[Synth Pop] Shy Girls – Second Heartbeat

Shy Girls
Second Heartbeat

Artist Dan Vidmar travels back in time into some R&B bedroom fantasies with his soulful, “Second Heartbeat.” Under the alias Shy Girls, this new single carries some hints of pop influence and a wide mix of synth beats. Vidmar is definitely channeling the rhythms of an 80′s romance movie soundtrack number with the catchiness of the hook and electronic keys. Each note plays to the senses and smooth melodies make it hard to forget once the nearly three and a half track finishes. This is the first single off Vidmar’s upcoming Timeshare EP, dropping 10/28 in the UK and 10/29 in the US.

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San Mei – Brighter (Calum Howard Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

San Mei Music
Brighter (Calum Howard Remix)

After one hell of a week, we’d like to offer a special thanks to Calum Howard’s remix “Brighter,” which has us feeling instantly soothed. We were already pretty keen to Goldcoast resident San Mei, after posting her debut track. The original’s drum-centric nature provided the perfect showcase for the glowing vocals. With those two elements being the shining star, it’s not hard to see why someone would step up to remix this tune.

The Newcastle native took this assignment in full stride, creating a deliciously dreamy interpretation of the original. Chalk full of ethereal vocal samples, rolling hi hat hits, and a buzzing bassline, this remix is full of calming charm.

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[Indie/Electro-Pop] Mansions on the Moon – Full Moon EP


One of our many favorite things to come out of the Golden State, Los Angeles’ Mansions on the Moon have been perfecting a gorgeous brand of downtempo, but incredibly inviting pop music since the release of their first mixtape Paradise Falls in 2011; and after 2012′s wonderful Lightyears EP which was produced by Pharrell Williams, we were ready for something ambitious from the continuously impressive four-piece. Thus, one year later, we have been exalted with their latest body of work: Full Moon. Totaling five tracks and only 19 minutes in length, Full Moon again peels back another layer of the band’s psyche while simultaneously setting the ceiling even higher on their ever abundant potential.

The extended play’s title track (a tune we shared last month, in case you missed it)  opens with a clean, popping snare, backed by an echoey choir sample and poppy synth line all wrapped in Ted Wendler’s reverb treated vocals. “Full Moon” serves as a wonderful thesis statement for the album, flaunting a large sampling of their talents and production skill all in one pretty package. Further padding out the EP’s sounds is the anthemic indie tune (if there is such a thing) “It’s Not Too Late”. Again, Wendler’s intonations are center stage but the clever instrumentation from Ben Hazelgrove on keys and Lane Shaw’s honed in drumming add such a unique fullness to not just “It’s Not Too Late”, but to the album as a whole.

As singles “Radio”, “It’s Not Too Late” and “Full Moon” had been teased and released in the past few months leading to Full Moon’s official release, the real treat comes in the form on two previously unheard collaborative tracks, “More Than Nothing” featuring Frank + Derol lead vocalist Codi Caraco and “Heart of the Moment” with Zee Avi. Both tunes provide a departure from the still to be determined “Mansions on the Moon Sound” and lie on different ends of the spectrum. “More Than Nothing” functions as a slow-burning electro-pop ballad featuring that always lovely back-and-forth male-female vocal play with a subdued MIDI hook gently pounding away and a welcome lead piano fusing the entire movement together seamlessly; whereas “Heart of the Moment” takes us into an 80′s discotechque with some bouncy synth work and very pop appropriate vocals.

Playing into the group’s altruistic nature, Full Moon has been self-released as a “pay what you want” download on Bandcamp, so even if you have a dollar to throw down, it would no doubt be amazing to see such a talented and selfless group of artists get a little bit of monetary compensation for their amazing gift to the world. If your listening wades in the waters of indie-pop, alt-rock, hip-hop and even house their is a little something to be consumed within this set of five tracks, so go ahead and grab the full release.

Full Moon
Its Not Too Late
More Than Nothing (ft. Codi)
Heart of the Moment (ft. Zee Avi)
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Great Good Fine Ok – You’re The One For Me – (Body Language Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Great Good Fine Ok
You're The One For Me (Body Language Remix)

Earlier this month, Brooklyn based electro pop outfit Great Good Fine Ok took the blogosphere by storm with their deliciously emotion rich tune, “You’re the One for Me.” After spending some time in the #1 spot on the Hype Machine, we’re now seeing a few remixes of the rather infectious tune. Today we’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Body Language’s remix.

The multi-faceted Brooklyn based electronic quartet are known for their affinity of synths and dancy beats. In their version of “You’re the One for Me,” we’re served up some well crafted samples, big 70′s funk style synths and a groovy beat that could get anyone up out of their seat and into the dance floor. While this remix is still in the same vein as the original, its dialed up energy and booming beats set it apart from the original, while still paying ample homage.

This tune is a free download on Great Good Fine Ok’s soundcloud. Head over and pick it up. Don’t blame us though if your boss doesn’t approve of your new desire to dance around the office.

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[Dance] Jonas Rathsman – I Feel What I Feel

Jonas Rathsman
Feel What I Feel (French Express)

Pete Tong’s unanimous choice for ‘Future Star of 2013′, Jonas Rathsman has once again returned to one of this writer’s favorite taste-making electronic labels French Express, who have been in the limelight more and more for their onslaught of melodic vitality over the last few years (including Chris Malinchak’s insanely successful hit “So Good to Me”), to release his latest single “I Feel What I Feel”.  This one fits perfectly within the confines of the deeply emotive house and disco coming from their camp, leaning on a wavering tempo and a soulful vocal refrain to carry the track into the club. Already the tune has been a staple in Rathsman’s live sets as of late, and we were ecstatic when we learned there would be a full-fledged release slated for October 29.  As their entire catalog has been up for free download, we assume this one will be as well, so stay tuned for the full drop Ninjas and let’s start this Friday dance party a little early today!

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[Fresh] Naomi Pilgrim – No Gun

Naomi Pilgrim
No Gun

First off, she has fantastic hair. But that doesn’t even compare to her stunning voice. Swedish/Barbadian artist Naomi Pilgrim released her debut single “No Gun”, a song that has a UK garage sound mixed in with a jazzy melody. The beat of the piece is catchy, a little electric, a little grim and then a dash of blues. Pilgrim is going to be releasing her debut EP sometime this fall and we can’t wait to hear what other unique sounds she has in store.

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[A New Way to Make Music] Hollywood Cowboy Wants Everyone to Contribute

Hollywood Cowboy

Usually, it is our job to do the write up on artist’s music. But sometimes we get an email that describes what they are doing better than how we would describe it.
Let me introduce you to Hollywood Cowboy, they are two halves of two wonderful Denver groups and they are making music for everyone by everyone. What they have stated is quite simply this:

“We’re not trying to expose too much about our individual identities. Names, sure. Affiliated projects, sure. What we want to stress is Hollywood Cowboy isn’t defined by “front men”. This project is heavily decentralized, Jordan & I just keep it loosely together. Even though the 90% of the work is done by us, we feel like the incessant obsession over telling others we made it, that it’s ours and ours only, ruins the communal aspect heavily associated with music. Furthermore, it’s a slippery slope when music is treated with that particular attitude. After a short while, it becomes less about the music, less about the creative process, and less about the community. It reverses. It becomes more about utilizing music as a means to an end. Under this attitude, music is used as a vehicle for money & fame: Music is replaced by business, creativity is replaced by formulas, community is replaced by rampant narcissism.”

Their recently released songs were a result of one production session a year back with collective and they will continue to release music sporadically that will reflect whatever collective helped make it.

They want all of you to help contribute to this music endeavor so feel free to email them at hollywoodcowboycollective@gmail.com

A collaboration with everyone, now there’s a concept.

Cowboy Blues
Just Kids
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