[Awesome] Crystal Fighters – You & I

Crystal Fighters
Crystal Fighters
You & I

With an (oh so) feel good blend of earth-toned acoustic instruments and flashy, fun sweeping pop on “You & I”, the UK’s Crystal Fighters continue to build up the anticipation for their new album, Cave Rave, due out this May. Just try to wiggle out of the grips of its charming chorus or that pretty, all-consuming little breakdown towards the end. Listen above and be sure to peep its newly released music video here.

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[BANGER] Dank & FTampa ft. jACQ – So Much More

Dank & FTampa ft. jACQ
So Much More

It seems like just the other day we were talking about Dank. Oh, wait. We were. Just a few nights ago we posted Dank’s promo mix. Today we’re here to bring you his latest drumstep goodness. This time around, Dank has partnered with Belo Horizonte native, FTAMPA to bring you an absolutely monster vocal gem.

What’s the best thing about this track? The massive melody is a plus, the neck breaking drops are cool, but the fact that it’s a free download stands out in our mind. Head over to their soundcloud and pick a copy up for yourself.

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[Folk] Opus Orange – Out of the Shadows

Out Of The Shadows

I can picture it now: soft sand under my body, waves lapping against the California coastline, and the incessant ramblings of a Venice hustler echoing in the background. Yeah, it’s almost summertime. You know what we love most about this season around these parts? Gorgeous coastal folk rock. There’s nothing quite like lying back in the sand with the sun beating on your face, listening to some infectious sounds.

Santa Monica based Opus Orange is here to provide just that. The meticulous and elegant guitar work provides the perfect soundscape for the lead singer’s soft folky vocals. Sit down, unwind, and take a listen for yourself. This sweet jam is a re-release peek at their soundtrack for The Muir Project’s “Mile… Mile And A Half”. Full soundtrack to be released on May 14, 2013.

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[Album Review] Allure – Reunion


What is it about French musicians and their acute mastery of all sounds electronic? 23 year-old Lorris Piasco, more commonly recognized by his production alias Allure, is an attractively fresh face in a long line of talented house and electronic producers hailing from Paris. Allure has just dropped his second full length album Reunion, and “The Little Prince of French Electro”’s latest release utilizes elements of classic disco, house, pop-song structuring and a classic four-to-the-floor drumkick all awash in jazzy harmonies and clean synths. The end result is a finished, cohesive piece of work that feels oh so provocative, yet irresistibly danceable. Allure makes the kind of electro that has a live feel, as if an entire band was involved in the production rather than just one man and an intimidating set of electronic gadgetry. It is a quality that gives his music a human feel, although it is mostly robotic in execution.

Citing influences that range diversely from Prince, Bowie and Stevie Wonder to more symbiotic sounds from Justice and of course Daft Punk, there is no denying that the weight of said artists comes through in the catchiness of Allure’s “funky baroque” electro sound. Taking Reunion even one step higher though (musically of course), were seemingly perfect vocal contributions from some of his French contemporaries in Alexia Gredy on “Nobody Dance” and Jordan Lee featured twice on “Pretty Bad Day” and “I Will Change”. Stream all three aforementioned tracks and purchase Reunion using the link below.

Click here to purchase Reunion.

Nobody Dance (feat Alexia Gredy)
Pretty Bad Day (feat Jordan Lee)
I Will Change (feat Jordan Lee)
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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] Interview – Dr. Rosen Rosen

Deep Dark Robot
Fuck You, Stupid Bitch (Doctor Rosen Rosen Remix)

The day that people stop quoting Fletch will be a sad day for me. You see, my parents had me watching appreciating comedies from this era at a young age. I watched Caddy Shack, Fletch, and Animal House ad naseum. I’m actually convinced that’s how I learned about sex. God bless the loose parental ratings of movies from yesteryear. It pains me to think people will one day look at me in awe as I tell ask them, “Yeah, why don’t you guys go down to the gym and pump each other?”

Classic movie quotes and their associations aside, Dr. Rosen Rosen is lying beneath the radar and producing some amazing music. This LA based producer recently has been the wizard behind the curtain of TMN favorite Meg Myer’s tracks, but who is he? We hit up his label to ask. Here’s what he had to say:

TMN: Doctor Rosen Rosen, such an honor to interview a producer that has been so involved in the music industry, producing and remixing work for Wanderhouse, Meg Myers, Cold War Kids and even Britney Spears. Between song-writer, record producer and “remixer” What title and line of work gives you the most pride?

DRRR: Thanks so much! I’ve been a fan our your blog for a long time, so it’s an honor to be interviewed by you guys.

As far as titles go, I definitely identify myself as a record producer first, but I think I take the most pride in the song-writing aspect of my work. Production is super important (and I obsess over it), but it is also very subjective and constantly changing. I feel like a great song can stand on its own with or without great production. As a musician, that pursuit of writing a great song is what drives me the most in the studio.

TMN: How early did music become an influence in your life? Can you pinpoint the primary thing that made you want to get involved in producing music?

DRRR: My brother is 9 years older than me and exposed me to a lot of great music at a young age. He turned me onto Prince when I was 5 and I have been obsessed with the purple one ever since. For my 11th birthday I got a bright yellow electric guitar (because Prince had one in the “Cream” video) and that is when I first started making music. Guitar was my main instrument in high school, but I would often sneak into my brother’s room and try to make music on his synthesizers. In college, I started experimenting even more with synths and drum machines and making entire songs from scratch, which was also inspired by Prince– I thought it was so cool that he played all of the instruments on many of his recordings.

TMN: When coming on board to produce and/or co-write an EP with an artist, what are the things that are first discussed in terms of sound, are you ever defined by what they want to achieve or is the creative process more of a collaboration?

DRRR: One of my favorite things to do with an artist before starting a new project is to spend an entire day just listening to music with them. It’s a great way to understand where the artist is coming from musically and where they want to go and vice-versa. I find that after that, it is much easier to find a common jump off point and start creating. Songs can come to life in so many different ways. Lately my favorite way to create is starting with a completely blank slate with an artist and building from scratch.

TMN: In 2012 you were able to produce Meg Myers’ Daughter In The Choir and Kay’s Say What You Want, can you tell us more about what we can expect for 2013? Any new collaborations you are excited about?

DRRR: I’m currently working on Meg’s debut full length album as well as an EP for Wanderhouse. There are a couple other projects in the pipeline, but I don’t like to jinx anything…

TMN: Who do you want to work with next? Is there any artist in particular you admire right now?

DRRR: There are so many people I admire and would love to work with… The-Dream, Kimbra, Lily Allen, Fiona Apple are all high on my list.

TMN: When visiting your tumblr blog, we notice screenshots of trending tracks you were involved with on Hype Machine, Where do you go to discover new music and how much does it influence you, if any?

DRRR: I love discovering new music and also old music that I haven’t heard before. For new stuff I go to Hype Machine and various other blogs I have in my RSS reader. For older stuff, I love checking out songs in Spotify. I’ll find something I like and then click the “related artist” button and go down that wormhole.

TMN: Ok, we have to ask this one. What’s your favorite line from Fletch?

DRRR: I have to go with the obvious one. “it’s Dr. Rosen Rosen, I’m here to get to the records room.”

TMN: This next question is kind of ridiculous, but the answers are always entertaining. If you’re music were an animal, what would it be? Meg Myers told us hers would be a Sea Wolf, by the way.

DRRR: Koala Bear. They seem nice and cuddly, but they have a dark side and could rip off your face.

TMN: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us, is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

DRRR: Thank You! To all my fans- I know you all mean well, but you have to stop sending me all of your money. I am running out of places to put it.

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[Fresh] Truls – Out of Yourself

Out Of Yourself

Creepy video? Yep. Huggable teddy bear of a man? You betcha. Mind blowing falsettos? Most definitely. This is admittedly the first time we’ve ever heard Norweigan singer songwriter Truls, and we honestly can’t wait for his next release. He already has every label under the sun after him, and it’s easy to see why.

His first single, “Out of Yourself” is a massive synthy, driving, poppy chorus-centric gem that will have you singing in the highest of pitched voices, sitting at a stoplight, having the car next to you wondering what the hell is going on. You won’t care though. This song is too god damn good to care. Turn it up, sing along, and enjoy the rest of your week.

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[TMN Resident Artist Exclusive] Thomas Gold’s Spring Mix

Thomas Gold
The Music Ninja Spring Mix 2013

As part of the TMN Residency we ask our artist for an exclusive mashup, remix, or a personal mini-mix. Mind you, we love all and everything the artists give us because they love spoiling TMN followers, but everyone loves an exclusive tune. So, when I opened my email with the title “The Music Ninja Spring Mix 2013 by Thomas Gold” I almost had heart failure with excitement.

I could go on and on and on about how I listened to the private link over and over again on my computer, turning the volume to the top notch while my desk vibrated with all the amazing mixes on here. Or, I could just tell you that this is one exclusive mini-mix is more of a gift than anything else. Thomas, if you are reading this, thank you for showing TMN followers and all your other fans just another reason you are so amazing with this incredible mix.

Turn it up kids, this is one mix you won’t want to stop listening to.

1 Calvin Harris & Florence “Sweet Nothing” vs. Dirty South & Michael Brun “Rift” (Thomas Gold Mashup)
2 Miike Snow “The Wave” (Thomas Gold Remix)
3 Discopolis “Commited To Sparkle Motion” (DubVision Remix) vs. Feenixpawl feat. Quilla “Universe” (David Tort Remix) (Thomas Gold Edit)
4 One Republic “Apologize” vs. Otto Knows “MIllion Voices” (Thomas Gold Mashup Re-Edit)
5 Adrian Lux “Teenage Crime” (Thomas Gold Rework) vs. MatZo & Porter Robinson “Easy” (Botnek Remix) (Thomas Gold Mashup) vs. Sebjak & Marcus Schossow “Liceu”
6 Nari & Milani “Vago” (Intro Edit)
7 Aston Shuffle & Tommy Trash “Won’t Get Lost” vs. Moguai “Oyster” vs. Showtek & Jutsin 08 Prime “Cannonball” (Thomas Gold Festival Edit)
9 One Republic ”Feel Again” (Thomas Gold Remix)
10 Thomas Gold “Sing2Me”
11 Thomas Gold “MIAO” vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers “By The Way” (Thomas Gold Coachella Edit) vs. DBN vs. Dohr & Mangold “Trump It”
12 Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash “Reload” vs. Snow Patrol “Called Out In The Dark” (Thomas Gold Mashup)
13 Ivan Gough, Steve Mink, Steve Bleas “Boom” vs. David Guetta “The World Is Mine” (acapella) vs. Tiesto “Chasing Summers” (R3hab & Quintino Remix) (Thomas Gold Mashup)
14 Tujamo & Plastik Funk “Who” vs. Paul Johnson “Get Down” (Thomas Gold Disco Rework)

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