Zedd ft. Jon Bellion – Beautiful Now (Halogen Remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

Zedd ft. Jon Bellion
Beautiful Now (Halogen Remix)

Atlanta-based producer/DJ duo Halogen just keeps churning out impressive remixes, and today is no different from what we’ve seen in the past. This time around, these two have dialed up an energetic remix of Zedd’s “Beautiful Now,” which features vocalist Jon Bellion.

Still progressive in nature, “Beautiful Now” is elevated with bouncier beat that we’ve come to know and love from these two. Vocal samples have been chopped and rearranged in the intro, providing intrigue from the get go. From there, we’re lead through a progression of high octane, soaring synths and a driving piano melody.

For us, we see this as being a dance club-ready interpretation, varying from the anthemic nature of the original. We also could easily see Zedd using this in his set, especially ones at smaller venues where the energy would serve his fans well.

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Bobby Nourmand – B E C A U S E [TMN PREMIERE]

coverart_because1c_HNFINAL2 (1)
Bobby Nourmand

1969 was a long time ago. It’s the weekend, so we’re not going to do the math, but all those years ago The Beatles created a song called “Because” that was released on the iconic Abbey Road album. Flash forward to now, and we have Bobby Nourmand turning out a dark, minimal re-imagining of the song that the ninjas are delivering to you before anyone else with this premiere.

Bobby comes to us from Los Angeles with an affinity for remixing classic hits from the likes of The Doors and the Rolling Stones. He keeps the ball rolling hard by creating a haunting production of “Because” that will have you feeling all sorts of goosebumps in the best way possible. Keep the frisson going by throwing this on repeat, just as we have, or download it for yourself without spending a penny!

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[House] Cheat Codes – Visions (Boehm Remix)

Cheat Codes
Visions (Boehm Remix)

Cheat Codes’ track “Visions” got a makeover from the Romanian producer Boehm, whose official remix was released by the Los Angeles trio. Tropical house isn’t something that us ninjas are die hards for, but with this track we have no complaints. Boehm does everything right, from the little things like vocal chopping to bigger things like manipulating the energy between phrases. Boehm always brings his own flavor to the style, and even though he takes a more traditional route with this remix, he hits a home run. Grab the new version of “Visions” now through iTunes if you want to add it to your digital library.

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[Future] Atlas Bound – Tell Me (Luca Lush Remix)


Luca Lush and the Alaya crew have been steadily churning out forwarding-thinking tunes for quite some time now.  Affiliated with names like Josh Pan and Feki, the productions of the ambitious collective have more or less served as the blueprint for aspiring new producers by touching on mainstays of the genre, while also pushing the envelope of creativity.

Luca Lush in particular has been exceptionally successful at giving the future twist to a variety of tunes, from the hugely popular “Money” by Lido, to SNBRN’s “Raindrops,” to my personal favorite, “No Type” by Rae Sremmurd.

His latest release is a take on the popular Atlas Bound slow-jam “Tell Me“. While the original is a slow, melodic, downtempo tune carried by the talented vocals of the Sydney duo, Luca’s remix gives new life to the release. In his attempt at showcasing the familiar tones of the genre, the remix doesn’t lose what made the original so popular – the stunningly smooth vocals. Luca’s rendition of “Tell Me” also incorporates an increasingly utilized sound, synth-brass, layered over aesthetically pleasing percussions.

Give this versatile and complex piece of music a listen, and download the track here.

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The Deep & Disco Dojo #3

Deeo & Disco Dojo

Summer’s right around the corner; for some of you, summer’s already started. On today’s Deep & Disco Dojo, we handpicked some of the hottest tracks to start your vacay right. This week’s episode features acts like RÆVE, SNBRN, Henry Krinkle, Alex Schulz and many more. Don’t miss out as these tunes could be your perfect companions while chilling at the beach or cruising down the highway.

Hot As You Want ft. Solomon Grey
Games (Henry Krinkle Remix)
Electric (ft. Erin Marshall)(Eau Claire Remix)
Boxed In
Mystery (Pat Lok Yukon Soul Mix)
Fetty Wap
Trap Queen (Figgy Remix)
Activate Me (SNBRN Remix)
Aint No Sunshine (Deep Chills Remix)
Betty Who
All Of You (RÆVE Future Remix)
Twenty (Original Mix)
The Chainsmokers Ft. Great Good Fine Ok
Let You Go (Kevin Miller Remix)
Alex Schulz
Mountains (Original)
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[Trap/Future] Post Malone – White Iverson (heRobust Remix)

Post Malone
White Iverson (BUSTED By Herobust)

Damn, we thought heRobust couldn’t get any better, but we were sorely mistaken. After hearing his new busted remix, this time of “White Iverson” by Post Malone, we were floored. Not only is it just a high quality record, but he manages to jump around the genre board like no other, infusing house, future and trap all in one fluid arrangement. If you ask any producer, that’s not the easiest thing to pull off. heRobust is known for his hybrid style, especially within his sets, but this takes things to a whole other level. “White Iverson” in its new form is climbing its way up to the top of our favorite tracks in a hurry. Have a listen for yourself and see just how high it can climb on your charts. Oh yeah, and he dropped it for free. Straight baller!

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[House] Claire – Games (Henry Krinkle Remix)

Games (Henry Krinkle Remix)

Henry Krinkle is well known for his beautifully constructed remixes, which seamlessly blend genres together and often out-do the original pieces themselves. Although the talented Estonian began producing under the Taxi Driver alias in 2012, the pinnacle of his notoriety came following the release of an original production, “Stay”, in 2014 – which currently has over 48 million plays. Coupled with remixes of Odesza and Cyril Hahn, Henry Krinkle has certainly proved to have staying power in the industry.

His latest release, a remix of Claire’s “Games,” is an old production from 2012 just now seeing the light of day. Games showcases the familiar and effective style of his previous hits, weaving a catchy, progressive, polysynth beat around the beautifully sung central lyric, “It’s alright as long as I can stay”. Krinkle’s uses of electronic percussions, alluringly repetitive vocals, and polyphonic structure in his songs are easily recognizable and certainly hold up against the most technical of scrutiny. The dynamic section from 3:10-4:50 is especially impressive.

Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to catch Krinkle on tour soon but, in the meantime, we hope that more productions will be released soon. If you love “Games” as much as we do, download it above, and check out his bandcamp here.

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