[Folk Rock] Aidan Knight – A Mirror

Canadian singer-songwriter Aidan Knight carries with him not only his soft, smooth, unassuming vocals and the lovely organic tones of an acoustic guitar. His music, such as on “A Mirror,” blooms with such robust instrumentation — somber horns, trickling piano, moody strings — making for not only a touching track, but a truly colorful and stimulating sonic experience. There are quiet moments, uplifting peaks, and everything in between. Treat your ears to something good this evening…

A Mirror

“A Mirror” is off Aidan Knight’s sophomore album, Small Reveal, out now on Outside Music.

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[NEW] Flux Pavilion – Do or Die (ft. Childish Gambino)

Earlier this year, dubstep legend Flux Pavilion got the blogosphere buzzing when he previewed a collaboration with the always creative emcee and 21st century renaissance man, Childish Gambino. After months of anticipation, the full song hit the Internet this morning and most definitely does not disappoint. “Do or Die” begins with an upbeat, building instrumental accompanied by some solid bars from Gambino before exploding into the trademarked epic, heavy bass of Flux. Although hip-hop and dubstep have long been intertwined, this joint effort may be one of the strongest of its kind to date.

This one is perfect for your casual Wednesday rage, and comes just in time for the holiday season. Turn this up, sip on some eggnog and get ratchet with Flux and Childish this Christmas, Hanukkah , Eid, Kwanza and New Years!

Flux Pavilion – Do Or Die (ft. Childish Gambino)
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[Hip-Hop] Kidz in the Hall – Ridin’ Clean

The dynamic rap duo Kidz in the Hall return with a new track titled “Ridin’ Clean”.  The Double-O produced single is lyrically complimented by frontmen Naledge spitting some sick rhymes about living the high life while remaining a hood star. This smooth track definately gives off that summer vibe of riding around in your new whip with your top down so everybody can see. Those who are feeling the Chitown duo’s new track, be sure to listen below and cop their upcoming EP Wishful Drinking.

Kidz In The Hall
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[Synth Pop] Carousel – Stay Awake (The Soundmen Remix)

We’ve already thrown our praise Carousel‘s way for their original track “Stay Awake”, and now we’re back to daub on another layer of high approval. This time, though, much of it goes to NYC/Seattle producers The Soundmen for their great work on this remix. Relaxed, romantic and, most importantly, coated in lustrous, bubbly electro pop, this version will have your ears begging for more. Download it below and be sure to follow The Soundmen’s Soundcloud for new material.

Stay Awake (The Soundmen Remix)

via KickKickSnare

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[Electronic] Errors – Relics (Groundislava Cool Mix)

The multifaceted, electronic/chill producer Groundislava is at it again with a brand new remix (or should I say “track ID”), following an update from the artist regarding his finishing touches on a forthcoming EP. This remix of “Relics” by Errors is another signature rework by the ’90s-influenced, synth-heavy producer  that is sure to be another benchmark in this blooming, unnamed electronic genre.

Take a deeper look into the work of Groundislava on his Soundcloud and be sure to check out his most recent recorded Boilerroom.tv set for more delicious tunes.

Relics (Groundislava Cool Mix)
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[Folk Pop/Experimental] Sin Fang – Young Boys

“Young Boys” is a rich, breathtaking track from the very first tambourine rattle to the very last low hum. Led by the ethereal vocals of Icelandic artist Sin Fang (who is also the genius behind indie folk band Seabear), its tones are cool and weightless. But it’s nothing to shiver about — the chanting choruses give off a contagiously warm and inviting vibe — as though we are being called to gather around a crackling bonfire with friends. Much of the song’s ambiance can also be attributed to its producer, Alex Somers, who has previously worked with artists like Sigur Rós & Jónsi. Download it below!

Sin Fang
Young Boys

Sin Fang’s new album, Flowers, is out February 1st via Morr Music.

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[Hip-Hop/Soul] Elijah Black – X.O.X. ft. Common

There is nothing worse for a new relationship than dealing with the baggage from a previous one, but what happens when the love for the last was just too strong to overcome? R&B newcomer and Def Jam signee Elijah Blake croons about a Chris Brown-Rihanna worthy relationship of having trouble letting go of love for an ex. Mixing Blake’s soft but emotional vocals with the Yonny & Sleepy piano-driven beat, this soulful R&B track comes across as nothing less than raw. Enlisting the help of fellow Chitown native Common to drop some knowledge on an ex he too cant get over, this single is a dope effort and strong first listen for the new artist. Be sure to check it out below and hear more off his latest free digital LP Bijoux 22, available now.

Elijah Blake
XOX ft. Common
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