[Indie-Dance] The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face (Kolaj Cover)

Can't Feel My Face (The Weeknd Cover)

After releasing their original song “The Touch,” Kolaj is back with a cover of “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd. The original has undoubtedly been one of the biggest records of the year, and this cover has to be one of the top remixes, bootlegs, covers or edits out there, as it’s already gotten mad love over the week it’s been out. The duo get a bit tropical with in style, but don’t dip quite so far as to reach Kygo status. They keep to their strengths and play off the sub-genre for one amazing cover of a song that has gotten a whole lot of attention from producers. By pumping out their own version, and bringing the vocal of Teesa, this is one extraordinary makeover. Want the track for your own digital library? Download it for free!

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[Future/Deep-House] Kygo – Nothing Left (The Golden Pony Remix)

Nothing Left (The Golden Pony Remix)

It’s become increasingly infrequent for a tune from NYC based house & disco benders The Golden Pony not to move us in some type of way. Whether it’s their deeper, disco leaning classic reworks, future-tipping joints or heated originals, our favorite afro-sporting duo never fail to pull a wry smile and rocking hip-wiggle from seemingly everyone who comes into contact with their accessible blueprint of underground house reverberations. Most recently, the boys have taken Trop-House Prince Kygo’s “Nothing Left” into their end of niche dance groove, and yet again we’re more than locked into what they’ve come up with. Riffing on those plucky metallic signature Kygo keys, TGP’s version slathers on a rumbling low-end and revs up the vocal cadence to a pace more in line with their club-first sonority, resulting in a tune that fits perfectly into The Golden Pony’s repertoire while staying true to Kygo’s original stems. Go ahead and try not to bounce to this one.

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[Chill] Ofelia K. – White T-Shirt (Golden Coast Remix)

Ofelia K. - White T-Shirt (Golden Coast Remix)
Ofelia K
White T-Shirt (Golden Coast Remix)

Here’s a tune to start your Wednesday right. We are thoroughly impressed by this remix by Golden Coast, as they once again proved their versatility in making good music. Incorporating a light trap beat and crafty samples, the talented duo turned Ofelia K.‘s “White T-Shirt” into the ultimate feel-good track. The beautiful vocals simply cannot go better with the synth melody. It’s one of those summery songs you can never get tired of listening to.

Golden Coast strays away from their usual indie pop route and still manages to deliver, and these remixes just keep getting better and better. If you’re having a shitty day, put on some Golden Coast and they will surely put a smile on your face.

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[Deep-House] IDQ – Where Are You (The Shapeshifters Remix) [TMN Premiere]

Where Are You (The Shapehsifters Remix)

No newcomers to the TMN pages, U.K. house vets The Shapeshifterswho last dropped by with their Kisch featuring single “The Chase”, are back again with another slice of club directed house music, this time in the form of a remix for IDQ’s “Where Are You”. Encased within the duo’s lively forthcoming Ibiza 2015 compilation mix album for their own label Love Inc, which also features a slew of standout unreleased singles from the likes of Doorly, Purple Disco Machine and more; The Shapeshifters’ deep and moody IDQ remix (and the entire mix) sees official release tomorrow, and before digital retailers got their hands on it, we’ve got the premiere. Staying in line with their classic house roots and history of thick, rolling electric basslines, The Shapeshifters remix folds in a subtle dose of arpeggiated synths, tonal harmonies and plenty of tasteful percussion to carve out their own vision of IDQ’s infectious single. This one’s got “dancefloor-destroyer” written all over it, so let’s get in the club spirit right now. Stream The Shapeshifters’ “Where Are You” remix above, and be sure to take a peek at their entire mix album’s (for which you can purchase the single tracks as well) tracklist before it drops tomorrow.

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[House] Autograf – Dream (Sebastian Carter Remix)

Dream (Sebastian Carter Remix)

It’s always a treat when two of your favorites–in this particular case the trio that is Autograf and Swiss producer Sebastian Carter–come crashing together, and this time around, we couldn’t have been more pleased with the result. The Autograf boys have been on what we music pundits like to call “a tear” as of late, racking up literal millions and millions of plays across listening platforms far and wide on seemingly every release, and their first original single “Dream” (released 5 months ago) may just have been the catalyst to that success. Of course, they couldn’t just leave those juicy stems alone without giving a handful of other adept artists a shot at molding them as well.

In stepped 21 year-old youngblood Sebastian Carter, certainly no stranger to TMN, and he’s dusted “Dream” with a signature blast of caressing house melody while maintaining the heart and soul of Autograf’s future-forward original. A penetrating yet muted four-four kick paces Carter’s revision while congruent, modal harmonies run aplenty on top of effected synth topline for a remix that plays as pristine as it is warm. We’d feel equally comfortable letting this one fly through our monitors whether in the middle of a jam-packed club floor, at our computer, or beach side with a mojito. So follow suit, and stream Sebastian Carter’s excellent “Dream” remix above.

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BB Diamond – Instinct (Rafii Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

BB Diamond
Instinct (Rafii Remix)

Irish producer Rafii has brought the ninjas something exquisite for this premiere. With Soundcloud honing in even more on bootlegs, official remixes are going to be taking over, and Rafii nabbed one for himself from BB Diamond, an artist who’s career has already had some success working with the likes of Iggy Azalea, Clean Bandit and Katy B. Now, she’s making a run for herself, and Rafii’s helping out with his flip of her single “Instinct.”

He brings a unique sounding future house remix to the table, fusing deep house and electro like few have done before him. The sound even translates well over to trapstyle, as is evident from the second drop which cuts time to shift the energy for eight measures. Rafii jumped on my radar quick with this single, and come to find out, his Soundcloud is stocked full of goodies. Check out the stream of his remix for “Instinct” here first, then dip on over to the cloud of sounds to see what else he’s published.

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[Chill] Atlas Bound – Landed on Mars (Feki Remix)

Atlas Bound
Landed On Mars (Feki Remix)

Atlas Bound‘s “Landed on Mars” is easily one of the strongest releases of the year–a go-to if you’re in need of something to soothe the soul. Naturally, the Sydney duo’s silky, stripped-down sound has lent itself to countless remixes but Feki may have just dropped the best yet with his take on the hit single. It’s a full re-imagination on which the Brisbane producer’s signature style, established on TMN-favorites like “Nothing Lasts Forever,” shines without losing site of the original’s emotional allure.

Feki crafts an airy atmosphere at first keeping the vocals in-tact while layering a high-pitched backing version to match the mood, adding a slightly playful element along the way. As the lush instrumentation picks up, a vocoded loop introduces a completely new facet to the song before the track hits a jazzy, piano-driven interlude once again taking advantage of the un-altered vocals. That break bridges perfectly back into a textured, percussive groove that culminates all the song’s moving parts into an overwhelmingly uplifting closing.

This tune’s the type to pick you up after a long day or week. Get lifted with Feki’s latest, which was released through the up ‘n coming LA-based label Next Wave Records, and grab a free download here.

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