[Get Crunk] Clayton’s Friday Party Playlist #62


What’s up ninjas? We once again find ourselves approaching another weekend. The opportunities are endless, the parties are plentiful, and the desire to get out there and let loose is strong. So, we won’t keep you waiting any longer. Please enjoy this tasty musical selection of the party inducing variety. Cheers


Jack Beats
KYD (Major Lazer X Jack Beats Remix)
Embus E
Say My Name
Rapid Fire (Original Mix)
Machel Montano
The Fog (Major Lazer & Grandtheft Remix)
Ying Yang Twins
Make It Jump (D!RTY AUD!O Remix)
One Republic
If I Lose Myself (Ahzee Remix)
Laidback Luke, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
MORE (Dave Silcox Bootleg)
Unbelievable Thunder
W&W vs Daddys Groove&Rob Adans (FLos MAsHuP)
Miley Cyrus
We Cant Stop (Gazzo X Kalkutta Remix)
Funkin Matt
Pony (Viceroy Jet Life Remix)
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[TMN EXCLUSIVE] Benin City Interview

Benin Album
Benin City
So You Say

A few weeks ago, we had the good fortune to come across Benin City’s Fire in the Park  and we immediately had to write a review. With a blend of hip-hop, jazz, electro, spoken word poetry and a tapestry of themes emerging from the band’s home city, London, our listeners were given a real musical treat.

After the post, The Music Ninja was able to sit down with Josh Idehen (vocals) and Tom Leaper (Tenor Sax) in order to get an inside look at who the band is and how they make their music.

TMN: First off, thanks so much for the album and for sitting down with the Music Ninja, even virtually. Our readers will be excited to get an intimate look at the band and your comments about how you and Fires in the Park came to fruition.

TMN: I guess I’ll start with a question I like asking bands–what’s the significance of the name “Benin City”?

Tom: I think it’s best if Josh takes this one!

Josh: its mine and my parents’ hometown; its history is intertwined with Britain’s colonial misadventures, which a lot of Britons I’ve encountered don’t know much about, which is unfortunate. Also, the name sounded cool, I have a thing for places and there was no better alternative.

TMN: The first time through Fires in the Park, I was struck by just how much variety was in the album. There was obviously the hip hop influence, the drum and bass, the electro, the jazz touches, and more–all fitting together seamlessly. I found myself wondering who your sources of inspiration were as a group?

Tom: We draw inspiration from all over. Personally I’m big in to electronic music, jazz, soul, GOOD pop, classical, film scores. All sorts really. When it came to making the album it was off the back of releasing “Baby” so we had a good idea of how we wanted it to sound. Then we sat down and talked through everything that we love listening to whether it be about the songs themselves, the harmony, the melody, the lyrics, the production, the arrangements… Then we narrowed it down to a core list of influences. Although the album is still pretty eclectic, this list stopped us going too far in any one direction and helped the album hang together as a whole.

Josh: Quite diverse- I’m the official movie soundtrack loving, left-field hip hop jamming, eclectic dude. Theo and Tom both love and play Jazz, but while Theo is into his dubstep and DNB, Tom loves his electro funk and acid/broken beat Jazz. It took a while but we managed to work them all into the album into something we thought was cohesive.

 TMN: This one is for Josh: Lyrically, there are a couple of themes I noted in Fires in the Park: the sort of Carpe Diem feel to “People Will Say,” the love songs, the social commentary about living in poverty, friendship, an ode to London. Did you set out looking to explore those themes lyrically, or did you discover those themes as you went?

Continue reading

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[Aww Yeah] Juan Cristobal – UTS (Under the Sheets)

JUAN Cristobal
UTS (Under The Sheets)

Uncork that special bottle, turn the lights down low, and grab that special girl or guy in your life. The Parisian master of seductive electronica has just released a tune that’s sure to set the mood right. Silky, smooth, sensual – Juan has really done a number with this latest release. The slow RnB bassline, coupled with the sultry beat, elegantly subtle synths, and chimes are just what you need to finish of the night right.

The sexy little tune is available as a free download. Head over and pick up a copy. Just leave the details of what ensues afterwards to yourself.

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[Busted] Candyland – Bring The Rain (heRobust Remix)

Bring The Rain (BUSTED By heRobust)

Not too long ago we were just talking about heRobust busting up another original, creating something truly unique. This time around we’re once again left feeling disoriented and substantially impressed by this gorgeous tune from Hotlanta based DJ/Producer.

In his take on Candyland’s “Bring the Rain,” heRobust has created a melodic yet agressive dubstep rendition that pays homage to the original while still creating an entirely different soundscape. The intro is ever so pleasing which sensually clashes with the aggressive basslines that come in after the drop.

This young producer is on his way to great things. Make sure to keep an eye on him.

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East Yorkshire indie outfit Bitmap has us Hypnotized with this release. Ok, cheesy puns aside, this is really an infectious tune. We had never … Continue reading »

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[Denver Events] This Week at Beta 8/1


Being a Top 25 Club from DJ Mag comes at no surprise as Beta Nightclub has been featuring an amazing array of talent this summer, and this weekend is once again no exception.

Being regulars at Beta, we figured we should share their line up with you, in hopes that you’ll come down and rage with us. Also, just like last time, we have arranged for something special.

For the shows Thursday, Friday and Saturday, make sure you bring your phone with you. If you’re 21+, get there before 11pm, and show them this post on your phone – your cover is comped. Just make sure to enter through the front door, and not the side VIP entrance. Can’t wait to see you down there!

EDX - August 1st
Live My Life (Extended Vocal Mix)

Flinch- August 2nd
You Dont Know

LA Riots - August 3rd
LA Riots and Hi Deaf
Rewind feat. Jessie Malakouti (Preview)
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[TMN PREMIERE] Bobby Nourmand – Ain’t a Party Without Animals

Bobby Nourmand
Ain't a Party Without Animals (David Guetta x GlowintheDark x Martin Garrix)

It won’t be long before “Animals” goes the way of “Spaceman” and “Levels”. It happens with all of the Beatport chart toppers. Young up and coming producers hear a solid sound and feel inspired to make their own mark with it. That’s exactly what New York based DJ/Producer Bobby Nourmand has done for us today in this Music Ninja premiere.

Normally we reserve bootlegs for our Party Playlists. It’s not that we don’t love them, or think they don’t deserve an ample amount of respect, it’s just that they fit so nicely into that party vibe we try to achieve every week. With that being said, every so often we come across one that we can’t help but highlight with a full post. This post is spotlighting the masterfully blended mashup of David Guetta’s “Ain’t a Party” with Martin Garrix’s “Animals” and just a few tidbits from Glowinthedark. The end result is a truly dance inspiring mashup, which you can also find on his Vol. 4 podcast.

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