Young Empires – The Gates (Ride The Universe Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Young Empires
The Gates (Ride The Universe Remix)

One thing is overwhelmingly evident while scanning through two years’ worth of music on Ride The Universe’s SoundCloud page – these four dance-loving cats know how to write highly infectious, groovy, and party-perfect tunes. Today is no different, as we give you a peek at Pete, Nicky, Sam and Jeremy’s latest endeavor, an official remix of “The Gates.”

This take on Young Empire’s widely popular tune features a slightly different approach than other RTU remixes, showcasing their ability to change things up effortlessly. The build-up is drawn out, slowly pulling in elements of the original, including iconic sections of vocals. It immediately brings listeners a connection to the original, as any solid remix should. From there, a vibe-heavy beat and pronounced synth stabs guide this remix towards the pool, rooftops, and sunny BBQs with its laid back, yet danceable persona.

Young Empires were obviously impressed by the remix, as they’ve chosen to officially release it, but check out their praise below.

Ride The Universe showcase their craft on our remix of ‘The Gates’ using sophisticated rhythms, punchy synth stabs, and intriguing chord progressions. Their production and arrangement demonstrates patience and maturity, but this remix also sounds very youthful with a ton of swagger. – Young Empires

Make sure to keep up on everything Ride The Universe by following them on Facebook. Also, Young Empires are currently on tour. We highly recommend catching one of their upcoming shows.

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[Electronic] Oshi – Heal You (Redo) Feat. Jamal Woon & Courtney Bennett

heal you (oshi redo) ft. jamal woon & courtney bennett

Following along a trail blazed by the enormously successful Madeon a few years ago, the EDM world has seen an accelerated movement of ambitious young producers putting their stamp on the scene. From artists like Sam Gellaity to CRNKN, artists are touring shows and performing at venues where they normally wouldn’t be allowed entrance. One of our favorite artists in the 18-and-under category, Oshi, has released the first track from his upcoming EP today in “Heal You”.

When the London based youngster first appeared on our radars, we knew his novel, wavy sound would catch on. Fast forward many more releases and 50,000 followers later, and we have received his best work yet.

Oshi, making a name for himself through quality redos and flips, has toured with members of the Soulection crew and garnered attention around the world. Impressing fans with original works and edits of big names like Fetty Wap and Towkio, this producer is certain to continue his rise among a crowded field.

In his remix of “Heal You”, Oshi samples the currently unreleased work of frequent collaborator Jamal Woon. Oshi’s iteration somehow infuses the beautiful vocals of Courtney Bennett and Woon with a darkly haunting pitch modifier, giving it a hazy feel. The song seems to starkly contrast his previous works, that is, until the 1:05 mark when some of Oshi’s more familiar production techniques shine through. With an array of electronic samples, “Heal You” picks up the pace over the chorus and injects life into this slow jam of a remix.

TMN is excited to hear what Oshi has in store for us in the future, as an EP is clearly in the works. Fans can download “Heal You” here, as well as keep up to date on all of his new releases via Soundcloud or Bandcamp.

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[Moombahton] Kranium Ft. Ty Dolla $ign – Nobody Has To Know (KickRaux Remix)

Kranium Ft. Ty Dolla $ign
Nobody Has To Know (KickRaux Remix)

Anytime KickRaux releases something, it’s gold. The dude’s behind a bunch of grade A records including a colossal remix of “Sad Machine” with the EthniKids. Secret ninja knowledge, check his Facebook for what’s missing on his Soundcloud. He’s had releases with Interscope, Atlantic, Motown along with Mad Decent, and he’s returning to Big Beat Records with an official remix for “Nobody Has To Know,” originally by Kranium and Ty Dolla $ign.

The original reggae/dancehall version garnered over five million plays on Soundcloud, and was just asking for a quality makeover from a talented producer. KickRaux came to the call and brought a ton of more groove to the table with his moombah tone. Sass and class are mixed in perfect harmony in the newly formed “Nobody Has To Know.” Want to support the remix? Grab a copy on iTunes.

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Mesa Luna – Waster (Noble Oak Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Church Garden - Noble Oak Remix - Artwork
noble oak
Mesa Luna – Waster (Noble Oak Remix)

There’s nothing quite as important as the perfect music to start Monday morning off to. Well, coffee is certainly up there too, but that’s almost a given. The first day of the work week is usually an arduous battle in your mind to come to grips that you can’t do whatever you feel like anymore and that you have five days of commitments ahead. That’s where Torontonian producer Noble Oak comes in to lend a helping hand.

Taking a crack at fellow countrymen Mesa Luna, this often dreamy electronic musician has put his spin on “Waster.” Instantly soothing the listener within seconds of starting, this wandering remix welcomes the listener in with a warm, enveloping experience. The soundscape is rich and luscious, showcasing layer on layer of etheral synths, soft, atmospheric elements, and Mesa Luna’s calming vocals. It’s the perfect soundtrack for you to take a step back from work, close your eyes, and get lost, even if it’s only for a few brief minutes.

When asked about this remix in particular, Noble Oak had this to say:

There was something about this track that immediately evoked ideas for a remix, something I can’t often say happens. Somewhere between the catchy layered hook and the lush chordal arrangement I found an instantaneous fondness for ‘Waster.’
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[TMN PREMIERE] Rudimental – Rumour Mill (Midas Hutch Remix)

Rumour Mill (Midas Hutch Remix)

In 2013, Rudimental shook up the electronic music scene with their debut album, Home, a unique fusion of drum and bass with elements of house, R&B, hip-hop and alternative. Following the critical and commercial success of that project, the UK four-piece band hit the road bringing their impressive, mind-blowing fully live sets to festivals and headlining shows around the world. Rudimental’s highly-anticipated sophomore effort is only a few months away and, as they’ve been rolling out singles, it’s shaping up to be the perfect continuation, yet evolution, of Home.

Last month they dropped of the single “Rumour Mill,” which trades in the drum and bass backdrop for a more atmospheric, laid-back vibe with some silky vocals from two up ‘n coming stars out of the UK, Will Heard and Anne-Marie. Fitting that chilled-out sound, the single carries a carefree message that, as its name suggests, imparts the age-old wisdom of phasing out negativity and being yourself.

Today, we’ve got the premiere of an official remix of that airy tune courtesy of Dutch producer and TMN-favorite Midas Hutch, who’s also known as FS Green. Rudimental couldn’t have commissioned a better artist to take on such an easygoing jam as Hutch applies his signature 80’s-tinted, nu-disco style making the track his own. With funky backing synths, engrossing percussion and an occasional clean horn-section, Hutch cultivates sonics that mirror the message of the song all the while completely re-imagining the listening experience. Groove to this summer-ready anthem above.

Make sure to also check out Rudimental’s most recent single “Love Ain’t Just a Word,” which dropped last week. Rudimental’s We the Generation is out on September 18th on Major Toms/Big Beat Records.

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[Future Bass] Fetty Wap – Trap Queen (Naderi Remix)

Fetty Wap
Trap Queen (Naderi Remix) [Free Download]

The Australian producer Naderi is here with an official remix for the iconic Fetty Wap single “Trap Queen.” You’d expect a friend of Flume to make top shelf future bass, and that’s just what happens with this cut. It will turn naysayers of the original into fans, as the execution of this was, dare we say, perfect.

Naderi is coming off a remix of “Aerial Love” by Daniel Johns that was pretty dope, but what the Sydney songster did with “Trap Queen” is next level. With the intro largely being driven by the vocal, there’s a huge anticipation of energy for when the drop actually comes in, and when that happens, the magic is set free. In keeping things as original as he could, Naderi showcased why he’s someone who eyes and ears need to be on.

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Wil – What Are We Waiting For (Jose Nuñez Club Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

What Are We Waiting For (Jose Nunez Club Remix)

There’s just something about summertime that brings out the best in dance music. Producers seemingly focus on warm-weather, feel-good beats, encapsulating what is the most adored season for most. Today is no different, as we bring you a sultry, groovy, and downright infectious remix from the Big Apple’s own, Jose Nuñez.

Putting a tech house spin on Spanish international pop star Wiltay, Nuñez breathes some dance intensity into “What Are We Waiting For.” Latin flavor can be heard throughout, bringing styled-out grooves, rhythmic percussion and enveloping vocal samples. Everything culminates together, boasting a true Miami pool party vibe, and one that’s left us exploring travel sites for any last minute deals.

Nuñez has packed out countless clubs and doled out more than 30 top 20 hits, and today’s release shows that he has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

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