Noosa – Love [TMN PREMIERE]


Photo Credit: Myles Pettengill

The next track we have for you on the Wonderland LP is “Love”. The fact that this record is titled “Love” will give you a bit of insight on what Noosa puts in to their music. As always, Sky’s lyrics have a soul piercing manner to them and Mickey Valen’s composition backs the track up perfectly. Within seconds of turning on “Love” I was hooked, and we’re positive you will be as well! The percussion really keeps the energy rising throughout the record, and the luscious harmonies in the background fill in the spaces to create an all around exquisite track.

Stay checking back with The Music Ninja for the next track from the Wonderland LP!

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Archis – Blood [TMN PREMIERE]


It seems like with the overwhelming accessibility the internet brings to musicians across the globe, we’re seeing artists create music that they want to, rather than what the labels want them to. The ability to get these songs to the masses is easier than ever, making the backing of a label something that is helpful, but certainly not necessary.

Dia Frampton has tried going the label route, and she’s done with it. After years of Meg and Dia and some additional side projects that stemmed from her time of the Voice, she’s ready to make what she wants to make. Teaming up with composer/film scorer Joseph Trapanese (Tron, Oblivion), they’ve created a cinematic musical journey that is anything but pop music.

We had a chance to speak with Dia for a few minutes to ask her about this project. Check out what she had to say about Archis.

TMN: Hi Dia. Thank you for taking a minute to chat with us. Talk to us a little bit about your new project.

Dia: Archris is an entirely new project. This is the first track to intro the new EP. I’ve been writing with so many people in LA and working with so many different producers, and I got a little burnt out. I called up my friend Joe and I said “I really want to make a new EP. It’s been 3 years since my last release, and I really want to do something special. Are you interested?”

This is a project between Joseph Trapanese and myself. To tell you a little bit about him, he’s not a pop producer. He’s a composer.

TMN: He does film scoring, correct?

Dia: Yeah, he did TRON with Daft Punk and Oblivian with M83. I said I wanted to have that feel to a movie…I want it to have that climax. I want it to have those moments where the music says something for you as well. It didn’t have to be as busy as a pop song with so much production. Joe is so good at just putting in what needs to be there, not adding in stuff.

One thing I love about this EP is that so much of it is done live. It’s so amazing to have an EP that has so many souls in it. It was so cool to watch a nine piece string session go on! We got a live harp player in there. A lot of the album is live, and in this day in age, it’s hard to get live strings and brass on a record. We wanted it to be it’s own thing.

I had been so used to people saying, “we can’t do that because it won’t get on the radio.” Joe never says that. In fact, he usually takes it over the top.

It was great to make this with someone who is basically family to me. He’s such a close, close friend.

TMN: Talk to us about ‘Blood’ in particular.

Dia: This song is very personal. I wrote it on my own, in my room at a not so good time in my life. It’s really special. It’s like producing a diary entry. This whole EP is an adventure, but it’s also going through some changes. I always had a problem with the pop world because I would be writing, or going in to talk to a producer and I would always hear, “the girls want to hear about strength and girl power.”

I always wanted to sing about sad stuff, or painful things, or being afraid. They never wanted me to write about that. I believe in strength, but I believe in vulnerability. I’m a very vulnerable person. There’s things that have happened in my life that have just caused change and I’m never the person who has been super optimistic about it.

It’s about overcoming something but not coming out on the other end looking like Beyonce. It’s about coming out and having those dark sides with you that you endured along the way.

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Noosa – Clocktower [TMN PREMIERE]


Photo Credit: Myles Pettengill

Earlier today, we premiered Noosa’s first track off of her new album, Wonderland. If you missed the boat, you can check it out and read up on how we’re premiering the entire album, song by song.

After you’re done with that, feel free to dig into a much deeper, brooding lyrics from this now LA-based vocalist. While the last tune brimmed with whimsy, “Clocktower” is obviously tied to a serious life event. Her luscious vocals definitively add tremendous depth to this tune, providing something that’s inherently intense and personal.

Producer Mickey Valen adds to the haunting pensive lyrics with a rich background of light, trembling synths and a powerful section of strings.

After two songs we’ve now seen two completely different sides to Wonderland. Check back in tomorrow to see what’s on tap.

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[Chill/House] The 1975 – You (Sebastian Carter Edition)

The 1975
You (Sebastian Carter Edition)

It really is one of our happiest sights when two artists whom we both deeply admire come together beautifully through a collaboration, edit or remix. Honestly it’s like a match made in blogosphere heaven. Which is exactly how Sebastian Carter’s (whose name by now our readers should be familiar with) remix of The 1975‘s “You” plays to us. While we can only loosely tag Carter’s textured electronic compositions as house based on their structural backbone of a four-four kick and melodious, typically soulful vocals; every other blip, sequence and arpeggio are uniquely his own. Here, Carter takes the slick indie rock and pop of Manchester based quartet The 1975 and slightly contorts their sound within his expansive musical frame of mind to fit perfectly together. The droning, reverb soaked guitar pushes this version off the ground softly before a simple four-chord progression sweeps across; bolstered by a spacy synth and muted kick-drum. Again, Sebastian Carter reveals another layer of production psyche and a musical maturity lightyears beyond his 19 years would suggest all in the span of 5 minutes. Not to mention it can be snagged as a free download so go ahead and have a track on us. And those boys from The 1975 sure are dreamy…

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Young Rising Sons – High [TMN PREMIERE]

Young Rising Sons

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times – there’s nothing I love more than premiering a debut track from a band. There’s just something overwhelmingly enticing about getting to break them into the blogosphere. Today, we’re especially excited to bring you this ever so infectious indie-pop act from Red Bank, New Jersey.

This four piece rock outfit has obviously stirred up some buzz for themselves through touring, as they’ve already amassed close to a thousand likes on facebook. Regardless of which, this is their debut track on the internet and it’s a pretty damn good one.

“High” is a catchy as hell indie thrill ride that will have you checking your TV to see if there’s an Apple commercial on. It has everything you would want from an indie pop song, providing playful whistling, booming drums and charging vocal harmonies that carry the listener through memorable choruses. Couple that with the lighthearted vocal range and inflections from the lead singer, and you pretty much have the recipe for an indie rock chart topper.

Get ready, blogosphere. Young Rising Sons are here, and they’re ready to make you sing along. Don’t try to fight it. You won’t be able to.

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (May 2014 Round #2)

indie-dojo-music-ninja The future is unpredictable. Pretty much anything can happen at any time of the day. And as much as we try to predict the weather, sometimes an unexpected wind storm is thrown our way. Except for the Indie Dojo. It is pretty safe to say you can predict a new list of songs, every week, right here, way into the future. What the songs may be might be the wind storm, but at least you sorta kinda know what you getting yourself into.

’Compny – Begging Me To Come Back’
’Run Things – Dumb In The Sun’
’Mt Warning – Midnight Dawn’
’Tony Blaize – These Sides’
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The Griswolds – Beware the Dog [TMN PREMIERE]

The Griswolds
Beware the Dog

It may be 38 degrees and snowing, but my mind is completely focused on summer. While a lot of it stems out of my complete discontent for the current weather, it also helps that I’m listening to one of my favorite warm-weather bands, The Griswolds.

Coming out of Sydney, Australia, this infectious four piece caught our ear not too long ago with their last EP, Heart of a Lion. Today we’re excited to bring you a first listen at their latest song, ‘Beware the Dog.’ While the song has a light and tropical sound, the lyrics are actually quite somber. When asked about their meaning, lead singer Christopher Whitehall had this to say:

This is the first song Dan and I ever wrote together. It’s about losing someone we were really close with to heavy drug use. ‘Beware the Dog’ is about that journey – the good and the bad times.

The song still has that upbeat, trop-pop appeal that these guys have come to be known for. Even though the meaning of the song might be a bit dark, it’s impossible to not sing along. I especially belted out “She used to suck the life out of me…but now you’re fucking crazy,” as that may or may have not reminded me of an ex. Ok, it totally reminded me of an ex.

All kidding aside, these guys are on their way to great things. They’re currently putting the finishing touches on their highly anticipated debut album, whom Tony Hoffer (M83, Phoenix, Beck) helped out with. They also finished up touring with St. Lucia in Australia (a show which we would have killed to see), and are set to play a few shows here in the states, including Bonnaroo. Check the tour dates below to see if they’re coming to your neck of the woods.

6/13/14 to 6/15/14 – Bonnaroo – Manchester, TN
6/17/14 –Great Scott – Allston, MA – w/Gemini Club
6/18/14 – Rough Trade – Brooklyn, NY – w/Gemini Club
6/19/14 to 6/22/14 – Firefly – Dover, DE
6/19/14 – Black Cat Backstage – Washington, DC – w/Gemini Club
6/20/14 – Boot and Saddle – Philadelphia, PA – w/Gemini Club
6/24/14 – Brillobox – Pittsburgh, PA – w/Gemini Club
6/25/14 – Grog Shop – Cleveland Heights, OH – w/Gemini Club
6/27/14 – DO 317 – Indianapolis, IN – w/Gemini Club

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