[Folking Amazing] Opus Orange x Emy Reynolds – If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out

If You Want To Sing Out Sing Out

If there’s one thing this blogger loves, it’s a great cover. If there’s one thing this blogger loves even more, it’s a folk cover. In a collaborative effort between Santa Monica folk rockers Opus Orange and Ojai based Emy Reynolds, we’re offered up a lovely cover of Cat Steven’s “If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out.”

The original sing along nature of the song is maintained in this campfire appropriate interpretation. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

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[Indie] Bad Suns – Salt

artworks-000064908862-m3t3sf-original (1)
Bad Suns

We’re anxiously awaiting January 21st. While we always look forward to every “new music Tuesday,” this particular Tuesday has us in a twitter. Yes, California based indie pop outfit Bad Suns have their new EP, Transpose, dropping that day, and we couldn’t be more excited.

In a joyous association of Paul Simon, this Vagrant Records signed group presents a playful arrangement of tropical style drums accompanied by impressive guitar riffs and the lead singer’s fluxuating vocal tones. It’s one of those tunes that wish summer wasn’t a season, but a way of life. Even though the forecast calls for snow in Denver tonight, we’ll be dancing around in our flip flops to this one.

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[Folk Rock] Eli Stone – Cry Evergreen

This is Eli Stone

In a joyous culmination of vocal harmonies, guitar rhythms, understated drumming and playful lead riffs, Eli Stone has us with our elbows on the table, quietly expecting to hear more. Unfortunately, there’s just this one track. Yes, “Evergreen,” is more than enough to capture any indie rock lover’s ear, but they’ll have to wait with bated breath to hear more.

We’d normally love to tell you more about an artist, providing information like where they’re from, when their album is due out or what inspired their tune, but we have none of that. All we have is head swaying indie rock, and that will have to keep you at bay until we uncover more about this surf rock inspired folk rock group.

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[Double Trouble] Lincoln Jesser – Tops/Something Right

I’m just trying to have some fun.

Simply put and musically articulated. This statement, from LA based Licoln Jesser’s facebook page, sums up what you can expect to hear through his musical exploration.

Word on the street is, Jesser has an EP coming out on an undisclosed label this year. While we don’t have much more information than that, we can assure you that these two tracks will be included. First up in this dastardly duo of infectious indie pop is “Tops.” With light hearted snaps separating soaring synths and a funky bassline, Jesser has created a catchy tune that’s worthy of late nights, winding down after a night after the bars.

In a slightly more upbeat nature, “Something Right,” has a classic 80’s pop feel, boasting Jesser’s downplayed vocals. The beat is dancy, finding itself in compliment to the myriad of synthesizers.

After these first two tunes, we’re admittedly anxious to hear the rest of this upcoming EP. Make sure you keep an eye out. This one will be one not to miss.

Something Right
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[NEW] Vampire Weekend – Step (Wintertime Remix) (Feat. Danny Brown, Heems & Despot)

Vampire Weekend
Step (Wintertime Remix) (Feat. Danny Brown, Heems & Despot)

With every new year comes new expectations, but there’s no way we could’ve ever seen this coming. After putting out one of the best albums of 2013, Vampire Weekend are back with a “Wintertime Remix” to their remarkable single, “Step,” bringing along Danny Brown, Heems and Despot for the ride. The beat remains relatively unaltered, yet all three emcees fit in gracefully over the tranquil indie rock ballad, making this one of the best cross genre efforts we’ve heard in quite awhile. One day in, and 2014 already looks like a bright year for music. Check out the stream above, and make it your resolution to grab a free download as well.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (December 2013 Round #5)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaWell, here it is. The last Indie Dojo of the year. Another 260+ indie bands are patiently waiting to be discovered in 2014. See you in the future..

The Lovely Sparrows
While Sailing
Message to Bears
The Belligerents
Ghost VS
Tree Song
Control Me (ft. American Folly)
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TNERTLE – Way To Grow – (Tnertle x Passion Pit x Lucius x Gentlemen Hall x KING x Sydney Wayser)

Way To Grow
(Tnertle x Passion Pit x Lucius x Gentlemen Hall x KING x Sydney Wayser)

Colorado based electronic hip hop producer duo TNERTLE is back at it again. If you’re not familiar with this self-proclaimed “samptronic” outfit, you will be after today. We’ve been long time fans of this Mile High City musicians for quite some time, posting pretty much everything they does.

Their style is infectious, meticulously sampling and infusing jazz, electronica and hip hop elements to create a sound that we just can seem to get enough of. Today we’re featuring a tune that exemplifies this. “Way To Grow” is a playful collage of samples from their friends at Berklee School of Music who are on the up and up. Including bits and pieces from the likes of Passion Pit, Lucius, King, Gentlemen Hall and Syndney Wayser, it’s a well thought out homage.

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