[House] Mike Mago ft. Dragonette – Outlines [TMN Premiere]

Mike Mago & Dragonette
Outlines [Available August 15]

Fresh off of a debut with dance giant Spinnin’ Records’ newest sub-label, Spinnin’ Deep; Mike Mago returns to TMN to premiere what will perhaps be the biggest record yet from the Amsterdam based house producer: “Outlines”. If you’re familiar with his late 2013 single “The Show”, then hopefully the weight of those words resonates a bit, because we aren’t blowing smoke in any way shape or form here. “Outlines”, which features an utterly shiny and stirring vocal contribution from Dragonette’s lead singer Martina Sorbara, plays more like the “pop/club-house” anthems which have gained such a strong footing in the U.K. behind acts like Disclosure and Hot Natured amongst many others- as opposed to the more classically house-tinged deeper soundscape which shot Mago into the limelight. No standardized four-four kick drum on this one (save for a club edit which will undoubtedly be released as well), just a lovely pad fill leading into Sorbara’s inimitable croon, segueing gracefully into the tune’s heart; which comes in the form of a hypnotically addictive lead synth line. By the end of Mike Mago’s three minute jam, we wanted nothing more than for there to be another verse. But that’s the beauty of “Outlines”; it’s replay value seems infinite and is a more than worthy addition to an already stellar catalog.  We’ve obviously got a serious musical crush on the new sounds the Dutchman has been tinkering with, as it’s always refreshing to see highly skilled artists not pigeonholing themselves in one style or genre. Mike Mago’s signature quote comes into play symbiotically in regard to “Outlines”: “it’s not about the genre, it’s about the taste!”.
Well said sir.

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We The Wild – Trampoline (LVLF Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

We The Wild

We’re almost through one hell of a week in music, and it looks like today isn’t going to provide any breaks. For that, we couldn’t be more grateful. Premiering here on TMN this morning, “Trampoline,” the alt-pop tune from UK based We The Wild has a whole new look, and it’s pretty damn catchy.

Ant West and Casey Roarty have one of those tales we see over and over in the music industry. Starting at the young age of 15, these two kicked off their musical endeavor at the age of 15, much like the indie rock giants Two Door Cinema Club. It wouldn’t be until 2013 that they began writing what we know as We the Wild, which launched with a self-written and produced EP, Vol 1. Following some tremendous success, we’re now on the brink of Vol II, which is due out July 28th.

“Trampoline,” has a somewhat laid-back vibe, instrumentally, which is paired up with an undeniable lyrical intensity. With calming breaks filled with unique percussion, the choruses are left to shine, leaving a lasting imprint in the listener’s mind.

Taking this tune in a whole new direction, while still maintaining it’s robust character is no easy feat, yet London/Los Angeles-based four-piece LOVELIFE (LVLF for short) have done just that. Adding in a melodic synth progression and some repetitious piano chords, “Trampoline” is bounced into a whole new world. While it takes on a stronger indie-pop personality, the utilization the original vocal stems and vocal percussion leaves an indisputable connection to the original.

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[Pop] VÉRITÉ – Strange Enough

Strange Enough

It’s not everyday you hear a voice that can be described as hauntingly beautiful. But VÉRITÉ has that very voice that makes your heart stop for a minute and really engulf all of her lyrics. Her latest song, ‘Strange Enough’, is a powerful mix of her strong voice with an almost electronic melody that powerfully tells the story of a girl who strangely enough does not want the guy like he would want. While the song has a very pop like feel, VÉRITÉ adds just a tad of electronic sounds to give this song just a bit more punch. Her voice is seductive and we are finding ourselves seduced by this song.

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[Chill Trap] Zack The Lad – Mek Dem (Rvdical The Kid Version)

zack the lad
Zack The Lad
Mek Dem (Rvdical The Kid Version)

Rvdical The Kid provides us with an ethereal trap flip of Zack The Lad‘s “Mek Dem”. I have been seeing a bit of buzz about Zack The Lad lately, and rumors tell that it’s an alias of the dubstep producer Trolley Snatcha. Not sure if Trolley was going for a rebranding, or if he’s been feeling chill stuff lately. Whatever the situation may be, we’re loving it. Rvdical The Kid is a favorite among the Flow-Fi collective, and the stutters on this track remind me a bit of his Flow-Fi fam P A T H. Originally from Cotonou, Benin (West Africa,) and currently located out of Maryland- Rvdical The Kid is an international mad man. I took a moment to chat with him, and asked him what inspires him to remix a song. “When it comes to remixes, what inspires me the most is when I completely understand where the artist was going with the song. So a remix for me is like… ‘why don’t we go this way instead?'” He definitely brought a whole knew light to “Mek Dem”, and I am loving the glitchy stuttered approach!

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[TRAP] ROOK MILO – Bodyroll

Rook Milo MMVII
Bodyroll ~ MMVIII EP

Lately I have been seeing that fashion designers have been teaming up with artists and labels. Rook Milo teams up with his fellow Vancouver resident, and fashion designer, MMVIII for a whole EP. The first single, “Bodyroll”, is a dark and sexy ride. The delayed vocals, and distorted bass will suck you in. One thing that I really liked about this track, is how it has three different styles of bass. The second drop goes from 808s with fat sub bass, to a liquid bass feel, to that distorted bass we all love. You could say that Rook Milo has my jimmies rustled, and I am beyond stoked for this MMVIII EP.

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[Future Bass] MØ – Walk This Way (Lido Remix)

lido walk this way mo remix
Walk This Way
Lido Remix

I think Lido might be an alien because everything he puts out is pure gold. He has an amazing taste in songs he remixes. People from Bill Withers to Banks have received the Lido remix treatment. His newest one is of , and Lido doesn’t stray away from excellence at all. One thing I’m really loving, besides the massive sub bass, is how he turned a crazy percussion pattern into the lead for the  first two drops. That percussion lead gives the song a racy feel that would be amazing to dance to in the club. After the bridge with the beautiful pitched vocals, Lido takes a different turn with the last drop. Lido creates an awesome spacial effect and changes the lead up to some seductive synth stabs. If I had to rate this song on a scale of 1 – 10 I wouldn’t be able to because a 10 wouldn’t do it true justice. Words like perfection can’t even describe Lido’s new remix. Whatever else he has up his sleeve, we’re excited to see it!

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[Eastern Trap] RL Grime – Core

RL Grime

RL Grime teases his upcoming album, with his first single “Core”. Lately I have always been obsessed with ‘hindi trap’, or trap with that eastern flavor to it. This RL Grime track makes me want to rave in the desert with all of my ninjas! I think it would be pretty sweet to see a VIP as Clockwork on “Core”. Not exactly sure how that would turn out, but I would be interested to see. The music video for “Core” wasn’t the imagery I expected, but extremely cool nonetheless. Instead of being out in the desert, you see a helicopter from the future traveling through what seems to be a foreign planet. In one scene it seems like the “Core” reactor explodes, just after the second drop. Maybe that would define the sound as “Future Hindi”. I’m not exactly sure, but maybe you can tell us in the comments.

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