[Dubstep] Tiesto & Steve Aoki – Tornado (Kill The Noise Remix feat. Polina)

Kill The Noise is my hero, everything he has been releasing lately leaves me no choice but to change my pants. Hands down one of the most unique producers in the game right now, and this remix of “Tornado” is pure genius. Tackling anything Tiesto and Steve Aoki is quite a challange, none the less if they are on the same track. KTN pulled out all the stops on this face melting track and brought some massive high pitch piercing wobbles that smack you right in the face. Mixed with the incredibly sexy vocals from  Polina to add a bit of innocence to this unforgiving banger.  This track was released by Dim Mak on Beatport along with remixes from Felix Cartel and Anger Dimmas. Cheers.

Tiesto & Steve Aoki
Tornado (Kill The Noise Remix Feat. Polina)
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[House] Jordy Dazz & Dannic – Fuego

No pun intended (okay, it was intended), Dutch house maestros Jordy Dazz Dannic could easily burn down a room with “Fuego”, a team effort released on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings. These guys and other fellow Dutch DJs/producers have “catchy as hell” down to a science, and “Fuego” only validates this statement. A big room melody designed solely to blow out eardrums combined with an aggressive, raw buildup will have you hoping for future collaborations between these two. Grab your copy on Beatport today. Happy Tuesday!

OUT NOW! Jordy Dazz & Dannic - Fuego
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[Indie] Faded Paper Figures – Information Runs On

One of my first posts here at The Music Ninja was one of my all-time favorite bands, Faded Paper Figures. Well, a few years have passed and here I am again, writing about a group that is always a heavy hitter in my rotation. The masters of poppy indietronica just dropped this single yesterday from their upcoming album, The Matter, due out in October. It features a bevy of instruments including guitar, drums, a banjo, some woodwinds instruments, synthesizers, old timey movie samples, and an old man playing the spoon. Ok, there’s no old man playing a spoon, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they incorporated that at some point.

All kidding aside, no matter how many sounds they blend together, one thing always remains the same; this trio writes poppy, catchy and lovable tracks. Make sure to watch out for their upcoming album.

Faded Paper Figures Information Runs On (from the album The Matter coming Oct. 2012)
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Fossil Collective – On and On

On and On’ is the follow up to Fossil Collective’s gorgeous debut EP, ‘Let It Go’. Delivering a rich and beautiful second taste of the band’s imaginative songwriting, this new track is very much cut from the same cloth as their debut release and once again raises goosebumps, as-well as our excitement for their debut album!

On & On

‘On and On’ is out October 22nd on Dirty Hit

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[Electro-House] Animotion – Obsession (Joman Remix)

GTA Vice City gets taken to the dance floor with style. Joman does just the right amount of remixing on this 80′s jam “Obsession” from Animotion. On first listen the only thing that was running through my head was me running around Vice City stealing cars and picking up hookers. Joman adds some filthy wobbles while still staying true to the original melody, maintaining a very satisfying groove that is sure to get your feet moving. This 4-on-the-floor banger is sure to make your Tuesday a little more enjoyable and we can thank Joman for that. Cheers.

Obsession (Joman Remix)
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LULS: Anticipation and Release in “Young”

Out of all the things I love in the music world, it’s song creators with a sense of story. Lots of times, music fans mistake a sense of story as simply lyrical—the lyrics tell a story using words, much like the author of poetry or prose. A truly remarkable band, however, can create a musical story without relying solely on a lyrical story. Instead, they use the anticipation and release of emotion through instrumentals, in addition to lyrics, to achieve the same effect as well crafted lyrics alone.

LULS shows just the aforementioned ability with Young. Simple drum beats and chords in the beginning of the song mark out something of a heartbeat, which leads to a powerful crescendo of sonic electric guitar, base, and cried out vocals. The song vacillates between an easy following pulse to intense explosions of sound, gently guiding the listener through a series of emotion.

Great bands do this effortlessly, as LULS does here. Keep an eye on them on their soundcloud.

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[Dubstep] Bassnectar feat. Chino Moreno – Hexes

Bassnectar is back to his dark and eery, heavy bass influenced ways. This track titled “Hexes” featuring some terrifying vocals from none other the Chino Moreno, who Bassnectar refers to as one of his favorite vocal artists. This was made for the new “Resident Evil: Retrubution” movie, and I can’t think of a better artist to feature on that soundtrack then Bassnectar. He also said that he had way too much fun scoring this and he “wanted to make a beat that dropped like a wall of bricks to knock people back in their seats at the movie’s sudden and dramatic end”. Well now I have to go see this movie just to hear this on some massive movie theatre speakers, and props to Bassnectar for making it to the big screen. Cheers.

Hexes (ft. Chino Moreno)
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