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[Remix] Rudimental – Free (Feat. Emeli Sandé & Nas)

Free ft. Emeli Sandé [Nas Remix]

It’s difficult for me to turn down anything related to Nas, so as soon as I saw this remix of Rudimental‘s “Free,” I knew I had to give it a listen. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the Emeli Sandé assisted track was already pretty spectacular to begin with. Bringing in Nasty Nas adds some hip-hop flair to The UK duo’s uplifting single, that’s all about taking life for what it is, and then tossing aside those cares to live life to the fullest without any restrictions. Check out the inspiring tune above, and make sure to grab the “Free” remix package when it drops on November 18, which will also include reworks from Jack Beats, Maya Jane Coles, and Roy Davis Jr. 

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The Trap Dojo #59 [MP3 Playlist]


The Trap Dojo is here again with all the beats to wank you out of your boring life and drop you into a euphoric land of 808s, where the sidewalks clap with snares on every off-step and you can feel comfortable either throwing a deuce out of the side of a smoke filled lowrider or singing along with emotionally charged remixes of tween pop-hits and everything in between. Brillz does what he does best on this heavy track thats certified to turn any turnt up dance floor into a full scale, elbows and fists, moshpit. The only thing that could possibly make Keys N Krates killer track any beter might be some sharp lyrics which King Louie, Tree & Cyhi the Prince deliver on this remix.  Rustie and Salva remix a couple killer hew hip-hop tracks including verses from Pusha T, Tyler the Creator and Sage the Gemini and K Theory keeps the hip hop vibe right on going with an original track. Next up is three tracks from thefaded. ‘s newest (and last?) release “One Last Time EP“. The whole EP is 11 tracks which are all solid gangsterdam bangers so download it all free at the link above. Kid Sister, Smookie Illson, LVX, Tropkillaz and Goon Bags all bring their own booty poppin twerk bangers. Closing the list out are some awesome chill trap tunes from THUGLI and RL Grime along with R&B love-jams remixes of Drake, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus
and Cassie

Doctor P & Adam F ft. Method Man
The Pit (Brillz Remix)
Keys N Krates
Pusha T
Trouble On My Mind Ft Tyler (Rustie Remix)
Sage The Gemini & Iamsu!
Gas Pedal (Salva Remix)
K Theory
Fuck Boys
Everybody (Bounce)
No Sleep
Kid Sister
Nervo & Ivan Gough ft. Beverley Knight
Not Taking This No More (Smookie Illson Boot)
THIS IS NOT A DIPLO REMIX (read description)
Jackal ft. CRNKN
Bubblegum (LVX Remix)
Listen To The Bass (part 3)
Robin Thicke feat. Kendrick Lamar
Give It 2 U (Goon Bags Remix) **FREE DL**
Apashe x Odalisk
Natalia Kills
Saturday Night (Mistermike Remix)
DJ Sliink X DJ Fresh Direct
Noah D
Roll Out (The Jeep Remix)
Out Of My Mind
Because of U
RL Grime
All Me (Amplicity Remix)
Justin Bieber
All That Matters (Jeftuz remix)
Miley Cyrus
Someone Else (Party Favor Remix)
Me & U (Dr. Freschs Lets Go Home Remix)


Booty Pop Mix
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[Sexy] Kenna – Love Is Still Alive

Love Is Still Alive

I’m going to call this artist a jack of all trades because that is exactly what he is.
Today, Kenna has released his EP ‘Imitation is Suicide: 9 of Hearts’ which is available on Soundcloud and Itunes. The three-part release of Kenna’s is in the second stage, the heartbreak chapter of the series. “This chapter of Imitation [Is Suicide] is the heartbreak chapter of the series. Everybody goes through it and inevitably you realize that love continues to exist like atoms and energy,” Kenna said. “This is one of my favorite songs because it’s a reminder that there is always something to live for.” The entire release is inspired by Ralph-Waldo Emerson’s ‘Self-Reliance’ essay and please tell me you recognize the inspiration behind his artwork? Kenna’s voice is so smooth and his lyrics are simple mixed in with seducing drumbeats to feel the love that Kenna keeps claiming is still alive, and with his hypnotizing voice, you will believe in that love too.

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TOTEM – Sophmor(on)ic [TMN EXCLUSIVE]

Sophmoronic 2

The mystery and lore surrounding TOTEM has been palpable over the last few months. While the most significant uncertainties of the world are things like: who built the pyramids, where Jimmy Hoffa is buried, or who really killed JFK, as music nerds, we’re pretty damn concerned with what TOTEM’s story is.

We broke this interest-grabbing act back in June with our premiere of “In & Out.” The sultry, vocal driven track hits a range most could only dream of. At that point, we had little to no information on this artist. Fast forward to today. TOTEM has put out a handful of other songs, but no one really knows anything about this golden-voiced mystery man. Until now.

With the premiere of his latest tune, Sophmore(on)ic, we here at The Music Ninja have been offered up an exclusive clip of the man himself explaining what he’s about. So, take off your Sherlock Holmes hat, set your phone on silent and pay attention.

Why TOTEM? I’ve always been interested in different cultures and the way they represent themselves. Because, what really makes two groups of people different? It’s a shared cultural history. It’s a link to some kind mythology, usually. There is different ways of acting that out…of showing an identity. What you see over and over again throughout the world is the use of the totem, which is really a symbol of that shared experience.
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[House] option4 – Late Night Drop

Late Night Drop (Original Mix)

option4 is a name which has been featured here at TMN a few times now, and for absolutely good reason. His brand of dance music has been self-described as “more house than tech, more deep than disco” and we couldn’t have coined it any better ourselves. “Late Night Drop”, the latest effort from the budding producer, certainly flashes influence from each of those aforementioned electronic genres, relying on a distinct set of synths to wind itself into afterhours party territory but more than enough pop sensibility to crossover to a multitude of listeners. That signature option4 bounce is all still there, but this time is cleverly dispatched amongst a sea of dark, luscious pads and shuffling hi-hats for a deeper groove and another glimpse into the diversity of his glowing production standard. “Late Night Drop” is being given away as a free digital download through Night Supply Records, so be sure to grab your copy here and be on the lookout for more option4 tunes in the near future, Ninjas.

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[Live Review] This Town Needs Guns – Denver

This Town Needs Guns

One of my favorite Denver venues is the Marquis. Granted, one needs some pretty serious ear buds to block distortion if seeing a show there, the vagrants patrolling the outside can be annoying, and there isn’t a ton of room to sit down, but the pizza is always a welcome treat in between bands and a music buff can’t ask for a more intimate setting to enjoy a band. So it was with much enthusiasm that I embarked on a Wednesday night to see TTNG (short hand for “This Town Needs Guns”) last Wednesday.

TTNG was the third of four bands and had a set that didn’t disappoint. Featuring many tracks from and Animals, hard core fans found their favorite tunes (“Catfantastic,” “26 is Dancier than 4″ and so forth. I would have loved to hear “Wanna Come Back to My Room and Listen to Some Belle and Sebestian,” but we don’t always get what we want, do we?). But for someone with only a cursory knowledge of TTNG’s music, I found myself as impressed as the hardcore TTNG fan I saw the show with.

For starters, a math rock show can be difficult for a casual listener to follow: by it’s very nature, math rock is somewhat inaccessible. Many times, math rock bands have to thread the needle of staying true their complex natures but at the same time creating music that is catchy. TTNG are master knitters, in this sense. Rather than using chorus as the hook for many of their songs, TTNG relies on looping guitar riffs that weave their way in and out of songs to create a sort of hook. And between songs, lead singer  Henry Tremain provides witty banter and crowd interaction to keep the crowd engaged and enthusiastic.

In short, TTNG is a group of astounding musicians that can make difficult, demanding music accessible and enjoyable for the layperson. Catch their show next time they are in town.



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