[Event Preview] Take 2 Entertainment Presents: Boatylicious


Grab the sun tan lotion and throw on your bathing suits everyone, because Boatylicious is back again this year and hotter than ever! Brought to you by Take 2 Entertainment, Boatylicious is set to depart from the docks of Long Beach, CA on July 5th at 6 PM. Celebrating its 1 year anniversary on 4th of July weekend, Boatylicious is bound to make us all wanna go bump in the night. This year’s line-up is stacked with some of the spiciest talent out there, such as: Yolanda Be Cool, Moon Boots, Sam Hiller, Kid B, Ruby SparksaRod, and The Interns. The triple-decker boat will have both an indoor and outdoor stage, which should create a more intimate vibe that’s strong enough to get everyone out on the dance floor and ready to groove the night away. If this doesn’t sound like the perfect way to celebrate your 4th of July weekend, then we might ask you to re-evaluate your idea of fun.

If you are stationed in the Los Angeles area, and want to attend a party before the party actually starts, then you’re in luck because Take 2 Entertainment is bringing back the party buses – and this time with 2! The buses will only be able to hold 54 people, so make sure to book your ticket and get groovin’ before anyone else. For more information about pick-up locations, check out Take 2 Entertainment online.

If you’re down to party with good music and people, all while cruising around the Long Beach harbor on a boat, then Boatylicious is calling you! Get your tickets today before it sells out. See you ninjas on the deck.

’Moon Boots – Whatever You Need’
’Yolanda Be Cool – Cause I Like It (Original Mix)’
’Case Of The Ex (Ruby Sparks & Shiny Remix)’
’AROD & BONES – Holidaze 2013 Mix’
’Kid B – dope vol. 4’
’The Interns – Lunch Break Vol. 7 ‘
’Control Radio 065 – Mixed By Sam Hiller’

Check out last year’s Boatylicious adventure in this re-cap video after the jump: Continue reading

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Volcanoes – Up In Smoke [TMN Premiere]

CD COVER200514a
Up In Smoke

Volcanoes is a name that you will soon have in every single indie playlist. They are shaping the way for indie folk, and have created their own niche so to speak. Sam and Kev’s vocals intertwine in a beautiful way that you don’t hear too often. The combination of guitar and cello have a bit of a whimsical manner to them. Cello has always been a favorite instrument of mine, as you can express so many different emotions through it. It’s a bit of a rarity where you hear vocals, like Volcanoes’, which aren’t overdone with melodyne or other studio software that makes them nice and in tune. Every single aspect of “Up In Smoke” is very natural and on point. As I finish writing this, the song comes to a smooth ending, and I am already excited to see what their next track is.

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[Soul/Synth-Pop] Mapei – Don’t Wait (Happy Accidents Vocal Remix)

Don't Wait (Happy Accidents Vocal Remix)

Some songs are so beautiful they immediately stop you dead in your tracks. When we first were played Mapei’s “Don’t Wait”, which we featured all the way back in November of last year, we experienced that exact feeling in spades. Today, that beautiful single gets a lovely mid-tempo dance-pop remix from the nation spanning music project that is Happy Accidents. Currently made up of one artist, general musician and producer; the 90’s Britpop influenced, melodic-pop trio have authored the soulful dance sibling to Mapei’s touching original. The orginal recording’s instrumentation receives a complete overhaul in favor of sticky sweet melody and delicate synth work to take “Don’t Wait” somewhere only these three could. Happy Accidents’ remix has already received official support from both Mapei herself and Columbia & Downtown Records, and comes with our TMN stamp of approval all over it. About the tune they had this to say: “When we first heard the song, it resonated with us right away and inspired us to have our own take on it — reworking the vocals and instruments. We sent it to her team, who gave their approval and support to share it with all of you.” Grab the free download here and try not to cry as hard as we did when the first verse hits.

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[NEW] ZHU – Faded (TACHES Remix)

Faded (TÂCHES Remix)

TACHES comes through with a glorious take on ZHU viral single “Faded”. We recently had another flawless remix of this same track from ODESZA, and that one is still on repeat. None-the-less TACHES goes about as deep as possible with this funky take on an already amazing track. With some catchy vocal work mixed with some drum work that will help have this one on repeat until the end of Summer. Cheers.

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[Disco House] Sander Kleinenberg – We R Superstars

Sander Kleinenberg

Someone call John Travlota and tell him it’s time to bust out his platform shoes, white polyester suit and that black shirt with the massive collar. He’s going to need the full get-up for this groovy disco house tune from the legendary Dutch DJ/Producer Sander Kleinenberg.

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that disco has had a heavy influence in the development of the dance scene as we know it today, and as we’ve seen over the past year, those influences have come out in a stronger and more pronounced way (ahem, Daft Punk). “We R Superstars” stays true to this throwback-inspired trend we’ve become so fond of, sporting a twangy bassline, alternating guitar samples, and that classic vocoder vocal style.

In regards to its release, Kleinenberg had this to say about this brand new release:

My new track gets to see the day of light!! Such a great moment to finally be able to share this with you all. Enjoy it responsibly on a dance floor near you soon.. or a car.. a living room. Either way. thx for listening and remember, we are ALL superstars.
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Will Eastman & Caleb L’Etoile – Breathless [TMN Premiere]

Will Eastman & Caleb L'Etoile- Breathless

French house is making a huge comeback, and artists all over are making that evident. Will Eastman & Caleb L’Etoile are on the forefront of the gold rush and making it apparent with their newest single “Breathless”. Being a bit ADD, it’s pretty rare that I can less to a whole song without skipping around in the track, and I didn’t budge throughout the six minutes on “Breathless”. They say it’s the simple things in life that go farthest; the chords may not be the most complex, and track may be a bit minimal, but I will be keeping this on repeat today.

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[Remix] AraabMuzik – Summer Time

Summer Time

The master of the MPC, AraabMuzik, took to his SoundCloud a few minutes ago to let loose a phenomenal remix that brings back “Summertime Sadness,” one of last summer’s biggest hits, just in time for the heat of June. The solemn vocals of Lana Del Rey, who’s latest album has been topping charts once again, lend themselves perfectly to the ethereal-trap of the pioneering producer. As opposed to his usual aggressive approach on the pads, Araab drops the tempo to match the depth of emotion expressed in the original resulting in a track perfect for a late night adventure in the warmth of a summer night. Enjoy this one above and look out for Araab’s upcoming project, For Professional Use Only Pt. 2, which drops July 14th.

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