[Fresh] Jack Garratt – Chemical

CHEMICAL Other (Spotify etc)
Jack Garratt

Jack Garratt finally broke a short silence since his buttery smooth tune, “The Love You’re Given,” and graced our ears with a big shift in sound on “Chemical.” His unrelenting and powerful vocals shine through in the intro, supplemented only by claps and short risers until the grating synths bust in for a surprising and upbeat switch up. This tune showcases even more of Garratt’s flawless falsetto and his production potential within just three and a half minutes, and every second of it resounds clean and clear.

“Chemical” is an intriguing medium between MNEK and Chet Faker, while creating an aura all its own with ease. Jack Garratt breaks the mold by being a multi-faceted threat and excelling at it, as evident by his past two tunes. “Chemical” is no different and the change of pace finds Garratt catching his stride early and quickly. London won’t be short on amazing artists anytime soon with acts like Jack Garratt crafting material like this. Shake up your routine with something truly stimulating and stream “Chemical” above!

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[Beautiful] Ghost Loft – Talk To Me (Bearson Remix)

Ghost Loft -  Talk To Me (Bearson Remix)
Ghost Loft
Talk To Me (Bearson Remix)

If you haven’t heard of Bearson, you’re about to get your chance. Since the release of “Pink Medicine”, the Norwegian producer had been on a roll with his new tracks. Remixing Ghost Loft‘s “Talk To Me” and giving it a Porter Robinson-esque vibe, Bearson can melt everyone’s heart with this soothing little tune. A series of feel-good synth combined with majestic vocals result in a beautiful track that we simply just can’t get enough of.

This track showcases Bearson’s diversity and his ever-changing sound. Every release of his has been a pleasant surprise. At such a young age, Bearson is slowly establishing himself as one of the most exciting up and coming electronic artists in 2015. If you enjoy this track, make sure to grab it as a free download here!

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[Video] ‘Welcome To DreamVille’ TomorrowWorld Recap

TomorrowWorld "Artists Of Tomorrow” Volume #005: Lane 8

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind – festival season is upon us, and we’re god damn excited.

Profanities aside, there are only a few outlets that allow people to escape their daily routine to enter a fantasy world for a weekend and become anyone they want to be. The mystical festival of TomorrowWorld definitely falls on this list.

In addition to three days enjoying some of the best electronic music in the galaxy, TomorrowWorld also permits festival-goers to camp on the grounds in the town of DreamVille. Attached to the festival grounds, this camp hosts 40,000 international crazed dance music fans for four nights of non-stop partying. From morning Yoga/Workout classes to an incredible array of market shops to the perfect pre-party – The Gathering, it’s hard to compare DreamVille to anything else. You can rough it and and bring your own tent to camp out in, or you can be go in style (which is what we would probably do) in TomorrowWorld-fixed Easy Tents or Dream Lodges.

Earlier today,TomorrowWorld released an epic video to give fans a better sense of what DreamVille is, but let’s be honest, it doesn’t even give justice to the real thing.

Act quick, ninjas. Reserve your spot in DreamVille for TomorrowWorld 2015 here because spots are almost entirely filled up.

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[Electronic/R&B/Dance] Digital Farm Animals – Didn’t Know ft. Yasmin

Digital Farm Animals
Didn't Know (Feat. Yasmin)

Over the course of the last few years, we’ve cultivated a pretty unique relationship with multifaceted London based electronic producer, Digital Farm Animals. While his last official release under the Digital Farm Animals handle was a funky, dance-pop re-imagining of Lily Allen’s “Air Balloon” just under a year ago, which in the time-capsule that is our blogosphere can feel like a decade or more, the brain behind DFA (and a producing consultant at Sony Music), Nick Gale, has been bouncing beautiful tunes off of us behind closed doors in the time between releases. From straight to the club house tracks, to buoyant slices of electronica, Digital Farm Animals effortlessly carries a deft touch within basically every music structure it encounters. The latest official addition into the DFA library, “Didn’t Know”, is a slower burning fusion of R&B along with dance elements culled from a multitude of niche genres. Featuring a silky and soulful vocal from fellow Londoner Yasmin, “Didn’t Know” reveals yet another astutely executed layer to DFA’s constantly evolving aural aesthetic. Hopefully this snowball’s worth of a single accumulates into an avalanche of new music by year’s end, as we are one of the few resources in the know in regards to the upstart producers seemingly constant flow of superb electronicism. Get in on the secret and stream “Didn’t Know” above.

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[House] TÂCHES – Yours (Ft. PB Kaya)

TÂCHES - Yours (ft. PB Kaya)
Yours (Ft. PB Kaya)

Surprise! UK producer TÂCHES just released this tune on Next Wave Records out of nowhere. Known for his godly maneuvers on vocal samples, TÂCHES stripped down PB Kaya‘s vocals and colored them in ominous ways. “Yours” is no regular house tune, as it features techno synths and a deep bassline. It will take you on a dark and mysterious journey in the short duration of the track. Not to mention the B&W cover artwork further gives off a noir vibe.

The mysterious producer is definitely making his way back into the underground scene with this release. Make sure to grab a free download via Toneden here! We’re expecting more trending music from the talented producer and Next Wave.

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[Chill] Bearson – Pink Medicine (Manila Killa Remix)

Bearson - Pink Medicine (Manila Killa Remix)
Pink Medicine (Manila Killa Remix)

What’s not to love about about Manila Killa? The DC-based producer has been Manila Killing it (excuse the bad pun) as one half of Hotel Garuda, who have put out popular tunes one after another. His rework of Bearson‘s “Pink Medicine” will make you jump up and down in a heartbeat! Drawing inspiration from Bearson’s attention to detail with vocal samples, Manila Killa puts his own spin on the beautiful track and turning it into an electronica-based tune. A future trap beat is put in with some catchy synth-lines, resulting in a sound resembling Odesza‘s. The uplifting track possesses a feel-good vibe that will definitely catch your full attention.

Magic happens when you put Manila Killa and Bearson together. Have a listen to this goodness and it’ll speak for itself. Make sure to grab a free download of the track here!

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[Chill] Coyote Kisses – Sunny Day

coyote kisses
sunny day

After their last single “Revive”, which made an appearance in the 116th edition of our excellent weekly playlist The Chill Dojo, L.A.’s Coyote Kisses again touch down on the hallowed grounds of TMN with a brand new original “Sunny Day”. This one comes just before festival season kicks off, speaking wonderfully to that vibrant energy which tends to accompany such a time of the year. Coyote Kisses deftly fold an effervescent, arpeggiated synth progression in with crisp, rolling drums and fractured hi-hats, creating their own taste of impending warm weather through the scope of composed instrumentation. We think they summed it up much better than us however, stating: “We dragged all our equipment onto a dock in Florida and channeled the energy of the passing pelicans and seagulls.  Somewhere along the line, seagulls turned into skittle-shooting automatic lasers.  We hope it brings people some sunshine.” Well for the staff in Denver under the current blizzard cloud, we thank you for the musical glow. Grab a free download of “Sunny Day” here.

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