[Cover] Fade Into You – Mansions on the Moon (Mazzy Star Cover)

Fade Into You
Mazzy Star x Mansions On The Moon

Many times when something one loves from the past is brought up to the present day through another artist’s vision, it can leave that certain something feeling slightly tarnished or altogether compromised. So when we heard one of our favorite groups of the moment, Mansions on the Moon, took on the steep task of re-imagining  the folk meets drug induced psychedelia of Santa Monica’s Mazzy Star and their 1993 Top-40 crossover “Fade Into You” (another quintessential favorite of us Ninjas from the past) it was met with a slight air of skepticism. All of that superfluous reluctance, however, was easily subdued when the opening four chords of MotM’s stripped  down cover reverberated through our in-house monitors. Ted Wendler gives us his best Hope Sandoval impersonation, lightly pulling back on his typical soaring incantations in favor of a more restrained vocal style, and comes out on top of the defiant challenge. Gone is Mansions’ highly electronicized sound, instead favoring only one acoustic guitar for the majority of the tune until an enchanting climax is met with a shuffling shaker and serene back up vocal contributions. This all results in a moment that feels considerably bigger than it actually is. Let Mansions on the Moon’s cover of “Fade Into You”  take you back to your first middle school makeout session, and grab the free download above.

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[Fresh] Ben Khan – Savage

Ben Khan

With his rhythms running in the red, Ben Khan keeps his foot firmly to the floor with new track, “Savages”. Retaining his unique character, whilst dialling in a fresh intensity, “Savages” is perhaps Ben’s most ambitious track to date – an unnerving, idiosyncratic cut that showcases the young artist’s flair for the epic. There’s little to no information available about the elusive Londoner, but the vocal hooks on ‘Savage’ are more than enough to cement Ben on your ‘ones to watch’ list.

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[For The Love] Sam Smith – Money On My Mind

Money On My Mind

He does it for the love.

Sam Smith tells us in his latest song ‘Money On My Mind’ that he doesn’t do it for the money. While he isn’t specific about what exactly he doesn’t do, he makes it clear that love is the answer to every question, every reason, and every answer. The wonderful British vocalist captivates with his stunning, blues-like voice and vocals that immediately stick in your mind. And then let’s not forget the intoxicating soft electronic beat, filled with drums and snap sounds, yes those fingers will be snapping. Smith just reminds us that it isn’t money that should be on anyone’s mind, but love, pure and simple and gleaming in all its glory.

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[Indie] Kins – Opsimplistic

Opsimplistic (b-side)

Concocted during the bands debut album recording sessions, Brighton based Kins are delivering a pensive new track Opsimplistic: a flip side to the previously released Aimless.

Brimming with delicate atmospherics, Opsimplistic (b-side) depicts tales of late night bedroom loneliness, mirrored in its echoic soundscapes and reverberating the vastness of the coastal scenery in which it was crafted. Produced in a Brighton (UK) basement, the isolation of its self created context is evident in its harrowing and eloquently melodic sound.

Thematically, the expected exploration of optimism and simplicity are visible, alongside interwoven ideas of loss and dislocation. Encompassed in a yearning vocal and a slow burning instrumental backdrop, Kins manage to marry their motifs in a hybrid of concept, lyricism and sound.

Not for the inattentive, Kins contemplative and considered approach demands some room for resonance.

Opsimplistic is free to download on Soundcloud. It’s counterpart Aimless is taken from Kins self-titled debut album, available to stream on Soundcloud, or available to buy from iTunes.

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CVIRO – Faded (The Kite String Tangle) [TMN PREMIERE]

Faded (The Kite String Tangle Remix)

Some dudes just have that gift. You know the one we’re talking about. It’s that thing that is blessed to a child at birth, providing handsome looks and a gorgeous voice to only a minute part of the male population. All of the rest of the men across the world jealously look on at these gifted chaps, wishing we had a sliver of that talent. From JT to Usher, we’ve all secretly danced in our bathroom mirrors, owning that fantasy, if only for a brief moment.

CVIRO, while not as well known as the aforementioned artists, definitely has that combination going. With devilish good looks, and a full, thick head of illustrious hair, we’re already kind of on edge. However, once this soulful RnB crooner comes over the airwaves, all of our stresses are melted away.

With a golden voice like this, we of course expect remixers to nervously chomp their nails, waiting for a chance to throw them over some beats. Fortunately for them, CVIRO is already very rooted in electronica, making the process all that easier. Luckily for him, he has one of TMN’s favorites, The Kite String Tangle mixing up elements from “Faded.”

With fluttering piano keys, a deep, hallow kick, and crackling atmospheric elements, this Brisbane based solo project has taken a sultry soul tune and dialed it up with a slightly more dancy beat. The percussion is absolutely flawless, creating a rythym that just can’t be stopped. We would be remiss not to mention the the use of the original vocals, which float effortlessly with the larger than life strings section.

In a swirling mass of harmonic glory, The Kite String Tangle offers up a truly spectacular remix, which will most certainly be on repeat here at TMN HQ.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (Demember 2013 Round #1)




As the holidays fall upon us, the stress of finding the right gifts for our loved ones lingers over our heads and seeps into our wallets. If you’re looking for something cheap and meaningful, why not drop an Indie Dojo playlist in their lives? It’s free and gives the impression that it came right from your heart. And no matter if you are shopping for 1 or 50, we’ve got enough playlists for your sister’s cousins grandma’s best friend. Just head up to the menu bar at the top of this page, click “Playlists” —-> “Indie Dojo”, and you’ve got a bag full or goodies for all the little girls and boys.

World Dont Shine
Reilly Fitzalan
Your Stars
Jesse Davidson
Big Bois Gotta Eat
The Feathers
What If
Yourself In Peace
The Slavic Soul
Abram Shook
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[Rock] Glass Caves – Summer Lover EP


Whether their recent hype pays homage to the incessant and undeterred busking they’ve embarked upon, or is a testament to their melodic charm and indie swag; Glass Caves are making waves on the streets and stages of Northern England.

The pulsating and ardent energy they emit has captivated bypasses in York, England, for many a month. Recently they transferred their earnest efforts into a sold out local venue and delivered a startling performance to an electric home crowd.It’s this drive coupled with unarguable talent, that has seen Glass Caves cause a storm at both Leeds and Reading festivals. More recently they mesmerised crowds at notorious Northern venue: The Brudenell Social Club, which this year has seen the likes of Albert Hammond Jr, Yuck and The Raveonettes gracing its stage.

It’s on the crest of this buzz that Glass Caves present the title track, taken from their upcoming EP: Summer Lover. Here resides a stark reminder of Britpop past and anthemic classics, immersed in contemporary euphoria. Tight melodies meet their match in a soulful, controlled and yet considerably raw vocal. Their stringent and compact noise has cultivated comparisons from Fleet Foxes to live melodic extraordinaire’s Local Natives. Whilst embracing these resemblances Summer Lover also exudes the allurement of The Maccabees, circa Wall Of Arms, with its pacey, composed and energetic sound.

Whatever the parallels to come, here lies a band on the brink of bigger things. Quite simply, this track is nostalgia for the modern age. Believe the hype.

The EP Summer Lover is launched on the 9th of December. Title track is available online now!

Summer Lover
Glass Caves
Throw down The Pistol
Glass Caves
This Road
Glass Caves
Safety Man
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