Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody (VenessaMichaels Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody (VenessaMichaels Remix)
Are You That Somebody

Once again, we find ourselves simultaneously feeling older than we rightfully should, while also relishing in the nostalgia that comes with hearing one of the most iconic songs from our high school years. Once again, it’s at the hands of decade-blending Producer/DJ VenessaMichaels. And, once again, we’re grinning ear-to-ear as we take in her latest interpretation of a 90’s dance tune.

The affectionately coined style of #2090 is just as it seems – a perfect illustration of this artist’s love of the 90’s and dance music of today. Her latest effort is a delicious, dancy, future bass interpretation of the Grammy-nominated “Are You That Somebody,” from Aaliyah. Amidst the well placed clicks, pops, and drips, we find surging synths, and artfully-crafted vocal samples from Aaliyah, Timbaland, and that unforgettable cooing baby from Perrey and Kingsley’s 1966 hit “Countdown at 6.” The combination is something that comes together effortlessly, as if elements from these two decades were made for each other.

Aside from those warm-n-fuzzies from the past, and the TMN HQ dance party we’re currently engaged in, we’re excited about this premiere for another reason – we’d bringing in VenessaMichaels as our next Resident Artist of the Month. She’ll be following up Flux Pavilion, and helping us ring in the new year with some exclusive content.

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Chet Porter Talks Electronic Music, Porter Robinson and New Debut Original [TMN Exclusive Interview]

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Canadian producer Chet Porter just released his first ever original track titled “Awakening”, and it’s as amazing as it gets. Its one-of-a-kind song structure is definitely something we rarely come across, and the ears pleasing sound almost resembles a hybrid between Porter Robinson and Tennyson. We had a chance to chat with the talented producer and talked about the inspirations behind this track and his musical influences. Check out the exclusive interview below, and give “Awakening” a listen after the jump.

TMN: First of all, congrats on releasing your first original single on Big Beat! We’ve been following your music for quite some time, and we gotta say this record truly showcases your unique sound as a producer. Can you tell us a little bit about how you started making music, and where that passion came about?

CP: Thank you! I started making music in high school, I played guitar in a band and on the side I’d just mess around on my laptop. Once everyone in the band sort of went their separate ways I still wanted to make music, so I just started digging and teaching myself more about how to create on my own.

TMN: For “Awakening”, the story-telling style of the song is very refreshing and it really caught our attention. Can you tell us the inspirations behind “Awakening” and why you chose this particular approach?

CP: “Awakening” was like the first song I wrote as Chet Porter, it’s sort of weird that it came out so much later than all of these other songs that were written after it haha. My approach to it sort of came from frustration and exhaustion: I was tired of writing these like basic house songs with a simple structure and not much character in them, so like unintentionally came up with the idea to write something more interesting than just a song, even though it actually is just a song. I got to pour a lot of ideas into it that I felt like I wasn’t letting myself do before, and now I think about song writing from a totally different point of view.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (December 2015 Round #3)

Some people are better at certain things than others. That’s just the way life goes. Like the exquisite library of artists we’ve have accumulated in our indie dojos. While most of us only dream of being as talented as those we lend an ear to, we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves for not being able to belt a note or strum a guitar. If anything, we are AWESOME at listening to the Indie Dojos. Bonafide Pros. And without us bonafide pros, what is an artist really? It takes 2 to tango friends, and we are more than happy to let those with musical talent take the lead.

’Hembree – Can’t Run Forever’
’The Sweet Serenades – Fireworks’
’Cat Clyde – Like A Wave’
’Royaume – Blue Asphalt’
’Siv Jakobsen – Dark – Martin Hviid Remix’
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[Hip Hop] Archy Marshall – Arise Dear Brother

Archy Mashall
Arise Dear Brother

So remember that suave red-head that busted on the scene as King Krule a bit ago and totally killed it? Well the English based man behind the art, Archy Marshall, has released the EP A New Place 2 Drown recently with his brother Jack, and it is incredible. This album was an instant hit with our team, reminding us of his earlier works with much more finesse and expression than previously. “Arise Dear Brother,” the third track on the album, is the one that really brought us in.

The song starts out with a dreamy guitar riff and some other abstract sounds that beckon us in to the waiting lobby Marshall sets up. Just before you fall into the downward chill spiral, a deep and sharp bass and beat come and slap you to your senses and into a whole new downtempo hip hop world you go. Archy’s vocals tie it all together at this point and what we’ve got is a really, really great new artist. Be sure to give this entire EP a listen. You won’t be disappointed. Excuse us while we go listen to this on repeat.

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The Chill Dojo #160

chill dojo

This time of the year is often a time for reflection on the year of music that was, but Chet Porter is bringing out that nostalgic feeling with something new. In what could easily be a hidden track from Worlds, the Toronto native really channels the latter half of his moniker in ‘Awakening’, a title which together with its whimsical melodies conjures up subtle nods to the Zelda series. It makes for one incredible journey through the blissful sound he weaves so well. Snapping us out of that daze and into more of a party-ready state is the latest remix to be featured on Cosmo’s Midnight’s ‘Walk With Me’ Remix EP. Following up last week’s effort from Maxo, this week it was Sydney’s KOA catching our attention with their more dance driven take on one of 2015’s best indie electronic anthems. There’s no reason we can’t loosen up on a Monday as the holiday season approaches, and this is the perfect tune to keep those weekend vibes flowing.

Up next, a meeting of past and present helps keep that upbeat feeling going strong as a pair of crafty Frenchman bring their slick touch to a hip hop classic. The opening of this De La Soul remix from LeMarquis and Marlin offers much promise of what is to come, but there was certainly no indication of the insane funk that they were to unleash as things progress, all the while keeping the timeless soul of the original intact. In much the same way, German producer Mogul delivers a stunning rendition of groove to a more recent hit in ‘I Found You’ from the highly talented Gibbz. The incredible vocals are given plenty of breathing space early, before an explosion of funk takes over with every intention of carrying you deeper and deeper into a sweaty night of uncontrolled dancing.

We had every intention of keeping things very chill this week, but it’s party season so we’re all about bringing a smile to your face in any way possible. Peace out.

’Chet Porter – Awakening’
’Cosmo’s Midnight – Walk With Me ft. Kučka (KOA Remix)’
’De La Soul – All Good (LeMarquis & Marlin Remix)’
’Gibbz – I Found You (Mogul Remix)’
’Rationale – Fast Lane (MXXWLL Remix)’
’Audiobot – Mars 2040’
’GRIMECRAFT – Stickerbrush Symphony’
’Elgus – Dancing In The Rain (ft. David Resch)’
’Maxiimus – 4uitried’
’TastyTreat – For a Minute (feat. MOONZz)’
’halpe – crystal tower (steelix remix)’
’KAASI – Who You Are’
’Moe Shop – Slow Motion Sunset’
’A R I Z O N A – I Was Wrong (Thero Remix)’
’Shoffy x Sondrio – Downtown’
’Shoffy – We Had It All’
’Shoffy – Wild’
’Tennyson – Fault Line’
’Tennyson – Too Long’
’Fhin – Your Heart Sounds Like’
’Kozoro – Curious (feat. Noctilucent)’
’tekvision – Lament’
’oshi – life’
’3 roses – afternoon at the park’
’$heWon’t – E a r t h R a d i o’
’StéLouse – 4 U’
’Medasin – leaving earth’
’airwav – don’t’
’Gravez – Stay Tough (feat. JMSN & ELHAE)’
’Sivey – Waterbed (Slow Mo)’
’R.O.M – excuse me. (i think you’re so beautiful)’
’Seinabo Sey – Poetic (Norde Remix)’
’olivia – Need’
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CAFUNÉ – Love Songs For Other People [TMN Premiere]

Pop music is a fickle thing. As we know, it veers toward being mostly accessible, but luckily we still have the perimeter acts that shed typical traits while still, interestingly enough, operating within certain structural norms. Here is where CAFUNÉ reigns supreme. This duo, comprised of Noyu and Sedona, has revamped the likes of Porter Robinson, Daft Punk, and, most recently, Drake in their pristine and practiced style of alternative pop that has carried over into a noteworthy debut EP, Love Songs For Other People. We are beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to premiere this project for you, so let’s go ahead and dive in!

Lay Low & Lay Low (Reprise) – The double dose of the “Lay Low” tunes are the bookends of the EP, but they work together with a purpose. As the intro synths trickle in, they crescendo into an electrifying concentration of their signature sound tinged with video game synths and confident lyrics delivered by Sedona, the duo’s primary vocalist. The tone is instantly cheery and encouraging as the intro builds, but the reprise shifts back down to a calmer demeanor for a short moment before one last buoyant chorus bids us farewell.

Warm Body – This single, previously premiered by Smoothie Tunes, is simply fun. You can’t beat the unbridled optimism and catchiness of a tune like “Warm Body,” and it absolutely stands out as a shining moment in Love Songs For Other People. Having the privilege of good pop music doesn’t come around every day, and a song like this is a prime example of what the genre as a whole can accomplish.

Fall Asleep Slow – “Fall Asleep Slow” is another track that preceded the EP release, and its guitar-driven focus paves the way for distorted and bit crushed vocals that coalesce into a clear-cut creation dealing with the need for an escape. Considering all of the recent events that have transpired, we certainly could use one at some point. So far, this EP provides exactly that.

Runaways – If the previous song was the call for a new start, “Runaways” is the action itself. Aptly named, this song hearkens back to “Lay Low” with playful and chippy synths that flutter around the buzzing chorus and dance around the lyrics that detail a journey of pushing past a former love. Have we all been there? Absolutely. We just really enjoy the method that these two take in expressing this common sentiment.

CAFUNÉ is a band that exudes a deserving amount of confidence and aptitude on a remarkable debut. Love Songs For Other People was created with thousands of miles between the duo for some time, but their separate experiences molded together to forge something spectacular and infectious that proves no boundaries or limitations will deter them. It’s a project that gives you hope. It brightens your day the instant you scroll past it in your feed and hit play. It’s a combination of alternative and pop music that makes you smile. Hold on to that feeling and you’ll enjoy every second of CAFUNÉ’s prominent debut.

Keep up with CAFUNÉ on: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

’CAFUNÉ – Lay Low’
’CAFUNÉ – Warm Body’
’CAFUNÉ – Fall Asleep Slow’
’CAFUNÉ – Runaways’
’CAFUNÉ – Lay Low (Reprise)’
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[Deep-House/Future] Cosmo’s Midnight – Walk With Me ft. Kučka (KOA Remix)

Cosmo's Midnight
Walk With Me ft. Kučka (KOA Remix)

Let’s face it, for a lot of you ninjas out there, Fridays are designed for dancing out whatever stresses may have built up over the week at work or school. So, it is indubitably our duty to help supply the perfect tracks to help shift out of your Mr. Anderson persona and into your inner Neo (if you don’t understand The Matrix reference, I’m getting too old).

Pacing off today’ selection is just a gorgeously tuned, gliding slice of club-house from mysterious Sydney based production collective KOA. With only one tune released under the KOA moniker thus far; an original record, “All of My Love”, which was featured on the excellent label sampler Teen Idols: A Future Classic Compilation, the enigmatic troupe make their first foray into the world of remixes with a lushly crafted and understated house-y take on Cosmo’s Midnight single “Walk With Me”. On their revision of “Walk With Me”, KOA delightfully represents their take on that globe-sweeping Australian indie-dance sound made so popular by the same imprint championing them, Future Classic, through a groove-first synth line and the subtle sweeping roll of deep sub bass. Which, set against those flitty vocal chops, plays like the perfect pairing. We can’t get enough of this one today, so start loosening up and get into the Friday spirit with KOA’s “Walk With Me” remix above.

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