Purity Ring – Fineshrine (Wet Paint Remix)

There is no underestimating “Fineshrine.” The original, out on Purity Ring‘s superb debut album Shrines, is so flawless that in most cases remixes fall short. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t be open to other interpretations of the track. This new one by Wet Paint holds onto all the elements that make the true version so successful, but also sprinkles in additional warping effects and electronic glitches giving it a more spacey, intergalactic sound.

Check out Wet Paint’s Soundcloud page for more music, including Frank Ocean, Azealia Banks and Shlomo remixes.

Purity Ring
Fineshrine (WET PAINT Remix)
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Ellie Goulding – I Know You Care (Video)

EllieGoulding i know you care

British phenom Ellie Goulding strikes up another chilling, powerfully emotive performance on her latest song “I Know You Care.” The video is equally as haunting and heart-wrenching as it includes scenes from Now Is Good, a film about a young, terminally-ill leukemia patient (played by Dakota Fanning). In addition to the film, “I Know You Care” will be on Goulding’s forthcoming album, Halcyon, out October 9th.

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2AM Club – Mary (Feat. Dev and Big Sean)

Multi-genre collaborating 2AM Club previously worked with Chiddy on a hot track called “Every Evening” earlier in the year and now they’re back with yet another delicious anthem. Featuring cameos from Dev and Big Sean, it’s a flawless blend of hip-pop and pop, with some real M.I.A. “Paper Planes” vibes, too.

2AM Club ft. Big Sean and DEV
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[Indie Rock] Cuckoo Chaos – Super Skeleton

“A nice, firm ass in the palm of your hands.” That’s how San Diego outfit Cuckoo Chaos choose to describe themselves. It’s not too far off, considering how stunning “Super Skeleton” is to the ears. The suavely meandering new track borrows from surf rock and Afro-pop, and features slinky guitar noodling and warm harmonies that could soundtrack any hazy summer afternoon. Lose yourself in it.

Cuckoo Chaos’ “Super Skeleton” single is out on 7″ via White Iris Records. For more music, including the band’s acclaimed 2011 record, Woman, visit their Bandcamp page.

Cuckoo Chaos
Super Skeleton
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Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch – Sweet Nothing (Video)


When this track first surfaced earlier in the month, we pretty much went apeshit for it here on the Music Ninja. Check out the new video for this genre-crossing song by the ever-epic Florence Welch (who plays a lounge singer with a not so recognizable haircut) and EDM connoisseur Calvin Harris.

Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch
Sweet Nothing
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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (September 2012 Round #4)

Although people don’t last forever, the musically inclined do. No matter the amplitude of popularity, musicians have the ability to leave a mark in history with digital files that never grow old or saggy. Sure, there will be songs that are buried under the vast amounts of musical souls floating through the underworld of the internets, but in this case, it’s not illegal (or creepy) to dig them  back up. Now if you are a music lover more than you are a music maker, you yourself have a super important job. You gotta keep that shit alive. And what a perfect day to start that mission with a download of the Indie Dojo. Pass it along for a life of eternal listening pleasure and you have done your part in the circle of life (add dramatic Lion King drums here).

Silent Rider
Ewert and the Two Dragons
Good Man Down
You Could Call It Art
Turn It Around
Cheek Mountain Thief
Cheek Mountain
Farewell J.R
a thought, a mind
Colour Sun
Wild Garlic
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[Hip-Hop] Frank Ocean – Blue Whale

Frank Ocean‘s stellar debut album, Channel ORANGE, elevated him to the top echelon of artists in the eyes of many music fans. On his first release since the album, Ocean shows off his versatility delivering his unique brand of songwriting in rap form. Although mostly known for his singing voice, the Odd Future affiliate has already demonstrated his abilities as an emcee on tracks like Tyler, the Creator‘s “She” and on “Blue Whale” he perfectly compliments a smooth instrumental, which maintains the sound consistent with his work as of late. There are few better ways to kick off your week than some new Frankie O. Enjoy it below!

Frank Ocean
Blue Whale
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