Radical Something
Spraypaint (Viceroy Remix)

Talk about a summer jam. We already knew what to expect from Radical Something, but sprinkle a little bit of Viceroy on top, and you … Continue reading »

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[TMN PREMIERE] Hardwell & W&W – Jumper (Ahzee Remix)

Hardwell And W&W
Jumper (Ahzee Remix)

New York producer/DJ Ahzee has been impressing us with each and every release he’s been dropping. This time around he’s chosen to tackle another gigantic title with a remix of Hardwell and W&W’s “Jumper”. One thing that we’ve noticed, beside the monstrous tracks he tries to tackle, is how Ahzee has a knack for really redefining a track. It’s more than just sampling up some lyrics, adding in some new synths, and calling it a day. He really creates something completely different, that still maintains just enough essence of the original. In “Jumper” Ahzee has taken away the electro house buzzing synths and replaced them with a simplistic, clean xylophone style drop. The higher notes accent the big banging bass perfectly, creating something that any festival goer would love to hear.

We haven’t heard too much original stuff from him, but typically when you hear remixes this good, the original stuff will be coming along sooner rather than later. Keep your eyes peeled, this kid’s got talent.

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[House] Need & Necessity – Whip

Need & Necessity

It is always a pleasure when a song bursts out of our city’s underbelly and warrants a write up here at TMN, and such was the case with Denver house duo Need & Necessity and their newest single “Whip”. This peak-hour primed underground tune starts off sounding similar to those classic house staples out of Detroit & Chicago during the late 90′s, but is coerced into deep territory through a series of groove-laden synths, pads and a distinct kick-clap pattern. Further emulsifying “Whip” was a faint vocal sample straight from The Notorious B.I.G., which is subdued enough as not to change the complexion of the track as a whole, but definitely adds some gangster gloss. “Whip” is being given away by Need & Necessity through Night Supply as a free Soundcloud download, so DJ’s and listeners alike, be sure to swoop this one up as Summer winds its way down and there are only a handful of those sweaty, half naked dance parties left.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (August 2013 Round #4)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaMost of us tend to put a lot of shit on our plate. Overfeeding ourselves with stress, anxiety, anger..yada, yada, yada. We sure as hell wouldn’t pay for a plate of that crap at a restaurant, so why the hell waste our time cooking it up internally??? Mix it up a little. Infuse your Tuesdays with a little sugar, spice and everything Indie Dojo….It might be the best free sample you will every try.

Sailor (Of The Cosmic Ark)
Little Rock (demo)
Rainbow Chan
Ghostlight Orchestra
Old Cities
Golden Boy
The OPears
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[NEW] Eminem – Berzerk (prod. Rick Rubin)


Here it is, ninjas! After getting fans excited about the prospects of a sequel to 2000′s The Marshall Mathers LP by dropping a teaser during last night’s VMA’s, Eminem comes through with his first single from the project, “Berzerk.” The new single features a return to the raucous, rigid, in-your-face sound we first came to love from the Detroit emcee years ago (and, judging by the commercials from last night, this also marks the comeback of the bleached blonde hair.) Do you guys think this is the return of the real Slim Shady, or is Em reaching too far into the past to try and create some buzz about his career? Maybe it’s better to reserve judgment until The Marshall Mathers LP 2 finally hits shelves on November 5th.

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[Folk] RY X – Berlin


With RY X’s Berlin EP on Dumont Dumont coming just around the corner on August 28th, we had to make sure to provide some coverage so you guys would put this release on your radar.

There are not too many times you hear a vocalist as captivating as RY X, but today is one of those days. The vocal harmonies glide over soft finger picking so effortlessly. It’s almost painful it’s so damn good. The power and tone in his vocal structure reminds us somewhat of Patrick Watson, hitting high pitched notes with grace and ease that you just don’t hear all that often.

The EP is available on Spotify right now. We highly recommend heading over and indulging in the vocal intricacies that are RX Y.

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[TICKET GIVEAWAY] Candyland x Music Ninja: SCMF Ticket Giveaway 8/31

Nicky Romero Vs. Krewella
Legacy (Candyland's OG Remix)

One of our favorite parts about this gig is that every once in a while we get to hook you guys up with some free goodies. Well, today is that day, and we’re stoked to team with highly acclaimed masters of the party inducing remixes, Candyland. Let’s get down to brass tax though, what’s in it for you guys? How about two tickets to the Sun City Music Festival in El Paso to see Candyland on 8/31? Sounds like a plan to us.

Entering is easy. Candyland has done us the solid of setting everything up on their facebook page. All you have to do is click this link, and follow the prompts. Who knows what could happen after that? You could be raging through next weekend for free thanks to your good buddies at TMN and of course, Candyland.

So click that link, and get after it! Oh, one more thing to put on your radar, this Santa Barbara duo recently announced that they’re traversing the states doing a 55 city tour with Krewella. Make sure to keep up with their facebook page for details.

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