[Hip-Hop] J. Cole – 2012

Just in time for the fated “end of the world”, J.Cole drops some new heat for fans all over the globe in his track “2012″. On the appropriately-titled self-produced song, the NC rapper is in a celebratory mood as he commemorates the Mayan prophecy. Mixing plenty of spanish percussion with a fast paced beat and quick rhyme, this is one of the few times we actually hear a party anthem from Cole and what makes this dope single even sweeter is the fact that its completely free. Be sure to go out with a bang and listen to the track below. If we make it through the fated prophecy, then you can hear more from the RocNation emcee when his sophomore LP Born Sinner drops January 28th.

J. Cole
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[TMN Exclusive Premiere] Alek Fin – Waiting Like A Wolf (Robot Koch Remix)

In the opening seconds of this “Waiting Like A Wolf” remix, German producer Robot Koch makes the bass throb like a hungry heart. He certainly draws from Alek Fin‘s original ghostliness — the entire thing seems possessed by an eerie kind of energy — but he also builds upon it, stretching his imagination farther than the eye can see. Like a living, breathing organism, the track grows, develops and stutters through a number of kinetic and jarring phases. Utilizing a variety of sounds and beats, Koch creates moments of endless gloom, uncontrollable mania, and even otherworldly euphoria, proving his style to be inventive, fearless, and impressively futuristic.

Alek Fin
Waiting Like A Wolf (Robot Koch Rmx)

Be sure to check out Robot Koch’s Soundcloud page. Alek Fin’s Mull EP is out now.

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[Hip-Hop] A$AP Rocky – Phoenix (Prod. Danger Mouse)

Ever since the Long.Live.A$AP tracklist was released, I’ve had this track on my radar, specifically because of one name: Danger Mouse. Most people recognize him for his work with Cee Lo Green on Gnarls Barkley, or his mashup project between Jay-Z and The Beatles known as The Grey Album.  You’d be surprised however, to know how diverse his body of work really is. He’s worked with everyone from MF Doom to The Black Keys, and has proven he’s one of the most imaginative and eclectic producers of our time, not to mention under appreciated. When I saw he’d have a production credit on A$AP Rocky‘s new album, I didn’t know what to expect, except for greatness.

“Phoenix” represents a maturation process for the young rapper, and serves as a reflection of sorts as well. Taking a break from his weed, women, and money, the Harlem emcee uses this opportunity to discuss his origins and the constant scrutiny he’s been under ever since he signed his record deal, starting the song off with the ominous line, “Bloody ink on my pen spelled suicide.” Danger Mouse does not disappoint on the piano-laden production either, providing appropriate tone throughout the entire track. Honestly, it’s going to be tough to beat this one, but we look forward to seeing what else A$AP has to offer on his forthcoming album, dropping on January 15th.

ASAP Rocky
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[Progressive House] Porter Robinson & Mat Zo – Easy (Extended Mix)

After plenty of previews and radio rips, we finally have the true extended mix of Porter Robinson and Mat Zo‘s massive collaboration, and boy do they make it look easy. “Easy” is a happy-go-lucky affair with light, airy vocals and pumping synths that’ll make you want to jump out of your seat and dance right on the spot. Seriously, try to resist the urge to blast this out of your speakers right now (please refrain from doing this if you’re at work or a library at the moment). This track makes for a perfect way to wrap up the year and celebrate the forthcoming of a new one; and for those of you who are just finishing your finals, we at TMN all hope they were (relatively) easy.

Porter Robinson & Mat Zo
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[Hip-Hop] Lupe Fiasco – LupeFiascoStore.com

After announcing his retirement back in September (which nobody took seriously), Lupe Fiasco decided to wipe the slate clean (literally) and start fresh by deleting all his past Twitter posts, proclaiming to return in 2013. In the meantime, Lupe wanted to remind fans he hasn’t forgotten about them by giving them a small preview of what he’s been working on lately. “LupeFiascoStore.com” isn’t just an excuse for blatant self promotion, but also a reminder of what the Chicago emcee brings to hip-hop. The track pulls together a classic 90′s vibe, reminiscent of A Tribe Called Quest, filled with whistling flutes and brilliant trumpets. It really just serves as a small snack to tide our hunger over until 2013 when Lupe finally provides us some material for Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 2.

Lupe Fiasco
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Captain Panic! – The Invasion [TMN Premiere]

Whether or not you are alive to listen to this post, be prepared for a devastating force, that more specifically will come from your subwoofer.

It is said that the powerful and immortal being, Captain PANIC, came to earth to rid humanity of corruptions, but upon further review, humanity itself was deemed beyond saving. To add insult to injury, the discovery of dubstep filled him with endless rage, destroying everything in his path (And I can’t really blame him as I myself have reached a level of exhaustion with the genre). However, a heroic duo comprised of Andrew McKay and Michael Myers fought Captain PANIC with he power of heavy bass music, ridding he evil force from ever causing more harm.

It is not important whether or not one chooses to believe this story, but after going through the sophisticated production contained in their latest EP release ‘The Invasion’, it’s apparent that this Los Angeles duo do poses the a rare power.

The Invasion sets off with a dark and malevolent first track, almost echoing the darkness of a Figure production but with a much seductive grind. The first two track seem to provide a preview of what to expect. We have listened to many hard and aggressive compilations from upcoming producers that turn up the heat on every subsequent track. But after ‘Vacuum’ kicks in, my respect for Captain Panic! increased tenfold. A soft and purely melodic ballad that lays off the wobbles to let the listener breath, showcasing their ability to provide a certain balance amongst perceived chaos. The tracks that follow, especially ‘The Observer Redux’ opens the musical spectrum of this release even wider with long delicate strings laid over a simplistic but effective baseline that doses off into a galactic ride of space and time.

Soon, however, we are brought back into planet earth with familiar structures of throbbing basslines and retro synths with the track ‘Insane in The Mainframe’. There is a surprising amount of quality production on all the different types of track and it makes ‘The Invasion’, unlike its very name, not seem intrusive.

We our proud to be premiering Captain Panic! latest release and even prouder to bring you guys the completely free download.


Captain Panic!

Gigantic Malfunctions

Captain Panic!
Vacuum (feat. Phantasma)

Captain Panic!
Dark Energy

Captain Panic!
The Observer Redux

Captain Panic!
Dark Matter

Captain Panic!

Captain Panic!
Insane in the Mainframe

Captain Panic!
The Harbinger

Captain Panic!
The Hive
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[MP3 Playlist] The Trap Dojo #18

A couple days late on this weeks Trap Dojo, but it was worth the wait. Starting off with with an insane collabo featuring, A-Trak, Flosstradamus, Juicy J, Jim Jones, Flatbush Zombies, and El-P on the “Piss Test” remix. This one featuring a freaky production backed by some of the best Trapstars in the game. Next is a Preview of Bro Safari‘s remix of Felix Da Housecat‘s track “Burn The Disco” feautring some heavy 808 infused filth with flawless vocal work. Gent & Jawns drop an original work titled “TURNUP” and to say the least, they kill it. ETC!ETC! drops some jungle vibes on this massive vocal edit of Big Sean‘s track “Guap”. CRNKN recently released this preview of a massive remix of Waka Flocka‘s track “No Hands”, can’t wait for the full. Now for some Trapstep from Speciman A, remixing Far Too Loud’s track “Firestorm”. Enjoy the rest on your own, Cheers.

Trak feat. Juicy J, Jim Jones, Flatbush Zombies, El
Felix Da Housecat Feat. will.i.am
Burn The Disco (Bro Safari Remix)
Knife Party
Fire Hive (Cratesz Trap Remix)
Gent & Jawns
Big Sean
Guap (ETC!ETC! Vocal Bootleg Mix)
Far Too Loud
Firestorm (Specimen A Remix)
Benny Benassi
 Satisfaction (RL Grime Remix)
Zeds Dead
Rumble in the Jungle (Sleepy Tom Edit)
Tommy Trash
Trapple Pig (NYMZ Mix)
Dada Life
Feed The Dada (Bring The Noise FEED THE TRAP Remix)
Gangsta Muzik (T&A Records 2011)
Smalltown DJs & Grandtheft
Good People
Buraka Som Sistema
Hangover (Maxx Baer Remix)
Deliver The Funk
High For This
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