[Electro House] Mord Fustang – Taito

It is about time that Mord Fustang drops some more funky tuneage for us. This guy is known so well for some of the most infectious melodies in Electro and he delivers yet another incredible tune. Featuring some tweaked robotic vocal work, mixed with some harmonic synths that build together perfectly. To buy this track on Beatport, click here. Cheers.

Mord Fustang
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[Filthy] Candyland – Bring The Rain EP

Over the last week or so Candyland uploaded their entire Bring The Rain EP and it’s nothing short of amazing. This incredible debut EP will get released tomorrow on Spinnin’ Records.

The first track we are featuring is “Beneath Myself” and it has Ethan Davis on vocals. The progression in this one is flawless, utilizing a catchy melody during the intro. Then dropping into mind blowing Drumstep section that hits at all the right times. Next is “Castle Of Affair”, which is arguably the best song the EP, but we will leave that up to you. Peter Dawson is on vocals, and mixed with the euphoric Dub in this song, it is sure to leave you satisfied. The self titled track “Bring The Rain” has sexy vocals from Lexi Forche and some absolutely insane Electro. Just when you think this can’t get any better, they have a massive Moombah tune with Big Chocolate. The last two tracks, “Get Wild” and “All You You Gotta Do” are just incredible as the rest, so just sit back and enjoy this incredible EP. Also be ready for a Bring The Rain Remix EP some time in the future, lots of big things to come for Candyland in 2013. Cheers.

To buy the Bring The Rain EP, CLICK HERE. 

Beneath Myself (Original Mix)
 Castle of Affair (ft. Peter Dawson)
Bring The Rain (ft. Lexi Forche)
Candyland & Big Chocolate
Its A Shark (Original Mix)
Get Wild (Original Mix)
Candyland & MakO
All You Gotta Do ft. Maksim (Original Mix)

Release date is January 21st via Spinnin’ Records 

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[Trap Anthem] Kanye West – Cold (TNGHT Remix)

We were first showed a video preview of this massive tune being performed live in New York City where Kanye West even made an appearance on stage. TNGHT recently did an edit of Kanye‘s track “Clique” and now we they bless us with these even filthier remix of “Cold”. Sampling the original melody and throwing down the classic TNGHT heavy bass treatment. No release date yet, we will keep you posted. Cheers.

Kanye West
Cold (TNGHT Remix)
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[Indie] Blank Maps – Everything Ends

We’re always impressed with a band that can create a huge, atmospheric sound in their music. There’s something to be said about creating this entire experience that almost borders escapism. Which makes sense because we often use music as a means of escape. So, when a band does it well, it’s important to call it to attention.

With that being said, we’re happy to bring you “Everything Ends” by Newcastle indie pop quartet, Blank Maps. This melodic, guitar laden tune is dripping with layered depth, and is a perfect tool to escape your every day struggles. This track will be available as a digital-download along with b-side ‘Ornament’ from all digital retailers on March 4th and as a free download from their soundcloud.

Everything Ends
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[Denver Event Preview] Bloc Party + IO ECHO 1/22

One of the perks of being a ninja is getting to review a ton of live shows. Last year alone, I personally attended over 80 concerts. My hearing will more than likely be gone by the time I’m 40, but at the same time I will end up having seen more shows than most people can dream of.

With as many shows as I’ve seen, there are still a few that are on my bucket list. This Tuesdays knocks another one off that list, as Bloc Party makes a return to Denver. If you’re not familiar with Bloc Party, then we have to assume that you’ve been hiding in a cave somewhere in the mountains. These British indie rockers have been using their catchy hooks and poppy structures for over 8 years now, and have sold upwards of two million albums world wide.

Bloc Party has brought on LA Duo IO ECHO for a little support. While this band is relatively young, they’ve managed to develop a following with their unique “east meets west” sound. With their first album coming out in April (Ministry of Love, via IAMSOUND) now’s as good as time as any to head out and see them live. Their complex sound layers industrial elements, the Japanese koto and Chinese violin creating a ethereal, shoegaze feel that’s sure to translate into an amazing live performance.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #21

We’re well into the new year now, about the time where it stops feeling weird writing the number ’13 at the end of the date. Another reason for feeling at ease with the calendar ticking over is the impressive amount of chill tracks that have already begun floating around in 2013. We have assembled a nice line-up for you to cement just how good this year is going to be!

If you’re still not convinced, our track of the week, ‘Only Flaw’, will no doubt turn you around. Having joined Facebook only a few days ago, and with this being the sole piece on show on Soundcloud, there is not much to tell about Wayward besides the UK origins. What is clear from this mellow masterpiece though is that this is definitely a name to watch closely in the weeks to come. Now last week we left you with a stellar array of jazz-infused beats to enjoy as the playlist concluded, so we pick up where we left off with another smooth instrumental courtesy of German beatmaker FloFilz, who has captured all the magic of a smokey lounge atmosphere into 2 minutes of pure delight, which will have you desperately craving more for sure. Speaking of not being able to get enough, the tropical vibes flow once again as we have the pleasure of mentioning the name Goldroom with this feature of Mexican producer Bufi’s official remix for ‘Sweetness Alive’. The combination of guitar and piano is the perfect touch to make this an absolute jam. But our favourite name to drop of late can be none other than Sizzlebird, whose work-rate continues to astound with his ability to slip into the dojo on a regular basis. This week he presented his stunning chillstep entry for the Rameses B remix competition, which is a winner in our books regardless of the result. Finally, the announcement of a new Justin Timberlake album has caused quite the buzz of late, so our next feature revisits some classic JT with a new spin thanks to a brilliant cover from UK future bass group DrDr. There are no words for this one, the gorgeous vocals will say everything.

And now you understand the excitement we have for what this year will bring in the world of chill. Just listen for yourself. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #21 zip

Only Flaw (FREE DL
Sweetness Alive (Bufi Remix)
Rameses B
I Need You (SizzleBird Remix)
Justin Timberlake
Cry Me A River (DrDr Cover)
Green Light
John Legend Feat. Andre 3000 (Annie Starlight REMIX)
Rain (Two Fresh Remix)
You Cant Blame It On Anybody (Le Crayon Rework)
The Blue Train (Dicky Trisco Mix)
Final DJs feat. Stee Downes
One Day in the Sun (Extended Mix)
Le Youth
Dance With Me (Glam Shell X Vancington Remix)
Do You (Young Piff & Sandor Trap Remix)
Smalltalk (Whomi Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD
XXYYXX & Giraffage
Even Though (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)
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[Trap] Alesia & DJ Snake – Bird Machine

This track has already been supported by Diplo, Flosstradamus, Baauer and Dillon Francis. It features some incredible 808′s accompanied by sounds that most definitely come from a “Bird Machine”. This is a rip from Diplo’s mix on Diplo & Friends BBC Radio 1 show. No need to say more just enjoy this very unique track from Alesia and DJ Snake titled, “Bird Machine”. Cheers.

Alesia & DJ Snake
Bird Machine
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