[Electronic] Flume & Chet Faker – Drop the Game (Sweater Beats Remix)

Flume & Chet Faker
Drop the Game (Sweater Beats Remix)

There’s no denying that the Flume & Chet Faker collaboration from last year was one of 2013’s hottest tracks. It blended the two artists together; raw,soulful lyricism from Chet and sensational production chops from Flume. In a year when the Australian electronic music scene was bursting at the seams, we got our crowning achievement. Fast forward nine months and across the Pacific, and we now have this. Sweater Beats, well-known around the world for his work with the Symbols and HW&W crews, takes on “Drop the Game” and drops it on its head, changing it nearly instantly into an absolute heater. If you thought Flume’s work on the Lorde remix was next level, just wait until you hear this. I’m guaranteeing that this won’t be the last time you hear this song, or Sweater Beats.

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[Electronic] Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence (Datsik Remix)

Lana Del Rey
Ultraviolence (Datsik Remix)

It’s no secret that Lana Del Rey‘s film noir-esque voice lends itself wonderfully to the electronic remix. Dubstep veteran, Datsikis the latest producer to reimagine Lana with his take on the title track from her latest album, UltraviolenceRather than completely change the vibe, Datsik adds a layer of heavy bass amplifying the somber feel and creating a wobbly masterpiece in the process. This one’s the perfect catalyst to kick off your Friday shenanigans.

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[Electronic] Ryan Farber – Freak

Ryan Farber Music

Whether you have an ear for it or not, this actually a remix/heavily sampled original; and an incredible one at that. Ryan Farber may be slightly newer to the game, but every production he does is well-thought-out and quality over quantity seems to be the mantra with his distorted, dark take on house music. It’s very Jack Beats-esque, however the Philly kid turns it into a brand of its own. His latest endeavor takes the always classic Rick James anthem “Freak” and gives it a bit of chest hair and bass to boot. If you’re looking for something to start off your 5AM Los Angeles warehouse party with, this is your kind of song.

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[House] The Magician – Sunlight feat. Years & Years (Blonde Remix)

Final Blonde Logo
The Magician
Sunlight feat. Years & Years (Blonde Remix)

As we continue trucking through the first few hours of TMN’s Blog-a-thon, it has became apparent that the best music seems to happen when our side of the world is busy sleeping away. With that being said, this friendly competition has allowed us to stay keen on the latest (literally) music that will soon make it’s way onto your newsfeed bright and early tomorrow morning. Just a few moments ago, one of our favorite artists, Blonde, just released their latest remix of The Magician’s “Sunlight featuring Years & Years”. Now, before you get your panties in a bunch, we need you to really prepare for one of the most mind-blowing remixes we’ve heard all week…maybe longer. Blonde never fails to take their productions to new heights, and “Sunlight” is just another remix to add to their resume. With its superb bassline and soaring vocal, these guys add some Vitamin D to the mix and makes us smile from ear to ear. All we really need to get through today is some Blonde (and maybe a beer), so get your dancing shoes out ninjas, it’s Friday and it’s time to get movin’.

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[Synth Pop] Monogem – Stay With Me

Stay With Me

After 6 days of letting one of the most soul-provoking songs sit in our inbox for far too long, it’s finally time to share with all of you ninjas the mesmerizing wonders of Monogem. Residing in good ol’ sunny Southern California, singer/songwriter Jen Hirsh and producer/songwriter, Scott Smith, have captured the world with their glistening melodies, infectious lyrics, and their ability to fuse their sound with elements found in electronic music. Last week, Monogem released their latest song, “Stay With Me”, which will most likely be the next love song to swoon you all back into the arms of a loved one – or maybe just a few extra pets for your cat. With only 1,600 plays in less than a week, it’s a big surprising that this addicting song hasn’t made its way onto your radar. Luckily the ninjas have you covered, so get lost in these delightful melodies and find your way back into love’s embrace.

Support Monogem by purchasing a copy of “Stay With Me” on iTunes today.

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[Chillwave] Blackbird Blackbird – Young (feat. Britt Warner)

Blackbird Blackbird - Young (feat Britt Warner)
Blackbird Blackbird
Young (Feat. Britt Warner)

San Francisco-based producer Mikey Maramag a.k.a Blackbird Blackbird has always been an innovative to the indie electronic scene. Following his US tour, this is the first we’ve heard of him since. In this new tune titled “Young”, Mikey features vocals from the LA singer Britt Warner, magically tweaking her vocals to perfection in mixture with the uplifting chillwave sound. The signature stairs-like ascending repetitive synths start off the song. The fast paced electronic beat comes in with Britt’s vocals, and they are occasionally morphed into this vacuum robotic sound that echoes really well with the song.

The piercing synths dominate the entirety of this new track. We’d like to think that this one is out of the ordinary for the talented producer, but we really enjoy the fact that he’s exploratory and where he is going with the direction of his music. He’s a one man band and he can really do it all.

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[Disco Soul] ETML – Too Late (Original)


With nearly 4 million hits and having reached #1 on Billboard for his latest work with Bassment Jaxx, one can say that ETML will “Never Say Never” to the endless opportunities ahead of him. The 19-year-old clearly has a voice that will take him to the top and his incredible track record is numerical proof that he’s going to be alright in life. Now that things have somewhat calmed down since “Never Say Never”, ETML is back with a new original, Too Late”, in which he drops an unexpected disco ball on us. Taking us to funky town, ETML introduces us to an entirely new soulful side to Disco with a whole lot of funky bass, a head bobbin’ beat, and his own sassy attitude in his soulful vocals. Overall, this old soul is far beyond his years and ‘Too Late’ gives us those classic Disco elements tied in with a hint of 90’s sounds and a lyrically empowering vocal to top it all off. After listening to this song at least 10 time through, it’s safe to say that we enjoy this track more than we enjoy breathing.

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