[Visuals] The Glitch Mob – Becoming Harmonious (feat. Metal Mother)


After their long hiatus, the powerful Los Angeles trio, The Glitch Mob have returned full force with the sophomore release Love Death Immortality EP. In typical The Glitch Mob fashion, enthusiast of representing their music through vivid imagery (well documented in all their live performances), the group brings forth slow and semi-abstract visuals to their single “Becoming Harmonious” featuring the Oakland-based singer Metal Mother. The track oozes with seductive vocals wrapped around a grinding production, layered with darker undertones of aggression, nostalgic to their debut release Drink the Sea yet featuring maturity in sound.

The pioneers in electronic music will be releasing Love Death Immortality tomorrow, Tuesday 2/11 and are set to perform at Coachella, Gov Ball and headlining Ultra Fest this year.

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Camcorder – Push You Away [TMN PREMIERE]

artworks-000069207550-dabws9-original (1)
Push You Away

Hailing from Texas, now settled into the City of Angels, this dream pop three piece formed in 2012. Born out of a friendship between members Christian Leguilloux, Zac Casler and Kris Morris, this experiment from a tiny, unventilated rehearsal space in North Hollywood, churned out something quite spectacular.

After their debut EP, Summer Kills, released that December, this ensemble recently enlisted The Lonely Wild drummer Edward Cerecedes, and Kid Cadaver producer Frankie Siragusa to engineer and mix the recordings for their upcoming album, Presence.

Dropping today on The Music Ninja, “Push You Away,” is the first released track, featuring a delightfully familiar sound. Fusing a energetic blend of 90’s indie rock and shoegazey brit-pop, this fast-paced pop tune will have you singing along in no time. With frenetic guitar work and splashy cymbals, we’re already bookmarking this for our next beach party. That might not be for another six months, but we’ll have it ready when that time comes.

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Thunderbird Gerard – Hallelujah (Feat. Kenzie May) (Prod. Dan Dare) [TMN Exclusive Premiere]

Thunderbird Gerard
Hallelujah [Prod. By Dan Dare]

“Hallelujah” is usually an exclamation reserved for miracles, but after hearing this new single from Thunderbird Gerard, you might have a few new uses for the phrase. With his latest effort, the New York by way of London artist brings us a hauntingly hypnotic affair driven by repercussive synths and resounding bass. Labeled simply as “ill wave,” the multi-talented musician flexes his skills over the Dan Dare produced beat, laying down a few bars while also handling duties on the chorus. Gerard also gets some assistance from the lovely Kenzie May, who supplies her sweet vocals on a refrain midway through the track.

Fans in the UK will be able to catch Thunderbird Gerard as he tours with Rizzle Kicks through March, while those of us stateside will have to settle for this dope number for now.

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Sam Brookes – James [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

Sam Brookes
James (Folk Radio UK Session)
After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world. – Phillip Pullman

A truer quote couldn’t adorn a post about Sam Brookes. This uprising member of a flourishing acoustic music scene in the UK has a beautiful familiarity that soothes you to the very core. Telling stories that are intently easy to relate to, listeners are taken for a ride with each thoughtfully crafted lyric. One would have a difficult time not being carried away, Brooke’s voice gleefully crawling under their skin along the way.

One of the songs due off his upcoming album (out March 17th) is an uplifting ballad, worthy of the most intimate moments with a loved one. Harnessing articulate simplicity, “James” is backed with a lackadaisical strum and meticulous finger picking. Poetical verses find solace with the pacifying tone of Brooke’s voice, effortlessly creating a warm and comfortable experience for the listener.

Below you’ll find the music video for “James.” Displaying two young friends adventuring through the forest, it furthers the familiarity of the song, creating a visualized representation of nostalgic camaraderie.

Brookes will self-release his new album ‘Kairos’ on March, 17th. The release is funded by his fans through Pledge Music, and associated with a full touring schedule of headline shows, following a UK tour support for Newton Faulkner in February.

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[House/Chill] TÂCHES – Something Blue

Something Blue

Last month, we got our hands on a jacking, future house/garage remix from London via Spain producer TÂCHES and if by judging from the tone of that post, you ninjas may have been able to tell that we were pretty excited to get our hands on some more material as soon as possible. Well that anticipatory wave has finally subsided with TÂCHES’ latest original recording, “Something Blue” being released over the weekend as a free download on account of reaching the epic 10,000 Facebook Fans club. This latest original tune floats like a cloud over genre limitations, fusing production elements of house- both deep and tech-  with very chilled down pop instrumentation techniques for an original piece it seems only the 20 year old producer could create. Take home the remix by following the link here, and start your Monday correctly.

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Eliza Shaddad – When We (Sofar Version) [TMN PREMIERE]

Eliza Shaddad
When We (Sofar Version)

Do you miss those days of spring and summer? When the mornings started late and the sun danced across the sky late into the night?

We miss those days too right now and something that helps us look forward to that season again is the continuous flow of wonderful music by old and new artists.

Today we have the pleasure of premiering ‘When We’, a soft, sweet, and sophisticated song by the highly talented Eliza Shaddad, a musician who blends electric guitar patterns with her uniquely wonderful voice to produce a captivating musical sound. Shadded comes from a Sundanese and Scottish background and combines blues, jazz, and folk to capture a tantalizing tune in all her music. This song takes the listener to a certain warm place, whether that be in the literal sense or an inner person sense but ‘When We’ has the powerful ability to do both. Shadded’s voice is deep and powerful and can carry the lyrics gracefully through the song that is perfectly mixed with the electronic guitar.

This song is part of a compilation called ‘Sofar’ due out in the next few months. With the release of this first song, we are anxious to see what other music will take us away to the warm days of summer.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #71

chill dojo

Make sure you’re wearing a thick coat for the start of edition 71 as dojo favourite Dinner Date brings us a new tune that’s so chill it’s frosty. Hauntingly beautiful percussion and guitar guide us through this wintry delight until the last minute where the melody comes into its own. You’ll want to have a toasty fire going while this one plays cos the cold runs deep. Continuing with the theme, next up is a super catchy take on RHCP’s classic jam ‘Snow’ from young Belgian Lost Frequencies. There’s a real tendency for producers to transform RHCP tracks into “festival bangers”, so it’s refreshing to hear a remix that avoids this temptation and takes things down a more mellow path, which is arguably a much more suitable style.  Ironically, this chill gem was discovered as a feature in a mix called ‘Sets on the Beach’, a new weekly playlist from DJ AA that is another essential destination in your weekly dose of relaxation. This next one is from there too, and much like our first two features it comes with the danger of frostbite. Washington producer Royal delivers a simply glorious remix of ‘Dirty Paws’, breaking down the indie hit into breathtaking downtempo ebbs and flows that you can’t help but sit back and marvel. And if you thought we couldn’t go any deeper, UK artist KAASI will push the limits of what is possible with some incredibly smooth vibes. We’re too busy dancing to keep descibing how good this song is, so just play it already. The body moving continues with this next feature from Melbourne duo Dividem who deliver a chilled cover of the 4 Strings dancefloor classic. The boys have certainly toned down this club anthem from it’s past glory days, but we’re happy to trade the sweaty nightclub scene of the original for a bit of laid back head-bopping goodness here. But if the cold has been a little too enduring so far, Wave Racer will turn things around with a blast of heat straight out of a blistering Australian summer. ‘Streamers’ is everything you love about the Sydney artist and more, so get set to bounce to this jam if you’re lucky enough to catch him on tour soon.

There’s plenty of warmth throughout the rest of the playlist as well, so get amongst it. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #71 zip

Honesty (Dinner Date Remix)
Snow (Lost Frequencies Remix)
Of Monsters and Men
Dirty Paws (Royal Refix)
Caroline Street
Take Me Away (Cover)
Wave Racer
Like That
Peking Duk
Feels Like (Tom Budin Remix)
Love You
My Love
Cashmere Cat
Rice Rain (Twinztrack Remix)
Cashmere Cat
Party Girls ft Ludacris, Jeremih & Wiz Khalifa (Jeftuz Remix)
Honest (DJ Hoodboi & Arnold Remix)
Janet Jackson
All For You (Nick Wisdom Remix)
Sanae (Rework)
Final Space Battle (Prelude)
Evil Needle
Tom Misch
Lush Life
Rain Showers (The Dutch)
Drifting Along
Mr. Carmack
w/ donnis
Ghosts of Paraguay
Once Again Feat CoMa
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