Marika Hackman [TMN Resident Artist for February]

Marika Hackman by Pip for Dirty Hit Records
Marika Hackman ft. Sivu

We’ve been featuring some top notch artists over the past year. From Thomas Gold to Martin Garrix, some very well known names have had their pictures up on the walls of our Residency page, proudly holding a place in TMN infamy. Today we’re excited to bring you one of our favorite artists as of late, bringing an entire new look and feel to what we’ve been doing.

Marika Hackman has captivated our hearts and ears with releases like “Cinnamon,” “Wolf,” and our all time favorite, “Bath is Black.’ Hailing from Selbourne, Hampshire, this quirky, yet lovable youngster is not only the first non-dance music Resident Artist on TMN, she’s also the first female Resident Artist we’ve had.

Her style is unique, meticulously fusing hazy, and often ominous soundscapes. Her woefully soft vocal range is something darkly comforting, providing listeners with a unexpected consolation. Often backed by psychedelic folk strumming, her sound uniquely goes against the grain of pop music, while still embracing a welcoming familiarity that allows the listener to connect in the same way they would with their favorite pop tunes.

As much as we could say about the depth of this young musician’s artistry, we’d rather let a full month of features do the talking. So sit back, and enjoy four weeks of our first female Resident Artist.

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[Electro Soul] Jungle – Lucky I Got What I Want

Lucky I Got What I Want

It’s better late than never. Truer words could be said as we listen to this glorious electro soul tune from Jungle. This crafty duo released “Lucky I Got What I Want” four months ago, and we somehow missed it. After listening to the layered atmospheric elements, draped over a luscious, repetitious beat, we were instantly pissed we went four months without hearing this.

So, we’re sorry that we let you down, but hopefully we redeemed ourselves after posting this delightfully soulful tune.

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[Indie Rock] Circa Waves – Stuck in My Teeth

artworks-000070468214-p651iz-original (1)
Stuck In My Teeth

Who wants to grab the surfboards and hop in the car? While we wish we could do that right now, we’re a bit landlocked in snowy Colorado. However, we’ll definitely be throwing this on in the car ride up to the mountains. This upbeat indie rock from Liverpool act Circa Waves will provide ample good feels to get shreddy to.

Even though we enjoy the snow out here in the Rocky Mountains, most of us are secretly counting the days till those sweet, sunny rays hit our foreheads. “Stuck in My Teeth,” has that playful, upbeat indie rock vibe that begs to be played as you celebrate life in the summer months. The engaging melodic riffs flirt in and out with the lead singer’s voice, giving us the warm-n-fuzzies we heard while listening to acts like Arctic Monkeys or The Kooks.

If this head-swaying tune wasn’t enough, this infectious quartet were just announced as part of the forthcoming NME Awards Tour alongside Interpol, Temples and Royal Blood.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for these cats. We promise this won’t be the last you hear of them.

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[Indie] Fé – Turn Your Light On

Turn Your Light On

As 2013’s British summertime drew to a close, here at The Music Ninja we gave our first accolade to London duo and the burning summer song that was their accomplished debut. It seems that amidst the melancholic months, Fé have curated another piece of pathetic fallacy: the perfect seasonal soundtrack to accompany those wet winter blues.

“Turn Your Light On” swags with all the attributes of a euphoric anthem, but rather than reaching climax, it simmers in a demure and slow burning fashion. Consistently paced and beautifully spacious, a dulcet and impassioned tone overlays the unremitting melody that comes to fruition, rather than explodes, in the closing moments. Visceral vocals convey melancholia with convincing certainty, whilst the minimalist route allows “Turn Your Light On” to become both familiar and accessible after the first listen.

Fé’s enthusiasm for brightening and busking the underground carriages of London has cultivated a confidence quite evident in the fluidity and effortless nature of their work. Void of all exasperation and fraught effort, Fé conduct a meticulous lesson in the art of how to sound like you’ve made five albums already. Congrats.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (February 2014 Round #2)

indie-dojo-music-ninjaValentine’s Day. Love it, hate it or don’t give a flying rat’s ass. Whatever category you fall in, we’ve got something for you. A well thought out gift for your crush, a soundtrack to sit and wallow in your sorrows, or just a regular old playlist for your regular, non-hallmark created day. Enjoy.

Faces On Film
The Rule
Wolf Collage
Francis Lung
A Selfish Man
Ages and Ages
Divisionary (Do The Right Thing)
Andy Fitts
Start Cutting
Owsey, Resotone & Jernalism
Sometimes It Would Stop Raining Long Enough For The Stars To Come Out
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Camcorder – Push You Away [TMN PREMIERE]

artworks-000069207550-dabws9-original (1)
Push You Away

Hailing from Texas, now settled into the City of Angels, this dream pop three piece formed in 2012. Born out of a friendship between members Christian Leguilloux, Zac Casler and Kris Morris, this experiment from a tiny, unventilated rehearsal space in North Hollywood, churned out something quite spectacular.

After their debut EP, Summer Kills, released that December, this ensemble recently enlisted The Lonely Wild drummer Edward Cerecedes, and Kid Cadaver producer Frankie Siragusa to engineer and mix the recordings for their upcoming album, Presence.

Dropping today on The Music Ninja, “Push You Away,” is the first released track, featuring a delightfully familiar sound. Fusing a energetic blend of 90’s indie rock and shoegazey brit-pop, this fast-paced pop tune will have you singing along in no time. With frenetic guitar work and splashy cymbals, we’re already bookmarking this for our next beach party. That might not be for another six months, but we’ll have it ready when that time comes.

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Sam Brookes – James [TMN VIDEO PREMIERE]

Sam Brookes
James (Folk Radio UK Session)
After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world. – Phillip Pullman

A truer quote couldn’t adorn a post about Sam Brookes. This uprising member of a flourishing acoustic music scene in the UK has a beautiful familiarity that soothes you to the very core. Telling stories that are intently easy to relate to, listeners are taken for a ride with each thoughtfully crafted lyric. One would have a difficult time not being carried away, Brooke’s voice gleefully crawling under their skin along the way.

One of the songs due off his upcoming album (out March 17th) is an uplifting ballad, worthy of the most intimate moments with a loved one. Harnessing articulate simplicity, “James” is backed with a lackadaisical strum and meticulous finger picking. Poetical verses find solace with the pacifying tone of Brooke’s voice, effortlessly creating a warm and comfortable experience for the listener.

Below you’ll find the music video for “James.” Displaying two young friends adventuring through the forest, it furthers the familiarity of the song, creating a visualized representation of nostalgic camaraderie.

Brookes will self-release his new album ‘Kairos’ on March, 17th. The release is funded by his fans through Pledge Music, and associated with a full touring schedule of headline shows, following a UK tour support for Newton Faulkner in February.

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