[Electro House] Paris Burns – Rumble In The Bronxx (Original Mix)

Paris Burns is hailing from none other the Denver, Colorado and pumping out high octane bangers. This artist has already gained support from the likes of James Egbert, and it makes perfect sense because their styles are very similar. Paris brings very hard and grimey Electro that keeps you wanting for more throughout the whole tune. The progression on this track, “Rumble In The Bronxx” is nothing short of amazing bringing a high energy sound design that would kill dance floors. Cheers.

Rumble in the Bronxx (Original Mix)

Released on Spetember 13th via Auidiophile Live

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[Hip-Hop] Dag Savage (Johaz & Exile) California Dreamin’ Feat. Fashawn & Co$$ (Prod. Exile)

With the cold weather dropping in without any warning (other than the turn of the page on my calendar), it’s easy to fondly imagine an alternate lifestyle out in California, with days spent on the beach kicking up sand and relaxing in the sun. Well, Dag Savage is here to remind us that life in the Golden State isn’t all sunshine and smiles. Just like everybody else, the folks there have their daily struggles as well. While the title “Cali Dreamin” sounds warm and idealistic, the content of the song touches on much harsher realities in regards to poverty and violence. Johaz, along with fellow left coasters Fashawn and Co$$, all reflect on their own rough upbringings over a melodic looping piano brought courtesy of the always excellent Exile. Although this track isn’t featured on any specific projects just yet, stay tuned for more Dag Savage in the near future. I have a feeling you’ll like what you hear.

Dag Savage (Johaz & Exile) Cali Dreamin ft. Fashawn & Co$$ MP3 Download
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[Indie] Levek – Girl In The Fog

This week Floridian indie group Levek, led by multi-instrumentalist David Levesque, released “Girl In The Fog.” Compared to their other songs “Black Mold Grow” and “French Lessons”, this one’s sparse and folk-tinged — reminiscent of greats like Simon & Garfunkel — and its charm and allure wraps you like a warm blanket on a crisp and chilly Fall day. Though it’s acoustic, there’s a lot going on here: intricate guitar work that trickles and weaves throughout and delicate vocals that quiver with emotion.

“Girl In The Fog” is off Levek’s debut album, Look A Little Closer, out September 25th on Lefse Records.

Girl In The Fog
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[Hip-Hop] Sterling Haze & Kami de Chukwu – Domino Effect (Prod. ColdeSack)

Listen to this new track by Kami De Chukwu and Sterling Haze and try to tell me Chicago isn’t the epicenter of hip-hop right now. With a slew of talented and hungry young rappers waiting in the wings, and two of its favorite sons (Kanye West & Lupe Fiasco) dropping highly anticipated albums this month, it’s pretty easy to claim that Chicago’s on top and will be there for a very long time to come. On the newest track from the SaveMoney members, both rappers approach their verses in a vicious yet calculating manner, reflective of their desire to slowly but surely take over the game through the domino effect. Once one listener falls victim, everyone else will soon follow.

Domino Effect by Sterling Haze and Kami de Chukwu ( prod. ColdeSack )
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[Remix] Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen (Blood Diamonds Remix)

So maybe you have listened to fourteen remixes of Ellie Goulding‘s new single “Anything Could Happen” before this one, but I promise you this one’s good and worth a listen (or two, or three…). Blood Diamonds hops on this hit to crank out one dank remix. He works his magic, making this version insanely danceable and also a breath of fresh electronic air. Goulding’s timeless voice remains the same, but what stands out is the intense bass and harmonic undertones. Simply said, it stands out and gets us Ninjas even more pumped for Goulding’s new album, Halcyon, out October 9th.

Ellie Goulding
Anything Could Happen (Blood Diamonds Remix)
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[Progressive House] Spektrem – Sugar (Original Mix)

Recently the DC trio Spektrem released their second song “All Too Soon,” which was a killer progressive house track. This week they released the full version of their newest track “Sugar,” another phenomenal progressive house tune. Like their previous track, it has spot-on vocals with a fantastic prog melody and rhythm. “Sugar” also has a great incorporation of electronic chords throughout. Again Spektrem produces gold in the realm of progressive house. So see what you think, then download it and blair it.

Sugar (Original Mix)
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[Video] Feed Me with Teeth – The Live Show Explained

feed me tour

Jon Gooch, the creative mastermind behind the infamous Feed Me has been on the forefront of all EDM of late releasing spectacular singles, remixes and DJ mixes. Kicking things off back in July, Feed Me graced us with his 23-minute mix on Annie Nightingale’s Radio 1 Show. Shortly after, Feed Me continued to awe us with the release of his latest single “Little Cat Steps” released on mau5trap records. Showing no signs of letting up and moving with a full head of steam, Jon Gooch continued to bring the heat when he dropped his 38-track Essential Mix on Pete Tong’s Radio 1 Show earlier in the month. Now, after the barrage of incredible releases, it’s time to revel in the glory that is Feed Me and now thanks to Future Music Magazine we are given the opportunity to gain even more knowledge about the artist, the concept, and the amazing live experience that is Feed Me and his infamous “Teeth”.  The video delves into the logistics of how his notorious stage was constructed and how it is programmed to create an unparalleled live experience.

Best of all, Feed Me recently reported on Facebook that his “Teeth” are receiving upgrades for his upcoming UK Tour, so anyone lucky enough to witness Feed Me live in the coming months should be in for a special treat! Enjoy.

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