[Dubstep] Excision – Ohhh Nooo (Lucky Date Remix)

Oakland-based producer Lucky Date is a seasoned EDM veteran, as both his remixes and originals never fail to disappoint. This includes his latest remix of Excision’s “Ohhh Nooo”, which is a scorching, blistering track that made its debut this past weekend at Electric Zoo in New York. What’s pleasantly surprising is that Lucky Date has departed from his electro/house roots and ventured into uncharted territory, and the results are brilliant. This remix and a slew of others can be heard on Excision’s just-released “X-Rated: The Remixes” on Mau5trap Records.

Excision - Ohhh Nooo (Lucky Date Remix)
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[Glitch-Hop/Electro/Dubstep] KOAN Sound – The Adventures of Mr. Fox EP

KOAN Sound, the Bristol based electronic duo, have been teasing us for the past week with snippets and streams of their forthcoming EP, The Adventures of Mr. Fox. Luckily, as of today, the wait is finally over. The Adventures of Mr. Fox, KOAN Sound’s sophomore release on OWSLA, consists of four original productions by the duo as well as three fantastic remixes from the likes of Opiuo, Reso and Neosignal.

After just one listen to this EP, one thing is evident, KOAN Sound are masterful producers and technicians. Their funk-infused style of glitch-hop and mid-tempo dubstep flaunts some of the most unique synths and groovy basslines in all of electronic music, and it seems only obvious that the last year has been a year well spent, developing and enhancing their signature sound. The EP is a mixture of glitch-hop and funky electro-dubstep tracks, which truly describe how diverse of a palette KOAN Sound and the other artists on this EP have grown to develop. One of my favorite tracks, “Eastern Thug” is a grimy glitch-hop tune loaded with crunchy synths and groovy bass. Another highlight of the EP are both “80s Fitness” and Reso’s remix of the tune. “80s Fitness” is a funk-filled tune packed with 80′s style synths and what sounds like a vocal sample straight from a session of Jazzercise. Reso’s interpretation maintains the atmosphere of the original but quickly throws in a heavy dose of syncopated wobbles, which adds a fresh electro-glitch feel to the track. All in all, The Adventure’s of Mr. Fox is an EP that speaks for itself. KOAN Sound are in a league of their own and if they continue to develop at this pace, there may be no way for anyone to catch up.

Give each track a listen and make sure to support the artists by purchasing the EP on Beatport here.

KOAN Sound
Sly Fox
KOAN Sound
Eastern Thug
KOAN Sound
80s Fitness
KOAN Sound
KOAN Sound
Sly Fox (Opiuo Remix)
KOAN Sound
80s Fitness (Reso Remix)
Eastern Thug (Neosignal Remix)
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[Fresh] No Doubt – Push and Shove (feat. Busy Signal & Major Lazer)

After a ten-year hiatus No Doubt is back on the airwaves and releasing genre-bending, reggae-inspired music once again, first with their pop radio-friendly “Settle Down” and now with the Major Lazer-produced “Push and Shove”. Gwen Stefani’s crisp, pleading vocals sound like no time has passed while the unexpected tempo change between the verse and chorus strangely works. It sounds like the old No Doubt but with a little updating and refreshment that only Major Lazer could effectively and effortlessly add. No Doubt’s full-length album of the same name drops September 25th on iTunes so pre-order it here. Enjoy!

No Doubt - Push and Shove (feat. Busy Signal, Major Lazer)
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[Hip-Hop] OCD: Moosh and Twist – Hold It Down

ocd moosh and twist

Moosh and Twist have been coming up in hip-hop the past year or so and damnit if this song isn’t their best so far. “Hold It Down” features a hard hitting beating that manages to maintain that “good feeling” through some string instrumentals throughout. Moosh and Twist both feature great verses that have you nodding your head unconsciously. Hell, the song has been stuck in my head for a few days now and I’m not mad about it. With it being on repeat, the most noticeable thing with OCD is how well their two different styles work within the same song.

“Hold It Down” is featured on OCD’s newest mixtape The Vestibule and I highly recommend picking it up or else you may not be invited to Music Ninja’s next club meeting.

OCD Moosh & Twist
Hold It Down
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[Indie] Generationals – Lucky Numbers

Too many times we may overlook a band because they don’t carry a trademark name. We browse over them like tacky book covers. Fortunately for you we keep our eye out for the newest and upcoming bands. Don’t pass on Generationals. Lend a listen to their new track, “Lucky Numbers”. It’s been about a year since their last full-length release, so this track is quite deserving of a warm reception. I love it when bands release one track here and there. And it sweetens the pot when the band is good — really good. Enjoy this summer-time jam-track by Generationals. It’s simple, but the clamoring banter of the synth elements dance around each other and get stuck in your brain in all the best ways.

Lucky Numbers

Their upcoming EP, Lucky Numbers, comes out October 2nd. They are on tour so scope tour dates here. And if you want more of their music, snag their 2011 release, Actor-Caster, available on CD and digital download.

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The Black Keys – Little Black Submarines (Official Video)


It seems most video’s from bands recently include a storyline that tries to mirror the lyrical vibe of the song, adding another dimension to it. When The Black Keys tried to get a storyline to fit track, nothing quite fit. Their Plan B ended up turning into a refreshing sight. Take a small dive bar, fill it with fans, and let the raw prowess of a live Black Keys performance be the focus. This video starts out carrying a heavy sense of nostalgia provoking the hay day of rock ‘n’ roll feelings. Your lust for those days supposedly past will soon be replaced once Dan Auerboch brings out that glorious Guild Thunderbird guitar.

The Akron, Ohio fellows take this opportunity to let all rock fans know that “the glory days” is a phrase that should be repeated every single day. Having crafted out a stunning track, doing a live video is just the perfect visual treament to do all 3 minutes 30 seconds of ”Little Black Submarines” justice. You can find this song off the recently released El Camino.

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[Album Preview] Uppermost – One

French electro and progressive house producer Uppermost is set to release “One” on September 10th on iTunes, but for the mean time you can listen to a nearly 12-minute preview on his Soundcloud. Gritty, bass-heavy electro reminiscent of Justice and Daft Punk  pepper an exciting musical landscape consisting of strong funk and disco influences. This distinctly French electro sound has seemingly been absent from recent electronic releases, so it is refreshing and exciting to hear something so inspired and artful. This is not an album to be missed, so pre-order your digital copy here.

Uppermost - One Album Preview
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