[Denver Giveaway] Active Child – Larimer Lounge, 11/21

Active Child
She Cut Me

There’s no denying the intense talent of Active Child. Through the brain of Patrick Grossi, we’re able to be transported to an entirely different world with his musical imagination.

This act is definitely on our live show bucket list, which is why we’re overwhelmingly excited to head to the Larimer Lounge in Denver this Thursday to check it out. We’ve had Rapor on repeat, getting ready to embark on this other worldly journey, and now we’re ready to give you a chance to win two tickets to the show.

Entering is beyond easy. Just fill out the form below, and we’ll contact you via email. There are a few rules, of course:
– You must be 18 to enter.
– You are responsible for transportation.
– You must bring a valid form of ID to pick up your tickets at the door.
– You must shout that you love “The Music Ninja” from atop a mountain. We will settle for nothing less.

Good luck, ninjas! Contest ends Wednesday at 5pm ET.

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[Electronica] Avenue – Colour

Avenue (Official)

There’s nothing quite like a really well composed electronica track that has the ability of transporting you to another place. Is it the calming strings laid over slow, repetitious beats? Is it the lack of lyrics that allows our mind to wander? Whatever it is, we’re all about it.

Flirting with associations like Emancipator, Moby and Little People, Torontonian producer Sam Willows (aka Avenue) has crafted a sound that’s musically engaging, welcoming you in with each siren like synth. With very little out there about this up and coming Canadian, we can assure you that as much time and effort goes into making his music as Rob Ford’s plans to get wildly turnt up.

Political jokes aside, this is really the first we’ve heard of this act, but we’re already intrigued. We can’t wait to see what else he has on deck.

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[Deep House] Angus & Julia Stone – All Of Me (Dinner Date Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Angus & Julia Stone
All Of Me (Dinner Date Remix)

Germany’s Simon Hoppe, better known as Dinner Date, has a knack for remixing folksy tunes and transforming them into the perfect ingredient for any deep house set. He caught our attention before with his stunning take on DAWA’s ‘Roll the Dice’, and now he’s back to bring his signature style to Angus & Julia Stone.  It’s a special skill to give an element of danceability to a song while still retaining all the emotion that oozes from the original, but it’s a graceful art that this producer certainly has down pat. The atmosphere crafted into this remix is mesmerising, and the ebb and flow of percussion and acoustics all breathe in harmony with the beautiful vocals. Big thanks to Simon for giving us the chance to premiere this on TMN, and we can’t wait to hear what he will bring his magic touch to next.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (November 2013 Round #3)



Sometimes shit just doesn’t go your way and sometimes there is nothing you can do about. Just remember, no matter how bad it get’s, Ninjas don’t cry over spilled milk. They listen to awesome playlists…

CS Buchan
Leave it all Behind (feat. Katie Buchan)
Say Hi
Love, Love, Love
Try It Over
Minor Alps
Buried Plans
The Cool Of Your Temple
Jared Bartman
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[Indie] Bombay Bicycle Club – Carry Me

Bombay Bicycle Club
Carry Me

We’ve always been a huge fan of Bombay Bicycle Club. This London based four piece is more than just indie rock, infusing gorgeously catchy instrumentation with Steadman’s ethereal vocals.

With their latest release, “Carry Me”, we find a very drum centric tune features rumbling snare and tom hits, coupled with delightfully boisterous strings and fluttering guitar notes.This tune is quite far from traditional, which is what we’ve come to expect from BBC. While they have so many indie rock qualities that we find ourselves becoming familiar with, they love to push the envelope when it comes to their instrumentation and song structure. On top of the impressiveness of this tune, we’re also provided an awe inspiring interactive video. Click here to give it a try.

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[House] Pompeya – 90 (Fred Falke Remix)

90 (Fred Falke Remix)

When Russian power-pop group Pompeya, decided to release the remix counterpart to their Tropical LP, we were immediately both ecstatic, but also a little wary that, as with many remix albums, the artists chosen may not best represent their sound and the original composer’s in a musically symbiotic manner. Well that slight sense of worry quickly morphed into an overwhelming sense of approval when the first single to make its way into the public’s stream of consciousness, was a remix of “90” from French-House luminary Fred Falke. Falke’s name has been one synonymous with that deft, French Touch house sound since the early 2000’s and in the process has seen him remix everyone from U2 to Grizzly Bear, Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz and even Selena Gomez, but as a listener my favorite work from the former bass player was always on more intimate, indie friendly numbers. The original, new-wave leaning guitar riff layed down by Pompeya remains largely intact but Fred Falke once again displays why he is perhaps the most sought after remixer at the moment, glossing up “90” with a set of bright pads and gleaming synths. The rest of the remix compilation is due out December 10 on No Shame Records, but you can purchase Fred Falke’s remix here.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #62

chill dojo

It’s the same old story. You tell yourself this weekend you’re going to take it easy and catch up on some rest, but Monday comes around and you’ve had even less sleep than the working days before it. Don’t despair though, cos even though the weekend may have come and gone, we can still ease you into the week in the best way possible. Who said chilling out was just for the weekend anyway?

With their summer quickly approaching, Australian producers have been the subject of many Chill dojo write-ups recently, and Sydney’s Hayden James is continuing that trend with a standout remix of ‘Without You’ that has plenty of bloggers talking. The gentle builds and atmospheric pads make this the perfect track for early morning listening, and the integration of the piano provides a touch of melancholy to the haunting vocals. Now if you didn’t think it was possible for Stwo’s ‘Virgo’ to get any sexier, Jarreau Vandal has flipped this attitude on its head with a downright irresistible rework that will have you at the mercy of the beat and hypnotic snare rolls. An eargasm in the truest sense of the word, just sit down and listen, this song will do the rest. Long time listeners of the Chill Dojo should be familiar with jazzy hip hop flavour of Germany’s FloFilz, but his latest rework of classic ATCQ is sure to get people’s attention. His production on this track has undergone the care that an artisan would take on an antique, and the result is a vintage sound that could have been plucked right out of the nineties. Over 15 years on and it still hasn’t lost its freshness. This next feature only took a minute to rack up hundreds of thousands of plays on Soundcloud, but with the big names involved it’s not hard to see why. ‘Together’ brings a whole host of lyrical and producing talent into one package, and the result truly speaks for itself. If you somehow missed this one a few days ago, you mustn’t keep yourself in the dark any longer. It’s been far too long since our last dose of FKJ freshness, but our yearning has come to an end with a stunning remix of the smooth Cherokee original. The song’s opening treats us to a gorgeous downtempo treatment of the vocals before the funky Frenchman hits his stride with the signature style in what has to be his most intricate piece of work to date. If you still can’t get enough, we’re following up with another beautiful interpretation courtesy of the UK’s T.H.I.E.F.S, who brings us into the realm of super chill house. The Hypem charts have quickly fallen in love with another Aussie in Thomas Jack, so we definitely couldn’t pass up highlighting this recent post of this tropical jam. With plenty of classical influence, this music has an authentic charm that can’t help but make you smile.

So here’s hoping this week will be as easy on you as this playlist is for your ears. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #62 zip

Dillon Francis
Without You ft. T.E.E.D (Hayden James Version)
Virgo ft. Shay Lia (Jarreau Vandal Rework)
Sam Smith x Nile Rodgers x Disclosure x Jimmy Napes
Dont Matter (FKJ Remix).mp3
Dont Matter (T.H.I.E.F.S remix)
Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Atlas Hands (Thomas Jack Remix)
Dont Break It (KAASI Remix)
Touch Sensitive
Show Me (Patrick Baker Vocal Edit)
Atmosphere (Benders Late Night Ambient Remix)
Felix Cartal
New Scene feat. Ofelia (CRNKN Remix)
Royals (kataa REMIX)
How We Feel
Donell Jones
Life Goes On (SevnthWonders Classic OG Remix)
Body Language
Just Because (Figgy Remix)
Feel Your Love
Jay Z & Mojo Rising
Pound Cake (AA Interstellar Flow Bootleg)
Dirk Diggler as Brock Landers (Take 1)
We Were Born Electric
Live Forever Ft. Saidah Conrad (Atlantic Connection Remix)
Julia Losfelt
Up Today (Stwo Remix)
Waiting Game (Templeton & Sleepy Cat Remix)
Open (ColeCo Bootleg)
Al Stewart
Year of the Cat (Faceless22 Remix)
Georgy Porgy (Piolo & Salazar)


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