[Electronic] Whynnel – Murvan


We were first introduced to Slovenian producer Whynnel upon the launch of Heroic Recordings‘ ominous, aptly-named counterpart Villain. “Mitzdi,” the first release from the mysterious beatsmith, established a sonic landscape that finds beauty and relaxation in its darkness. That saga continues with “Murvan,” a bleak but gorgeous composition. The song expands on Whynnel’s under-water aesthetic, which subdues sounds to the point where it feels like they are gasping for air. The true emotion in “Murvan” is driven by its subtle contrasts–reaching the greatest heights when the instrumentation peaks its head out for a breathe. Vibe out to this one-of-a-kind tune above and grab a copy here.

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SevnthWonder – Drift (Feat. Capsun) [TMN PREMIERE]

Sevnth Logo
Drift (ft. CAPSUN)

As a producer, SevnthWonder reaches levels of consistency most other artists would be envious of. Considering the steady volume of material he churns out, it’s almost amazing that he’s constantly able to maintain such high standards of quality. His latest collaboration with CAPSUN, “Drift”, is no different. The future bass ditty is profound in its simplicity, as the Boston native creates a lush yet serene soundscape that’ll most assuredly cause all your worries to melt away. If magic carpets did exist–which, let’s be honest, would be pretty sweet–then you have to imagine this would be one of the first tracks on your playlist as you cruise around the world.

“Drift” is the latest single to be released as part of Hebinomichi‘s Vol. 3 compilation, which is currently rolling out daily track releases until the end of November. The 15 track compilation is comprised of original content from the collective’s expansive roster of talented artists and spans across a wide array of genres. Vol. 3 is also set to be a surrealist audio-visual exhibition, accompanied by a series of futuristic visual interpretations by artist Trent Kuhn who took inspiration from the songs themselves as well as images he saw during the Nepal earthquake disaster to create custom imagery for each individual tune. After hearing the full EP for ourselves, trust us when we say the project–which includes appearances from StéLouse, Maxx Baer, Tasty Treat, TIGERBLOOD and even more–is definitely one of the most creative releases from the collective yet. Stay tuned to their SoundCloud channel for the rest of the month to make sure you get your hands on all the goodies.

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[Chill] Tennyson – Slipperz


Canadian sibling duo Tennyson haven’t put out much music yet but what they have released has left a lasting impression on the TMN staff. Their jazzy, electronic “You’re Cute” was the very first release in Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs series last year and “Lay-By” remains in steady rotation particularly as the weather cools down. Just in time for winter, they returned this week premiering their latest tune on Jaden Smith’s Beats 1 Radio show.

On “Slipperz,” Tennyson cultivate a playful set of melodies that would perfectly accompany a crib mobile backed by contrasting, booming 808s. As the song unfolds, the listener is taken through an adventurous composition that culminates near the 3-minute mark with a Lido-esque breakdown. Put your headphones on for this one and let it’s warm, fuzzy vibes wrap you up.

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Yellow Shoots – More Alive [TMN PREMIERE]


The clock and calendar have it all wrong, as far as we’re concerned. We’re looking at the display in the top right corner of our computer screen as we type, but it can’t be correct. It can’t be Wednesday morning. Why’s that, you ask? Because Yellow Shoots has us feeling like it’s a Friday night, late, lit up by only the faint glow of a few candles around the bedroom.

“More Alive” is the eponymous single to the More Alive EP, and for those of you who’ve been following its path, you’ll know that it’s also the fifth and final single. If you haven’t been tuned in, let us catch you up to speed before you dive in. Yellow Shoots is the moniker for the Pennsylvania-based, multi-faceted, multi-instrumentalist and producer Greg Matthews. As you start to wade into his work, you’ll notice nuances of jazz, R&B, and hip-hop, all of which are tied back to his experiences while studying guitar at The University of the Arts. Since then, he’s relocated to the new musician mecca of Brooklyn and started up the project you’re hearing now.

We’ve included the full EP for your listening enjoyment, but today’s focus is all on the premiere of “More Alive.” Featuring LA-based MC Mayo, this tune is rife with sexuality, both vocally and instrumentally. It boasts a smooth bassline, pronounced kicks, and a seductive, distorted guitar riff, all of which lie delicately underneath Yellow Shoots alluring vocal tone and lyrics, and a heated verse from Mayo.

Take a listen through, but try not to get too hot and bothered at work. You still have half a day until you can put this playlist into proper action.

’More Alive ft. Mayo’
’Soul Find Me (ft. Faja)’
’Yellow Shoots – Pieces’
’Yellow Shoots – Tame You’
’Yellow Shoots – Hold Me Down’
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[Downtempo] Finding Hope – Wonder

Finding Hope

With the clocks swinging forward earlier this month and daylight gone by the end of the work day, ever-present summery house music has begun to lose some of its topical appeal. As setting changes, so too does inspiration.

Enter the sound of winter: downtempo. With roots in ambient, drum and bass genres, downtempo is a more calming style of music. Conceptually, it is comparable to productions by Diversa and Explosions in the Sky.

The latest great downtempo track to grace our Soundcloud feeds, “Wonder”, comes from San Antonio artist Ashton Davila. Formerly of the name Audile, Davila now goes by the pseudonym Finding Hope. Similar to classics of the genre like “Can Do It”, “Mon Amour”, and “Nimrod”, Wonder builds slowly into a powerful melody at the :55 mark. The deep, pleasant reverie continues through a beat breakdown a minute later and does not end until the close of the song.

When I was writing Wonder, it started out as a soundscape and progressed from there… My main focus was fusing the organic elements with the electronic/dreamy side of things. – Davila

Fans of Finding Hope – including us at The Music Ninja – will be keeping tabs on his future productions via his Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages. Listeners can also download “Wonder” at toneden.

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Bit Funk – Off The Ground [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

Bit Funk - Off The Ground - COVER 1500px sRGB-1
Bit Funk
Off The Ground (ft Shae Jacobs)

We are proud to present a first look at Brooklyn-based Bit Funk‘s music video for his newest single “Off The Ground.” here at TMN this morning.

Call him El Nino– this track is making huge waves in a very short amount of time. The tune has already hit #2 on HypeM and has close to one million plays since its release. The motivating clap track that’s present at the start of the song along with Shae Jacobs’s R&B-driven vocals are a retro electro combo that builds until it drops. The modern electronic sound rushes in with a deep house beat and the commencement of vocal loops, reminding us that this is indeed a club hit. At this point everyone in the crowd is going to be straight boogie-ing. I know we were our first listen. This track’s smooth and well on its way to becoming a dance floor regular.

For some added boogie inspiration, make sure to check out the music video, as well.

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[Progressive House] Morgan Page – Running Wild Feat. The Oddictions & Britt Daley (Borgeous Remix)

Morgan Page
Running Wild Feat. The Oddictions And Britt Daley (Borgeous Remix)

Morgan Page is a staple figure in the dance music community. Another big shot in the game is Borgeous, who is hopping on tour with Morgan starting January 15th, lasting all the way until the end of February. Aside from that, Borgeous has delivered a big remix of the single “Running Wild” that features The Oddictions and Britt Daley. The light-hearted original was transformed into a lively progressive house anthem by amping up the energy with more striking synths. Borgeous is known for his crowd-controlling creations, and there’s no doubt he adds another one to his discography here. If you would like to hear this played live, check the dates and ticket availability on the tour page. If you’re looking to purchase this remix, then you’ll have to wait until November 27th to do so. However, if you want the original, iTunes currently has it available.

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