[Interview] TMN Chats It Up With Yeah Boy

Yeah Boy
Can't Get Enough

So rarely does a music project debut as a fully developed and functioning artistic medium, but when they do, it is especially easy for us here at TMN to take notice. Such was the case with the side project of Parachute Youth’s Johnny Castro; Yeah Boy, and his electronically textured debut single “Can’t Get Enough”, which dropped back in August. This one, due out October 6 on Baked Goods, follows the path of a funky, feel-good Summer groover, but is awash in elements from a multitude of genres. A flitty electric guitar, which wouldn’t be out of place on an 80’s funk record tones the tune, while a beatific melody ties together a reverb soaked vocal track, deep synth work and housey piano licks. The resulting product was a sound we just couldn’t get out of our heads, and one which warranted some probing for more information from the largely mysterious Yeah Boy.

We had the opportunity to dig a little deeper into the psyche of Johnny Castro and his music project(s), finding out what is on the horizon musically in the coming months, what his recording process has been like, Daft Punk, Pink Floyd concerts and a whole bunch more. Check out the entire transcript below:

We imagine that your two-piece Parachute Youth takes up quite a bit of free time. What was the deciding factor in sort of breaking away for a bit to focus on your solo work with Yeah Boy?

I think it was simply wanting to write something different and having a completely different approach in my songwriting. I’m loving going back to my roots and writing/singing more soulful/funky vibes and its something you need to explore on your own I think when you have a band with a completely different sound.

What sound differentiations are you able to focus on with Yeah Boy that might not have gone over as well with Parachute Youth?

I think going more hip hop/soulful, which is where I started in the first place. Parachute Youth has a distinct sound and we push that sound to define who we are as a band, I’m ready to do the same with Yeah Boy, which explores my inner love for experimental hip hop/soul.

With basically only one single out at this time, can you enlighten us a little more about your forthcoming EP, such as title, release date, etc. Will most of the material be in the same instrumental vein as “Can’t Get Enough” or have you been playing with all different types of sounds?

There’s going to be some changes of course! ‘Can’t Get Enough’ was a great door opener and showed that I do love writing something very different than usual that can still come across as a pop record. I’ll be working with different artists for this EP also to explore the true potential of Yeah Boy and where I want to go with it. It’s still early days but expect a cool EP :)

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[Indie] WE ARE TWIN – Hold On We’re Going Home (Drake Cover)

Hold On We're Going Home (Drake Cover)

A month ago we featured LA based pop duo, WE ARE TWIN, with their powerful catchy summertime anthem, “The Way We Touch.” This time around we’re getting another taste of vocalist Gabi Christine’s unique tone. With her classic, soulfully sung words charging in harmony with Nicolas Balachandran’s guitar work, this take on Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home” has a boisterous personality of it’s own.

The band continues to develop a sound rich with a classic Americana vibe that’s immediately relatable and infectious. Make sure to keep an eye on them.

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[TMN Artist Feature] Introducing DJ AA + Exclusive Guest Mixes


The Music Ninja: DJ AA Guest Mix (Deep House)
The Music Ninja: DJ AA Guest Mix (Downtempo)

Frequent followers of the Chill Dojo will have seen the name of DJ AA popping up a lot recently, and for good reason. After his sensational bootleg of No Diggity and Bondax charmed us with its soulful style, his brand of super chill edits have been a regular feature in the weekly playlist. As downtempo production continues to evolve and audiences begin to crave these sounds more and more, he’s shown he’s got quite a good ear for quality chill music, and that’s something we can definitely dig. He’s put together two exclusive mixes for The Music Ninja to prove just that, so hit that play button and read on below as we formerly introduce you to DJ AA.

TMN: Let’s kick things off with a bit of an intro, tell me a bit about growing up in your home town and early music influences.

AA: Growing up in Oman in the Middle East I was always surrounded by unbelievable nature from beach to mountains to sand dunes, we have it all. I have always been obsessed with all kinds of music but it wasn’t till around 2003 when a good friend of mine exposed me to house music and everything changed. Songs like ‘Madan’ (Martin Solveig), ‘Summer Moon’ (Africanism) & ‘Your Body’ (Tom Novy) made me want to become a better DJ.

TMN: What were you doing before music, what made you take the step to take it up as a career?

AA: I started DJing in highschool (very poorly, with 2 discmen and a mixer – just pressing play and cutting in the next track), eventually I got myself a set of proper decks and mixer and really started to learn the art of mixing. When I got to University in Boston I would make mix CDs for friends and eventually I had an opportunity to play at a club. When I moved back to Oman in 2009, I stopped DJing completely – Joined my family business and became “serious” in life. I would share some mixes online every other month but that was the extent of it. At the end of 2012 – a hotel in Oman, The Chedi Muscat, approached me to help change the music at the property. I used to mix mostly electro house but my tastes had changed and by the time I started working with The Chedi I was mostly into Deep House and some Downtempo Chill music. I still work with my family business and I am doing music on the side.

TMN: So what is the music scene like back home?

AA: Oman is a small country and we have never had access to big DJs or artists. People have to go to nearby cities like Dubai to be able to see big artists, however, thanks to the internet and social media people are aware here and are craving a better nightlife scene. At The Chedi Muscat we are trying to improve the scene by providing a venue that plays unique music.
TMN: Tell me about some of the venues you’ve played at, and your favorite one.

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Manicanparty – Monarch [TMN PREMIERE]

Monarch (Acoustic)

It is no secret, we have a special place in our hearts at TMN for female vocalists and we continue to be happily stunned with how many talented ladies are out there.

Today, we are premiering “Monarch”, a simply beautiful song by Manicanparty. The duo is made up of Jessica Corazza and Patrick Morrissey, two talented musicians who have been friends since high school. Corazza’s voice is soft, soothing and yet completely striking as in, I could listen to her sing for hours and be perfectly content. The duos music cannot be categorized, it is a mix of soft electro pop, soaring vocals and catching tribal rhythms. Listening to “Monarch” feels quietly magical, as if you are flying along gently with a butterfly through the intriguing vocals and melodies enriched with welcoming guitars and banjo. This duo has their debut EP coming out October 1st and we can’t wait to hear more picturesque music from them.

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[Remix EP] MORTEN – Look Closer


Not too long ago, we featured the beautiful vocal progressive house gem from Copenhagen born DJ/Producer, Morten, via his recap from WMC week in Miami. The video was the perfect backdrop for this gorgeously produced tune, making all who were at that legendary week want to book their tickets for 2014.

After a years of blogging, we’ve come to realize this. When you have a progressive house gem with stunning vocals, you will have remixes. Whether their official or not, you know they’re coming down the pike. And today, we have a few of our favorites. These are the official remixes, put out on Ash Pournari’s PRMD label. First up is a TMN favorite, Candyland, who always infuse a unique sound into whatever they do. The Santa Barbara DJ duo, who have been getting all sorts of accolades as of late, turned this uplifting house tune into a filthy dubstap track, layering in razory synths and heavy bass.

Our other favorite out of the lot was Danny Verde, who has a staggering list of official remixes under his belt. In his take on “Look Closer” we’re served up a nice electro house version that still allows the original vocals to shine though, yet provides us with a little more dancy aggression.

The EP is officially out on Beatport as of yesterday.

Look Closer (Candyland Remix)
Look Closer (Danny Verde Remix)
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The Trap Dojo #55 [MP3 Playlist]


Copious amounts of vibes this week, but don’t worry there’s some heavy hitters as well. First off we got a glorious remix from Wave Racer, of DCUP‘s track “Don’t Be Shy”. Plump DJ‘s OG track “Get Kinky” gets a filthy trap makeover from Random Preset. Next are three tracks off of ODESZA’s most recent EP titled “My Friends Never Die”, prepare yourselves fold pure gold. 12th Planet and Protohype teamed up for this massive tune, “Paper” off of their “Transitions” EP. Mr. Carmack comes through with a sexy remix of Gladys Night‘s classic, “Grapevine”. KEYS N KRATES finally released there long awaited “SOLOW” EP, make sure not to miss “I Just Cant Deny” and “Ratchet Hoes”. Make sure not to miss the other massive tuneage from: Louis Futon, LOUDPVCK, staRo, Ookay, Blood Diamonds, Sean Dee, Cry Wolf, I AM LEGION, Minnesota, and 2 Chainz. Cheers. 

Dont Be Shy (Wave Racer Remix)
Plump Djs
Get Kinky (Random Preset Remix) DOWNLOAD
My Friends Never Die
Keep Her Close
If Theres Time
12th Planet & Protohype
Gladys Knight
Grapevine (Mr. Carmack Remix)
B.o.B ft. 2 Chainz
Headband (Whiiite Remix)
Monty Cold x Louis Futon Present: Caviar
Carnage x Tony Junior
Michael Jordan (LOUDPVCK Remix)
Are You That Somebody
Aaliyah (starRo Remix) FREE DL
Steve Aoki, Chris Lake, Tujamo
Boneless (Keys N Krates Remix)
Blood Diamonds
Barcode  (Official Instrumental)
Shotgun Radio
A Bad Place featuring Mimi Page (Minnesota Remix)
Sean Dee
All The Things She Said (Prod. by Crywolf) (Free Download)
Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo – Boneless (Ookay Remix) Out Now
I Am Legion (Noisia x Foreign Beggars)
Make Those Move (OUT NOW)
I Am Legion (Noisia x Foreign Beggars)
Foil ft. D.Ablo
2 Chainz
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[Dream-Pop/Electronica] Vinyl Villain – Pretty Evil EP


Vinyl Villain, or V/V as they are largely tracked through the blogoshpheres, maintains as a project shrouded in much mystery, leaving only a catchy, but haunting brand of electronic leaning dream-pop to speak for them. When their latest collection of tunes, dubbed Pretty Evil, graced our in-house monitors there was a collective air of beauty suddenly infused into our souls, while a shot of reverb tinged vocals and minimal-pop slunked its way down our gullets simultaneously. V/V manage to pull from their listeners a smorgasbord of emotions while coming across as equal parts Lana Del Ray, Deerhoof and pure pop prowess. As their first body of work, Pretty Evil no doubt will latch onto many indie purists and more blogs alike while lifting their veil to a slew of music publications as well. As an even greater treat to our Ninjas, Pretty Evil was released as a free download, so please don’t miss your chance to be one of the first to sport it on your iPhone.

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