[Rock] Wild Combination – Goodbye Drive

Wild Combination
Goodbye Drive

Back in June we had the pleasure of Wild Combination grace our ears with “Whole Lotta Truth.” Today we have the pleasure of bringing you their latest release, “Goodbye Drive.” Long gone are the poppy, warm weather vibes and in their stead we find driving guitar riffs and ominous at time vocals. While the band still maintains their infectious pop structure, but their sound is rich with a certain maturity that we’re used to hearing from bands like Silversun Pickups.

This track is going to be a free download available on their website as of…oh, right now. :)

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[Debut Album] Brice Fox – Okay, Hello.

Brice Fox

Debut albums are always nerve racking for an artist to put out into the world.

So many questions they ask themselves and the biggest would probably be, are people going to like the album, fans and critics alike?

In my email pops up the newly released debut album of Brice Fox called “Okay, Hello”. Brice is one of those classic singer boys who started putting together boy band groups when he was in high school. Then he attended Indiana University and did it again, forming a pop/rock group that eventually split up. And as many good boy band stories go, Fox and his smooth, Midwest voice took his talents to Los Angeles. Fast forward to today and he has released his 8-track album full of a lot of heart and soul. He has some great songs featuring Matty Rico such as “Sweet Serenity” and “Incredible”, two songs that have a jazzy feel. Fox has a sexy, yes sexy voice for such a young age. He can hit the high notes and take his voice down to the slow melodies. My favorite song is probably “Sweet As It Ever Was”, which is a song bursting with sweet emotions. Fox has a voice that could take him down many different roads, but starting his career with this debut album was the right road to go down first.

Sweet Serenity (feat. Matty Rico)
Brice Fox
Hold You
Brice Fox
Incredible (feat. Matty Rico)
Brice Fox
Sexy Ladies (feat. Marty Gierczyk)
Brice Fox
Aye (feat. Matty Rico)
Brice Fox
Sing You To Sleep
Brice Fox
Sweet As It Ever Was
Brice Fox
Cant You See
Brice Fox
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[Show Preview] Wildlife Control – Wild Animal Sanctuary 7/20

Wildlife Control
Analog or Digital

What? Huh? Wildlife Control the indie rock band is playing at a show held by the Wildlife Animal Sanctuary out in Keenesburg, Colorado? Yep. That’s definitely the case this Saturday and we couldn’t be more excited.

Aside from the coincidental amusing name combination, this is actually a really cool experience. We recently teamed up with the Wildlife Sanctuary in Keenesberg (30 miles NW of Downtown Denver) to offer some help with their summer concert series. This series is designed to raises awareness and funding for this amazing non-profit. You may have seen the sanctuary on the news in past years, as they have rescued animals from all over the world in all different types of situations. It’s a 720 acre refuge, which is home to 51 lions, 70 tigers, 92 bears and other large carnivores that have been rescued from illegal or abusive situations. Pretty rad, right?

Not only is Wildlife Control playing this 100% free event, but there’s also two other supporting artists. Over Soul’d and Rocky Mountain Brassworks will be taking the stage in the earlier part of the day, and are sure to put on a good show.

While this is a really busy weekend here in Denver with the UMS and Global Dance Festival, we encourage you to check out Rock Into the Wild. The show starts at 3pm which means you can watch all three bands and still make it out for whatever Saturday night endeavors you have planned.

For more information head to Rock Into the Wild’s website.

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[Indietronica] Call Me Señor – Begging for Trouble EP


Whatever you want to call it is fine with us. Whether it’s electro rock, indietronica or dance punk, Call me Señor is a god damn good time to listen to. These Parisian amis have a wildly infectious sound with their catchy guitar riffs and bigger than life, buzzing electro synths.

The title track for the EP, “Begging for Trouble” is a perfect example of how rock and electro can fuse together creating the perfect dance tune. No “four to the floor” beat needed here. This will get any ass moving. Take a listen. This track flirts with comparisons to Phoenix and Two Door Cinema Club with ease, providing head shaking rhythms, hand claps, and playful guitar riffs.

Once you’re able to stop listening to that track, move on to the rest. None of them will disappoint.

Call me Señor
Begging For Trouble
Call Me Señor
Call Me Señor
Call Me Señor
We Get by
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[Indie] Swim Deep – Crush

Swim Deep

Just in case you were running short on laid-back summer jams, U.K. natives and ninja favorites, Swim Deep, have you covered. Their latest track, “Crush,” floats, as much of their music, in dreaminess with soothing vocals and makes the perfect anthem for summer love.

“Crush” will be a bonus track available exclusively on iTunes with their upcoming debut album, “Where in the Heaven Are We,” which is set to be released August 5th. Enjoy this relaxing track!

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[Indie Rock] Sundara Karma – Freshbloom

Sundara Karma

It’s always a tough pill to swallow when a group of young chaps come along and do something great. I have to admit that when I was 17, I was up to absolutely no good. These fellas from Reading, England have a well crafted sound and aren’t even old enough to buy a pack of smokes (in the US at least). None the less, they’ve already displayed an articulate maturity in their sound with well crafted lyrics, playful guitars, and a summer time progression that begs to have you sing along.

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[Indie] AOSOON – Under

What Is This About

Britain based duo AOSOON has an endearing sound in their track “Under.” The thoughtfully crafted lyrics sung through the heartwarming London accent of lead singer Marisa Hylton (who is also playing guitar) resonate instantly. This is one of those tracks that you hear and instantly feel emotion within the first thirty seconds. That’s damn impressive.

This duo, comprised of Hylton and Manny Folorunso, have truly created A Lot Of Something Out of Nothing (AOSOON) by crafting this tune from nothing more than their god given talents. After only playing together for over a year, they have managed to generate quite a buzz through their debut single “Skinny Strong,” which tickled the fancy of DJ Target on his “100% Homegrown Show”.

“Under” will be due out on their first EP, “What Is This About”, is due out Thursday on their Soundcloud as a free download. So, it’s true when they say the best things in life are free.

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