[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #10

If this week has taught us anything, it’s that nature can reveal its two contrasting sides of pure beauty and sheer force at whim. It is the same with music. While there is electronic music capable of launching a crowd of thousands into the air to the beat of the bass, there are melodies capable of making thousands of individuals fall silent as they listen in awe of the sounds flowing from their speakers. This is the focus of The Chill Dojo, and this week we celebrate the milestone of #10 with a super-sized playlist of 20 amazing tracks for your listening pleasure.

And on this momentous occasion, the prestigious award for track of the week comes from dubstep producer Haze who brings us a glorious chillstep remix of ‘Big Love’. With haunting female vocals, dramatic drum patterns and of course, gentle doses of wub, this song is nothing less than enchanting. Sticking to the same genre for the time being, our second track from Draper was featured a little earlier in the week, but gorgeous melodic dubstep like this was too good to pass up for the dojo. We move on to more uplifting music now with remixes courtesy of Sunday favourites, Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver, RAC, and Goldroom. There’s not much I need to say about these tracks that would differ from the quality you’ve already come to expect from these artists, so you know they are all a sure-fire download. Something that does come out of left field though is the downtempo masterpiece from trance legends Above & Beyond, who this week released ‘Tokyo’ as a free download to mark the achievement of reaching over 100,000 fans on Facebook, which truly is an amazing feat. Chill drum and bass is something that we definitely don’t feature enough in the dojo, so this week’s playlist offers a double helping from Atlantic Connection and WiSkiM, who definitely fill the void for what we’ve been lacking. Finally, I can’t help but sneak in a cheeky reggae tune at the end of the dojo when I find one, so this week’s guilty pleasure is this fun take on Rihanna’s ‘You Da One’ by Jr Blender. Yeah it’s hella cheesy, but don’t fight it if you like it. Either way it’ll be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You can thank me later.

Speaking of gratitude, if you thought the larger-than-normal playlist was the special gift I alluded to last week, then think again. We meant it when we said we have been inundated with amazing chill music of late, so we’re releasing the current backlog of 15 free downloads we have as a bonus zip to celebrate dojo #10. That is our thanks to you for the wonderful reception we’ve received from our Sunday serving of chill. Hope you’ve enjoyed it so far and will keep checking in to see what is on show each week. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #10 zip

Chill Dojo Gift Pack

True Tiger ft. Maiday
Big Love (Haze Remix)
Passion Pit
Ill Be Alright (Draper Remix)
Chase Us Around (Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD
Bonafied Lovin (RAC Mix)
Atlas Genius
Back Seat (Goldroom Remix)
Above & Beyond
Tony Romera & Jordan Viviant
Alive (Bit Funk Remix)
We Cant Fly (Oliver Remix)
Isley Brothers
Prize Possession (Follow Me Remix)
Conversations ft. Kevin King (Atlantic Connection Remix) Free Download
November (NEW DL LINK)  http://www.facebook.com/wiskimmusic/app_220150904689418
Lying Together
Not Giving In ft. John Newman & Alex Clare (Bondax Remix)
Sunset Forrest. Sunrise Edit
The XX
Pantera (Violet Green Remix
Cross Them Out
Disorientated (Module Module Remix).mp3
Hot Natured feat Ali Love
Benediction (Original Mix).mp3
Broken Thoughts (Full Version)
Kaj. & CMA
You Da One (Jr Blender Reggae Remix)
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[Drum & Bass] Torro Torro – Go Deep (KillaGraham DnB Edit)

Well, well, well….KillaGraham killed it. The Club anthem “Go Deep” that has been supported by some of the biggest names in the game gets a filthy rework from KillaGraham. He speeds it up and adds some incredible drum work that enhances the dance floor killer in all the right ways. The second drop is just insane, featuring a Moombah drop that is sure to catch everyone off guard. Enjoy the free download, Cheers.

Torro Torro Remix
Go Deep (KillaGraham DnB Edit)
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[Moombah-Swing] The McMash Clan – Swing Break feat Kate Mullins

Moombah-swing? Yep, you read right, it’s a thing. Well if it wasn’t before, after this track from The McMash Clan, it certainly is now. The producer trio from London bring us a clash of sounds from the past and the present to create something incredibly fresh. It’s a bold move to take drum samples, brass elements and catchy vocals reminiscent of the 30′s era and combine them with lazer synths and heavy moombahcore drops of modern day electronic music, but boy does this crazy concoction work! One moment you find yourself clicking your fingers and kicking out your legs as if swing was the dance you were born to do, and the next your body is jumping up and down under the control of that crazy bass. It’s ironic that when we’re looking for new innovations in modern dance music, there is so much potential in the styles of the past. This one is an absolute gem. Hit play and let your body move in whatever way it so chooses.

The McMash Clan
Swing Break feat Kate Mullins
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[Get Crunk] Clayton’s Friday Party Playlist #25

Oh snap, ninjas! Friday is finally here. We’re sure this week has been a long one between the pre-Halloween weekend parties, the actual Halloween parties, and the usual weekly shenanigans you guys are up to. With that in mind, we found it necessary to come up with 10 tracks to help you get up and get after it all over again.


Download: Clayton Friday Party Playlist #25 [self-hosted]

Calvin Harris Vs. Avicii
Iron Silhouettes (Kevin Alves Mashup)
Chuckie Vs. Sander Van Doorn
Breaking Up Kangaroo (Kevin Alves Mashup)
R.Kelly & Nicky Romero
Toulouse x Ignition (hmillie mashup)
I Dont Like You Troll When The Way We See The World Feed the Resurrection (hmillie mashup)
Eyes And Years (Sharkf3ng Mashup)
Alive (Archie Remix)
Archie & Fareoh
Feathers (Original Mix)
Sundial (Original Mix) ***FREE DOWNLOAD***
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[Indie] School of Seven Bells – Secret Days

Even after releasing their third full-length Ghostory just this past February, New York’s School of Seven Bells are back and revving up to drop a new EP called Put Your Sad Down. We get a first taste of that collection today with “Secret Days,” a swirling and luscious dream-pop track sure to get the good vibes percolating.

School Of Seven Bells
Secret Days

Put Your Sad Down comes out November 13th via Vagrant Records.

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[Psychedelic / Shoegaze] Desert Stars – Boys I Like

Not much is known about this melodramatic five-piecer from Brooklyn beyond the clever psychedelic-shoegaze genre, in which they categorize themselves and, well, the fact that there are five members in their band.  I was lucky enough to stumble across this featured track thanks to Hype Machine Radio’s September guest, YVYNYL. Where upon first listen, it is easy to submerge yourself into the environment Desert Stars immediately creates. “Boys I Like” is a stunning production supported by eerie, yet beautifully ambient vocals, strong percussion and a fluidity that is calming yet curious.  I encourage you to take a listen and to keep a watchful eye on this group.


Desert Stars
Boys I Like
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Feist – Graveyard (Video)


Feist released a new video for “Graveyard” today, a song that can be found on her 2011 album called Metals. Shot in Big Sur, California, it’s a sparse yet still charming environment visually, especially shown through a stark black and white lens. The musician explains the idea behind the song: “I’m not talking about the Graveyard as a location, but of the entangled thoughts you get when visiting a graveyard. Usually you’re there to visit someone who’s died, and you think in broad terms about what they’ve become and your own mortality and about what time means. We’re alone in the field, always at a distance. And people appear and disappear from your life.

Metals is out via Arts & Crafts.


via P&P

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