Drake Cover)’
’Pia Mia
Hold On, We’re Going Home’
’WE ARE TWIN – Hold On We’re Going Home (Drake Cover)’
’Holy Ghost! – Hold On We’re Going Home (Drake cover)’
’SoMo – Hold On, We’re Going Home (Drake Rendition)’
’starRO – Hold On, We’re Going Home Ft. Iman Europe (Drake Rework)’
’Ezrakh – Hold On We’re Going Home (Deep Cover)’
’Mike Stud – Hold On We’re Going Home’
’Funk LeBlanc – Hold On, We’re Going Home (Drake Cover feat. T’mar)’


’Drake featuring Rick Ross – Hold On, We’re Going Home (MMG Remix)’
’Drake, Majid Jordan, Henry Krinkle & Fabian Mazur
Hold On, We’re Going Home (AA ‘Stay’ Bootleg)’
’Drake – Hold On, We’re Going Home (Kastle Remix)’
’Drake – Hold On, We’re Going Home (TJR 120bpm refix)’
’Drake – Hold On We’re Going Home (K Theory Remix)’
’Drake ft. Majid Jordan – “Hold On We’re Going Home (Groundislava Remix)’
Hold On, We’re Going Home (MANIK Skeleton Rework)’
’Drake – Hold On We’re Going Home (Crown Duels Bootleg) FREE D/L’
’Drake – Hold On We’re Going Home (Max Methods Remix)’
’Drake – Hold On We’re Going Home (Panic City Remix)’
’Drake – Hold On, We’re Going Home (Beat Mass Tropic Edit)’
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[TMN Resident Artist] TJR’s Top 5 Songs to Start Fall

Another month almost over and summer is slowly fading away with the early evenings and later mornings. We want to say thank you to TJR for an amazing month and of course we had to ask what songs he was feeling right now to share with you all. A great mix of songs to end our time with this highly talented artist who will continue to make 2013 an amazing year.

Crookers & Digi – Stiaah!

CanBlaster – I think about U

DJ Snake x Yellow Claw x Spanker – Slow Down

Deorro – Yee

Drake – From Time

’Crookers & Digi – Stiaah’
’Canblaster – I Think About U’
’DJ Snake x Yellow Claw x Spanker – Slow Down’
’Deorro – Yee (Original Mix)’
’Drake – From Time (Ft. Jhené Aiko)’
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[TMN Resident Artist] A Personal TJR Weekend Mini-Mix

The Music Ninja Exclusive Mini-Mix


And to celebrate the freakin’ weekend what better to listen to than a new mix made exclusively for TMN by our Resident Artist Mr. TJR? This mix has it all, the big bouncy beats, the crisp melodies, and the insane remixes that we have come to know and respect from TJR. Turn the volume up on whatever speakers you have available and let TJR lead you into your weekend in style.

Photo Credit – Topher Riley

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In-depth Interview with TJR [TMN Resident Artist of September]

What's Up Suckaz (#1 Beatport Overall)

We come across amazing talent every day on The Music Ninja but there are only a handful of artists that we regularly fawn over. TJR has been delivering tracks with uncompromising layers of natural and unique rhythms in such an effortless manner, his rising popularity surprises no one. A true genius of the craft, we were able to talk to our Resident Artist for the Month of September to discuss his life before becoming TJR, how he actually went to college to pursue a professional golf management degree, his current projects and what we can expect for the coming months. Check it out.

TMN: This month we have the wonderfully talented artist TJR taking over the site and bringing his wonderful music to our listeners. TJ, thank you so much for becoming part of the Ninja family. Let’s start off from the beginning and yes I mean the way back in the day beginning. Tell us about where you were born and something you like best about your hometown.

Born and raised in Danbury, CT. Suburban kid all the way. The best thing and probably the only thing that saved me from not going to jail was the local public golf course, Richter Park GC. I still found a way to get in trouble there but at least I developed a passion for the game which lead me to music later on.

TMN: When you were a kid, did you grow up in a musical household? Did your parents sing or play instruments or listen to music around the house?

My oldest brother was more the musician in the family and my Mom was a hippy folk singer in her day. Music played a big role in my life like most but it wasn’t until I discovered DJing that I found my outlet to express my musical side.

TMN: And what about you, as a kid, what kind of music would you have been listening to in middle/high school?

Middle school was rap and metal. High School was around the time grunge hit (nirvana, pearl jam) and biggie & tupac emerged. Plus the 90’s had an eclectic mixture of music on the alternative stations. 90’s were such a great time for music, very lucky to group up in that time period.

TMN: Now let’s talk a little about college. Rumor has it, you went to college to actually pursue your love of golf is that true? But it was here that you actually started DJing and realized just how much you loved that. Can you tell us about your first time DJing ever and what that was like for you?

My HS golf coach told me about a college that had a professional golf management degree. I wouldn’t have gone to college if that degree didn’t exist, so I went. Discovered raves my freshman year and when I returned my sophmore year I wanted to DJ. A local DJ at the time, Phat Rabbit, taught me how to beat match and gave me my first gig. What I remember the most DJing for the first time was how to beatmatch with monitors. Kids today may not have to deal with this since beatmatching is kind of a forethought but man that shit was hard with shitty club monitors!

TMN: Honest now, did the DJing in college bring the ladies around? Come on, you can be honest 

Well I had hair back then so that probably helped more than DJing!

TMN: Now fast forward, you moved yourself from the East Coast to the West Coast around two years ago to really allow your music a chance to grow and expand. And now here you are, playing at such events as “Made in America” and other huge festivals, what has it been like as an artist to see your music touch such a large audience?

It didn’t really hit me until I went to Australia for the first time a few years ago and the Europe tours I had this year. Australia because I had no clue I had a following over there. This was the time of “Juke it” and that’s when I discovered Melbourne Bounce. Europe this year cause I’ve never seen a reaction to my music like I did to Ode to Oi in countries like Italy, Ireland and France.

TMN: You have said that the best thing you did for your music was to not care if other people liked your music or not, because you were going to make the music you liked regardless of what critics thought. That is some great advice to give any artist, writers, painters, musicians etc. What advice would you give some of those young artists out there who are just starting out? What is something you know now that you had wished you knew when you first started out?

I like my path and I’d advise kids starting off to make other music besides “big room” cuz you think you’ll blow up in a year! I think learning how to make other genres makes you a better producer at the beginning. You learn what works and doesn’t for the different times of crowds which is important for developing your own style. If you ONLY listen to big room music and try to produce it, you will probably 99% sound exactly like what you’ve been hearing and that’s no bueno.

TMN: Now let’s talk about the success of that little song “Funky Vodka”. It reached #1 on Beatport and then a certain artist named Pitbull took your beats and made “Don’t Stop the Party” (which you look like you are having a grand time in that music video just side note). What is it like to hear your music being played in commercials and having other musicians approach you asking to use your music?

Best story with that is last winter. I’m a die hard NY Ranger hockey fan and was at the garden for a game when DSTP came on during the 3rd period. I freaked out! It’s experiences like that (and the music video 🙂 is why I loved the opportunity. What I always tell people is that the mainstream came to me, I didn’t go to them. I’ve had a lot of pop interest in my music, especially my new stuff and I think it’s a great compliment. Again, it’s more stories to tell my grand kids!

TMN: Congrats on the success of your recently released “What Up Suckaz”. Tell us a little bit about what is on the horizon for you this coming year and, I know it is a few months off but, any goals for the next year?

My goal every year is to stay successful enough to where I never have to go back to working a 9-5 in the corporate world like I did for many years. It’s the honest truth. It’s the motivation to why I’m obsessively passionate about playing great sets and making the most unique and best music I can produce.

TMN: Now of course we have to throw out some fun questions right? Let’s first discuss this golf thing. Where is your favorite course to play and do you have any fun wood covers and who would you caddy for if you could?

My home course Richter Park GC! Nah, I’m pretty boring with my golf gear, just standard covers haha. Caddie? Phil Jackson would be my first choice if I wanna play well, but if I wanna have a laugh, John Daly.

TMN: Do you actually watch golf on television (I will go out a limb and say, it is not the most exciting thing ever to watch).

It’s boring as hell you kidding me! I only watch the majors or when Tiger is in the field.

TMN: Who do people say you look like (and if you google image search yourself, Pitbull comes up with your name, brothers really right?).

Well us bald folk are our own breed! I get Vin Diesel which is why friends call me Vein Diesel cause of the veins that budge on my head haha

TMN: What are three things you travel with on tour at all times?
Dental Floss, Tums, Baby wipes.

TMN: Last person you texted in your cell phone?

TMN: If you could only drink one alcoholic beverage for a year, what would you drink?
French Martini

TMN: Girl crush…and man crush, we all have them.
I think Cassie is the most beautiful girl ever. I have a crazy obsession for Tiger Woods cuz he’s a once in a lifetime elite athlete.

TMN: Favorite thing about living in San Diego…
Swami’s Cafe in Encinitas, CA.

TMN: Whose music would you play in the background if you were trying to make the moves on someone?
Marvin Gaye

TMN: TJ, thank you so much for taking time out of your crazy schedule to chat with us. Hope the fall tour is amazing and can’t wait to see what you have in store the rest of the year!
thanks ya’ll 🙂

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[TMN Resident Artist for September] It is as simple as TJR

TJR @ Wet Republic
Las Vegas, NV

As another month passes and summer slowly fades away it is time again to present a new Resident Artist for the month of September.

There are many things to say about our new artist, for starters, this is not his first rodeo musically speaking. He has been DJing since his college days discovering that he loved making beats more than his other love, which was golf at the time. He moved from his home on the East Coast only a few years back to pursue and push his music making but he did this with his own sound. He started making bootlegs and sampling anything he could get his hands on and the biggest thing he could do for his music, he stopped caring what other people thought about his music.

If you haven’t figure it out yet then I guess I had better spell the letters out for you: ladies and gentleman, the incredible artist we know simply as TJR.

A product of the 90’s, TJR continues to show his originality in his music, DJing and producing sounds that blur the lines of house, techno and electro. Just like other musicians out there, TJR made all these beats for his own pleasure and then those songs were picked up and played by other artists such as Chuckie and Fatboy Slim and from there, TJR’s fan base and admirers only grew. That little known (or renowned) TJR tune called “Funky Vodka”? We were honored to premiere it on TMN and the song inevitably made its way to the #1 spot on Beatport, with great reason. And his recently released “What up Suckaz” also climbed its way to the #1 spot, again, because it is a song that deserves to be up there.

Besides being an amazing producer, TJR is also known for his captivating live performances. He has said that he realizes many artists today just stand in front of a computer screen for their shows but he believes stage performance is just as important as the music itself.

TJR is a musician who has made it a point to make the music he loves and in return, he has captured the hearts and ears of many fans. This month we are excited to get weird with this artist and learn just a little bit more about the man behind TJR and his undeniable success.

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[Get Crunk] Clayton’s Friday Party Playlist #45

Gah! What happened? Last we knew, we were in Miami, and now we’re back home again. Holy shit, ninjas. That was a trip for the record books. We’ll have a full report coming your way soon, but in the mean time, please enjoy this tasty selection of party inducing tracks. We’re going to try and avoid listening to it though, as we need a solid detox from last weekend’s festivities.



’Bro Safari – The Drop’
’Koyote Bootleg – Separate Cannonballs Journey x Showtek x Justin Prime’
Broz Bootleg
Tonight’s Memories (Hard Rock Sofa x Kid Cudi x Dzeko & Torres x Laidback Luke)’
’DVBBS ft. Simon Wilcox – We Are Electric (HLM Remix)’
’Gravis Bootleg – Follow You Down x Music Sounds Better As Trap’
’FLo’s MAshUp – Hit it Rasputin’s Monkey (Avesta vs Henrix vs Hard Rock Sofa)’
’Elektrosex Mashup – Bigger Then Us(Nelly Furtado, Nari & Milani, Leon Bollier, Zedd, Dada life)’
’DVBBS & LOVEHAUS – Cider Sky – We Are In Love (REMIX)’
’B Booi feat Davide Mutendji – Home (T Fresh Remix)’
’James Egbert – Back To New (The Two Friends Remix)’
’Tiesto vs Basto – Chasing Storms (RAT Bootleg)’
’TJR & Deth Hertz – Don’t Hertz Me’
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