[Video Premiere] Jeff Sontag: The Big Surreal


Last month, we had the chance to go up to North for a new festival called The Big Surreal in Big Sur California (hence the clever name). The trek to get to this venue was not easy nor was it in any way safe considering you had to drive down a sketchy dirt path and climb rugged hills just to get there. After successfully overcoming the obstacles in front of us, we eventually made it to the top of the mountain and made ourselves at home with nature. What better way to spend 3 blissful days in the loving arms of mother nature with a bunch of people who love music and art? Talk about a dream if you ask us.

Initially, we were invited to this festival by producer/DJ and a new TMN favorite, Jeff Sontag. Ever since the release of his latest EP, 4.22, we instantly fell in love with his style of production and his ability to make us absolutely lose all sense of reality with both his voice and music. Jeff had the opportunity to play at The Big Surreal and we ended up catching his set on the final day of the festival. We were interested in seeing how he curated his live shows and if he incorporated more natural elements to his DJ sets. To our surprise, Jeff blew us all away with his stunning performance and swooned us all into a state of celestial bliss. Despite being scheduled during the hottest part of the day, Jeff didn’t let the heat get to him or anyone else for that matter. Throwing down a deep and intimate set, Jeff took his set to the next level by singing live while simultaneously DJing – something we don’t see too often in today’s dance music scene.

We here at TMN are stoked to be premiering his live set from Big Surreal and are very excited to be sharing it with all of you today. After receiving this video from Jeff last week, we couldn’t help but say yes to this premiere opportunity because it was a blast to watch the entire thing from start to finish. It was refreshing to have a moment of nostalgia after attending this festival in the flesh, and now that it’s documented we can re-visit this experience whenever we please. The footage captures the essence of the festival in this Go Pro style film and makes us feel as if we are just vibing out with a bunch of our friends in a breathtaking setting to get us away from reality for a bit.

We are very excited to see what this young artist has up his sleeve in the future. Jeff wanted to make that all of you ninjas could re-live the magic of his intimate set by making it available for free download. Now you can vibe out the Sontag way wherever you please – talk about neat. So take an hour out of your day and press play for this one because you’ll be in the stars for the rest of your afternoon.

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[Pop] Ryn Weaver – Promises

Ryn Weaver

Believe you me, Ryn Weaver is on next. The 21 year old took over the blogosphere a month ago with “Octahate“, a debut single that was later revealed to be produced by Benny Blanco, Cashmere Cat, and Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos while being vaulted into the spotlight by Charli XCX. She returns today with “Promises”, a warm and upbeat smash hit that should carry you through the rest of summer. I cannot stress enough how big this starlet will be in just a matter of months, so be sure to give her a listen now and join the hypetrain.

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[Indie Electronic] BASECAMP – Shudder


Since their single hit “Emmanuel“, Nashville trio BASECAMP has once again proven that genres don’t define how artists make their music. It was difficult to categorize this track because of all the different elements put into it. From the house beat and repetitive wave sounds in the background, to the chillwave-like synth and a voice similar to John Legend’s, “Shudder” stands its place as one of the most distinctively sounding songs by BASECAMP. The soulful vocals magically capture the R&B melody, and together with the joyful yet complex beat, we have a track so tranquil and laid back that you’ll never get tired of listening to. The downtempo breakdown towards the end catches your attention with its intentionally clouded bass and background noises, but at the same time remains its glitchy beat with abrupt pauses.

There are so many good things we can say about this track. We’ll just let you be the judge of it. With a new EP coming Fall 2014, BASECAMP is definitely one to watch for all you music lovers.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #95

chill dojo

Whatever the events of your weekend, be it wild or chilled, Dojo number 95 has more than enough material to make sure the wind-down continues well into the working week. Now Joe Garston is a name that you wouldn’t necessarily think of in kicking off a chill playlist, being widely known for his energetic brand of bouncy electro-house. But as many artists have shown us in previous editions, there’s every possibility that elements of your style can be given a mellow feel. Though there’s no thumping bassline present at all in ‘Someday’, the pure happiness embodied in this track is undoubtedly the work of the UK producer. The nostalgic tone is a surreal experience, and will invoke all those memories you hold close to your heart. On the opposite end of the spectrum, New Zealand beatsmith Samuel Truth gives us a soundtrack to a frozen land of fantasy. Well NZ is the land of fantasy after all, and the wintery feel coupled with the palpable emotion is a combo that makes ‘The Cold’ all too real. If that’s way too frosty for your liking, we’ve always got some new Snakehips to breathe the feeling of summer back into your ears. Their latest single ‘After I Met U’ is another jam for your festival season oozing in that signature groove that is so damn addictive, showing just why they consistently provide hit after hit. Another name who delivers one funky tune after the next is none other than Dojo-favorite JNL. The feisty Canadian has outdone himself once again with ‘By Yourself’, bringing a vibe that echoes some serious Daft Punk influences, and will induce some spontaneous dance-floor behavior.

German label Jakarta Records recently released a free compilation of unreleased music from a number of familiar names, and among them was an absolute gem from MURAMASA. Amongst the wealth of smooth beats contained in Summer In Jakarta, ‘Miss You’ immediately stuck out with its lush melody and emotive vocals that reach straight for the heartstrings without any sign of letting go. This will be a go-to song in your library for when you need it most. Hold on tight, because we’re gonna go really deep with this last one. KAASI is notorious for concocting a dangerously deep tune, and you know you’re in for something special when he declares it’s his best yet. We would very much agree with that, because this one flows endlessly into a state of sheer serenity.

Monday sorrows are nothing in the face of this seriously chill tunage. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #95 zip

Joe Garston
Samuel Truth
The Cold
After I Met U
By Yourself
Mura Masa
Miss You
Work With Me
Begin Again (Thero Remix)
Marlon Roudette
When The Beat Drops Out (Samuel Remix)
John Legend
All Of Me (Kungs & Noah Cover)
Ciara & Justin Timberlake
Love Sex Magic (Axmod Remix)
1901 (J Art & Madan Remix)
Help Our Souls (Urban Contact Remix)
Miami Mais
Planet Funk
Chase The Sun (Drop Out Orchestra Rework)
Tobtok ft. Emil Heró
I Am Oak
On Trees and Birds and Fire (Sam Feldt & Bloombox Remix)
Dual Citizen
Say It Anyway
SARAH (Touch Sensitive Remix)
Warm Water (Freddy Verano / Berger & Shaqiri Edit)
The Weeknd
Often (Kygo Remix)
Learn To Fly feat. Jordan Rakei
Patrick Baker
Feel the Same
Faded (Madeaux Remix)
Howie Lee
Everywhere I Go
New World (Fracx XO Remix)
Ellie Goulding
Burn (WiSkiM REWORK)
Paper Walls (Sebastian Carter Remix)
At Dawn We Rage
Edible Universe
Calum Bowen
Lovely Forest (Maxo Fightermix)
Only You
Zikomo x Esta
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[Electro] Lil Silva – Don’t You Love (Feat. BANKS)

Lil Silva - Don't You Love (feat. BANKS)
Lil Silva
Don't You Love (Feat. BANKS)

Do you love BANKS as much as we do? Well her recent collaboration with British producer and DJ Lil Silva will deifnitely satisfy all of Jillian’s fans. This new track by Lil Silva titled “Don’t You Love” has an interesting yet lengthy buildup. From the get go, Lil Silva is incorporating his funky elements into the beat. There are the echoing male vocals in the beginning, something resembling BANKS’ style, most notable in “Brain” produced by Shlomo.  Then as the funky bass comes in, the anticipation builds up. The vocals from BANKS don’t come in until over half way to the track, but the result is a drop that gets you vibin’ and headbobbing all over the place. BANKS’ solo towards the end of the tune shows every bit of her goddess-like sassiness. Everything comes together so well with the overdue beat drop that it was worth all the hype and anticipation.

With his new project “Maple EP” coming out August 4, Lil Silva is definitely looking to diversify his fan base by recruiting some of BANKS’. With the addition of this track, we are very excited to how BANKS is going to change the game with the release of her new album.

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[Nu-Disco] TJH87 – Good Life Feat. Gamble & Burke (Original Mix)

TJH87 - Good Life Feat. Gamble & Burke
Good Life Feat. Gamble & Burke (Original Mix)

There is absolutely nothing more fun than a groovy Nu-Disco tune to get you through the final hours of your monotonous day job. The weekend called and said it’s about that time we kick things off early, so why not do it with a new tune from TJH87? The Finnish duo teamed up with Gamble & Burke for their latest original, “Good Life”, to which my grandma even had something good to say about this funky disco jam.

This tune is jam packed with funk guitars, massive synths, and a bass to take you back to the OG Daft Punk days. We over here at TMN have had this one on repeat, so press play and let that figurative disco ball light up your cubicle while you get ready for a big weekend ahead. With HARD Summer mode in full gear, we promise that TJH87 will get you in the right mood to rage your butt’s off in the coming days. Stay golden, ninjas, and party hard.

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[Get Crunk] Friday Party Playlist (Vol. 115)


After one of the longest, most stressful weeks I have ever endured, I can finally make life even more stressful with some intense bangers to prepare you all for the madness of HARD Summer this weekend. This ninja will be banging it out like the rest of you festival-goers the next few days. Last week we had an entire arsenal of straight HEAT…so despite there being 20 rage worthy tracks this week, know that there are some real bangers in this weeks FPP.

So while you get ready to rage the weekend away, this ninja will be preparing for yet another festival – don’t worry – a full report will be coming shortly after the recovery.

Until next week, ninjas. #danceirresponsibly

Clips X Ahoy
Deorro & D!rty Aud!o Feat. iE z
Hit It (Original Mix)
Stevie Wonder
Superstition (C2C Remix)
Real Trap Shit
RL Grime
Core (Kayzo Remix)
Nato Feelz
Tic Toc VIP
Lazer Lazer Lazer X The Kingdumb
Calvin Harris
C.U.B.A (Black Boots Festival Trap Remix)
On The Block (8Er$ Remix)
Hands In The Air (feat. Ragga Twins)
Beast Mode
Tropkillaz & Troyboi
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