Astronauts, etc.

After wowing us with his Super Melodic Pulp EP last year, Anthony Ferraro, aka Astronauts, etc. is back with some new, icy … Continue reading »

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Vampire Weekend – Step

Vampire Weekend

Yesterday we brought you Vampire Weekend‘s “Diane Young” — a slightly different twist (though still inventively awesome) on what we’ve come to expect from the New York outfit. Today, we feature another new song called “Step”, which should sound more familiar to the ears of those longtime VW fans, as it does hearken back more to both the Contra and self-titled LPs days. If these two songs are any indication of the rest of their forthcoming album, Modern Vampires Of The City, then we’re in for quite a good collection of forward-thinking music that’s still somewhat grounded in Vampire’s successful tradition. Listen to the track and also peep its official lyric video below.

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city and colour - of song and time
of space and time

Dallas Green, formerly the frontman of screamo/emo band Alexisonfire, is back with his fourth studio album, The Hurry and The Harm, under the folkier moniker … Continue reading »

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Cris Cab

Finding his Heaven outside of the lovely Spring shores of Miami, Cris Cab takes his next single to a deserted canyon to set the … Continue reading »

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[MP3 Playlist] Indie Dojo (March 2013 Round #3)

When you do the same thing everyday, i.e. drag yourself out of bed and into work, it’s becomes way too easy to completely transform into a zombie. Want some “How To Kill A Zombie” advice that you probably haven’t heard before?…..Slice that mundane shit with a ninja sword and put a little Indie Dojo up in your life. It’s a life saver at the click of a button…

The Analog Affair
We Were Lovers
Sleepy Tea
Make Believe
Port Isla
Sinking Ship
Steady Sun
Womans Hour
To The End



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[Stream] Vampire Weekend – Diane Young

vampire weekend
Vampire Weekend
Diane Young

Vampire Weekend will make their triumphant return on May 7th when they release their third album, Modern Vampires Of The City. Though that moment’s still more than a month away, the New York band has revealed one of its new tracks called “Diane Young”. It’s hyper, bouncy, overflowing with this kind of pure power-pop that never seems to settle down or take a breath — and it’s pretty damn good. It’s still very much Vampire Weekend territory, but updated if that makes any sense. It’s more refined, but also more creative. Also, don’t be surprised to hear Mr. Ezra Koenig unleash some “old soul” depth, too! Tune in.

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Evil Friends

Portugal. The Man has returned to the music scene with two things: a brand new single and Danger Mouse as the producer for their upcoming … Continue reading »

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