[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2014 Round #4)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaComplaining. We all do a lot of it. Probably enough to last us a lifetime and then some. So let’s try something different today. Let’s go a whole 24 hours without one complaint. Turn everything around with a positive twist and it might not be has hard as you think. To help serenade you through your challenge, we’ve got an Indie Dojo ready and waiting to throw a little sunshine and rainbows in your subconscious. Just remember, if you don’t like a song, don’t put that negativity out there. Either find something you like about it or change it and move on. No time wasted on something that can easily be changed…

Sylvan Nesso
Hey Mami
Fickle Friends
We Were Evergreen
Caitlin Park
Baby Teeth
Stay Bless
Im Afraid


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[NEW] Kid Cudi – Satellight Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon (Album)

KiD CuDi presents SATELLITE FLIGHT_ The journey to Mother Moon
Kid Cudi
Balmain Jeans (feat. Raphael Saadiq)
Kid Cudi
Too Bad I Have To Destroy You Now

In true ninja fashion, Kid Cudi just sneakily released his highly anticipated prequel to the next chapter of the MOTM series on iTunes. On first listen, Satellight Flight continues Cudi’s spacey, introspective and theatrical narrative all the while progressing his newfound production prowess with several lengthy instrumental portions. Don’t expect to hear much rapping from the moon man, but also keep in mind that this is more of a precursor to Man on the Moon Pt. 3 than a feature album in itself. From an artistic perspective, musicians like Kid Cudi deserve more respect than they receive for attempting to do something larger than just release a series of singles.

It is difficult not to think of Beyonce‘s spur-of-the-moment release as a catalyst for this kind of roll out. It will be exciting to see how this pans out and who else follows in Queen Bey’s footsteps.  Check out a couple tracks above and head over to iTunes to cop the whole project.

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[Funky] Big Boi – Objectum Shalamar (Feat. Phantogram)

Objectum Shalamar
Big Boi feat. Phantogram
Objectum Shalamar

While a new album from Outkast seems like nothing more than a pipe dream at this point, we can at least count on Big Boi to always deliver some quality material. For the fifth installment of his “Mashup Mondays” series, Sir Lucious Left Foot brings back the funk, with an 80’s inspired remix that blends the disco stylings of Shalamar‘s “A Night To Remember” with the Phantogram assisted single, “Objectum Sexuality.” The end result is a groovy revamp that may even trump the original. We’d even go so far as to say that this remix–along with its equally impressive visuals–is the best in the series so far. We’ve still got more four more entries to go though, before we can make a full judgment on that.

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[Chill/Dance] Syn Cole – Miami 82 (Kygo Remix)

Syn Cole
Miami 82 (Kygo Remix)

Norwegian chill and dance savante Kygo has yet to leave us desiring any more out of his remix productions since becoming aware of his slick electronic palate over a year ago. The young artist’s music flirts with an almost unthinkable line between creating an urge to move oneself around those sticky dance rhythms, while also evoking a pensive, relaxed listening trance depending on when and where his sound may catch its listener. Monday’s aren’t too bad when we’re privy to new tracks from our favorite artists, and the moment Kygo’s remix of Syn Cole‘s melodic single “Miami 82″ rolled through its first four bars, it was obviously going to be a great day. Those warm pads and electronic nuances bolster the original into something more intricate but also more accessible in the process, once again signaling the young beat maestro’s place near the top of burgeoning electronic talent in 2014. While not until June, Kygo is gearing up for a debut U.S. show at the astounding Webster Hall in NYC alongside Girls & Boys and Alex English, and for our friends in the Big Apple, we wanted to make sure you were ahead of the game, so grab your pre-sale tickets here to guarantee entry. Take a step into the peaceful and serene world of Kygo and delve into his remix of “Miami 82″ above… and did we mention that’s some of the more visually appealing track artwork we’ve seen for a while? Well it is.


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[Pop/Electronica] Lily Allen – Air Balloon (Digital Farm Animals Remix)

Air Balloon (Digital Farm Animals Remix)

It’s been a few months since we had a chance to check in and hear some new music from one of our favorite breakout artists of 2013, Digital Farm Animals, and behind a worthy individual debut EP Bugged Out, the London based electronic-pop artisan has admirably authored us up a first entry into the world of remixes by taking on bubbly pop vocalist Lily Allen and her newest single “Air Balloon”. If you’ve had a chance to weave your psyche into Digital Farm Animals’ production index, then the opening, dream-wavey synth line will serve as a comforting landmark amongst a sea of poppy percussion, while those vocals serve as the perfect vessel to progress the tune’s very catchy evolution. Just purely intoxicating stuff really. Digital Farm Animals’ remix of “Air Balloon” will come as part of Lily Allen’s congruently titled EP, which you can pre-order here and also features two remixes from Taiki & Nulight along with the original recording. Add a little funk-lean to your step this Monday and stream DFA’s revision above.

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COLOR WAR – SOS (Absofacto remix) [TMN PREMIERE]

SOS (Absofacto remix)

Brooklyn based electronica duo Color War is getting a Midwest treatment on their sultry tune “SOS,” by way of Ann Arbor born, Absofacto. The original song, off their forthcoming album It Could Only Be This Way (out March 4, 2014 via Four Horsemen Records), boasts a textured melody driven by 80’s style synths. Its deep, industrial feel definitely offered some unique opportunities to take the track in another direction via remix, which is exactly what Absofacto did.

Layering in rich atmospheric hiss, coupled with a groovy tempo, this interpretation still maintains enough of the dark, emotional vibe from the original. However, by adding in some clashing drum patterns, and some classic Absofacto synth work, we’re offered up a completely different look that’s presents a lush and dreamy soundscape for the listener

Between working with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and Hollow and Akimbo, we’re not sure how Absofacto had any free time to get this done. However, we’re certainly happy he took some time out of that busy schedule to knock out this beauty of a remix.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #73

chill dojo

In what sounds like a glorious clash between Cashmere Cat and Wave Racer, the intriguing young producer Kappa Kavi begins this week’s proceedings in the best way possible. ‘Yama – No – Kami’ is a hard one to describe, and that’s what makes it such a good listen. Hit play and let the oriental flare and pitch bending take over your ears for the next 5 minutes. And when that’s done, the candy continues with the best news all week, Ryan Hemsworth doing the remix duties on ‘Streamers’. Great things happen when friends come together, and if the result of this friendship is more amazing edits of each other’s work, then we are pretty damn happy it exists. We were spoilt for choice with incredible releases this week, and smooth Frenchman Darius absolutely took our breath away with the sultry delight of the Romance EP. Peep the three tracks we’ve featured below and it won’t take long for you to feel the same. ‘Hot Hands’ still has this listener very much under its spell. Ellie Goulding’s voice can often have the same effect, and when combined with the efforts of duo J-Art & Madan, it becomes a dangerously captivating weapon. Tropical tunes are always are winner with this dojo. They fuel our desire for that endless summer feeling, and this week the two Frenchman keep that flame burning bright. UK talent Maths Time Joy has been a common name in the playlist for a long time now, but ‘Atlantis’ is no doubt his biggest statement to date. It’s slow, soothing, spellbinding, and that’s just in the 40 seconds before the vocals kick in complete the whole experience. We are well and truly infatuated with this sound. Many feel the same way for that authentic hip hop sound, and Australian artist Coin Banks combines with a Vanilla beat to bring the vibes that only slick verses and chill production can create. ‘Hold on, We’re Going Home’ spawned a flood of covers in 2013, and none nailed it quite as well as that from duo ASTR. Not satisfied with merely enjoying their work on its own, Tim Gunter has sought to expand on the magic and weave his own special touch into the mix. The result is a track taken to the next level of chill, and that certainly had our attention.

It’s very hard to describe music that can mesmerize you with such intensity. Luckily, all you have to do is hit play. Peace out.

The Chill Dojo #73 zip

Kappa Kavi
Yama No Kami
Wave Racer
Streamers (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
Hot Hands
Ellie Goulding
How Long Will I Love You (J Art & Madan Remix)
Maths Time Joy
Coin Banks
THINK OF YOU Feat. Homeboy Sandman, Tom Scott, Anders and Vanilla
Hold On Were Going Home (Tim Gunter 808 Bootleg)
Zack the Lad
Make Me Move
In Paradisum
Make Your Mark
Lessons (Bearson Remix)
Years & Years
Real (Tobtok Remix)
Questions feat. Frances Rose
Disclosure X Sam Smith X Nile Rodgers X Jimmy Napes
Together (MooZ Remix)
Patrick Baker
Reckless Love (Paul Hardy & McKai Remake)
Love Inflation (feat. Janne Schra) (NSFW Remix)
Sophie Hunger
Le Vent Nous Portera (De Hofnar Edit)
London Grammar
Hey Now (Bassmelodie Deephouse Edit)
Johnny Stimson
Here We Go Again (Atlantic Connection Remix)
Rich Beatz x Fortune


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