Passion Pit – Constant Conversations (Chrome Canyon Remix)

It may be snowing outside, but thanks to this “Constant Conversations” remix by Brooklyn’s Chrome Canyon, all I can think about is hitting the nearest dance floor and strutting some funky disco move like it’s a hot ’70s summer night. Passion Pit‘s signature glowing synths stay in tact, but frontman Michael Angelakos’ vocals get strained to chipmunks-esque levels. It’s interesting to say the least. Stream & download it below:

Constant Conversations (Chrome Canyon remix)

Be sure to check out more Chrome Canyon music on his Soundcloud page.

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[TMN PREMIERE] Adventure Club – Need Your Heart (Minnesota Remix)

We’re a huge fan of pretty much everything that Minnesota does. His smooth, melodic style always impresses us, which is why we were overwhelmingly excited when we got the nod to premiere his remix of another fan favorite here at TMN. In this remix of Adventure Club’s “Need Your Heart,” Minnesota stays true to his form in this vocal driven dubstep track. The original glitchy synths after the drop have been replaced with big, gorgeous building synths that give a relaxing and sexy feel. It’s a play on the original that still maintains all of the flavor of Adventure Club’s work, but represents Minnesota’s flare to the fullest.

If you didn’t already know, Minnesota has his Altered States EP dropping on November 23rd. Enjoy this tune for the next few weeks, but then be sure to watch for that to come out.

Need Your Heart ft. Kai (Minnesota Remix)

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[Dubstep] Big Gigantic – Colorado Mountain High

Despite all of the hullabaloo surrounding the Presidential Election, here in Colorado we’ve got bigger things on our mind. Amendment 64 successfully passed last evening meaning that on January 1st, 2013 marijuana will be legal in our lovely state. To be more specific Amendment 64 specifies that anyone over the age of 21 will be able to possess up to one ounce of marijuana for recreational purposes.

In lieu of this historic event, Big Gigantic, the saxophone wielding electronic duo hailing from Colorado released a massive track by the name of “Colorado Mountain High”. The track cleverly intertwines samples of Lil’ Wayne  with a healthy dose of wobbles and bass.This is definitely Colorado’s most fitting anthem to date clocking in at a clever 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Grab this free download and pass one ’round for Colorado!

Big Gigantic
Colorado Mountain High
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[Chill] The Internet – Give It Time

For those of you overwhelmed with a hectic work schedule, take this time to kick your feet up and unwind, as The Internet is about to provide you with a truly calming experience. While you wouldn’t normally associate Odd Future with relaxing, that is exactly the mood Syd tha Kyd and Matt Martians convey on this smooth track. The light, airy guitar strumming is what reels the listener in, but Syd’s soothing breezy vocals are what really puts this melody over the top. This is one of those songs that you could listen to for hours without realizing how much time has passed by, making the title that much more appropriate. Look for this one on The Internet’s new Feel Good EP, dropping sometime in December.

Give It Time
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[Indie Folk] The Tinder Box – These Winds

Ladies and gentleninjas, please welcome to the stage The Tinder Box. They bring with them acoustic timbre and pounding rhythms. The threesome hails from Sioux Falls and they’re a young act — in fact, they only just recently released their first studio work, These Winds EP last February — but it looks as though they are here to stay. With acoustic guitars, banjos, trumpets, and kick drums they present to you their take on bluegrass/folk — and it isn’t half bad. “These Winds,” is an excellent example of The Tinder Box’s anthem-like, bluegrass sound. Pulsing kick-drums align with your heart beat and long-winded vocals set the mood just right for epicness (if you’re in to that sort of thing.) For those of you looking for some rad new acoustic music, look no further.

The Tinder Box
These Winds

The Tinder Box is a band you should definitely check out. They show promise in an age where promise is running thin and although there are no set dates made public I foresee a new release in the near future.

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[Hip-Hop] Sanction Language – It’s Me (Prod. Smerz)

This latest track from Chicago hip-hop duo, Sanction Language, relates to being yourself and controlling your fate in life. Over a soulful yet thumping beat, both Mic Messia and Veza deliver some hungry and vociferous bars, reminding us that we all have the power to change the direction our life is heading in. The song itself seems to be a throwback to the 90′s with its positive messages and the gorgeous looping sample courtesy of Smerz. If you enjoy what you hear from these guys, you can check out more of their music on their official website,

Sanction Language
Its Me (prod. Smerz)
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[Download] Charli XCX – Super Ultra Mixtape

Yesterday we were graced with Star Slinger‘s Jet Jam Mixtape #2, and today we’ve got another one courtesy of electro pop artist Charli XCX (someone we’ve covered before). Titled “Super Ultra,” it features eight tracks, including her latest single “Cloud Aura” feat. Brooke Candy (which you can stream below), a remix of How To Dress Well‘s “Cold Nites” and original work with production by folks like Jakwob, Baths and Giraffage. According to Charli XCX, “All the songs are about love. Sometimes it’s stupid love and sometimes it’s heartbreaking love.”


Download the entire mix here.

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