[Beach Music] Vybz Kartel x Daytrip – Up To The Crime

vybz kartel daytrip up to the crime
Vybz Kartel x Daytrip
Up To The Crime

It seems as if Daytrip has still been stuck in Jamaica… I sincerely hope they’re okay, because last time I checked they were only there temporarily. Maybe Vybz Kartel convinced them that Jamaican gardens are better, or they just were blown away from the beaches. Whatever it may be, this new song between Vybz Kartel x Daytrip is banging. This may go up in the afternoon, but I am writing this at 7:45 am. If you’re looking for a track to take you to the beach, then this is the perfect track. I have had my eyes on Daytrip for a hot minute, and they are by far the most underrated duo at the moment. If you don’t believe me about the beach part, you can email me and I will send you a receipt of my taxi. Talk to you Ninjas later, until then I’ll be soaking up the sun in beautiful Florida!

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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 34]

Sunday Night Soul

As many of you know, the FIFA World Cup Final took place earlier today, marking not only the end of one of the greatest sporting events known to man, but essentially the midway point of the summer as well. While it may be sombering to think about how quickly time has blown by, keep in  mind that we’ve still got plenty of summer left to enjoy. If you do still need some help easing the sting however, we’ve got you covered with another soothing edition of Sunday Night Soul. We’re not typically ones to exaggerate, so believe us when we say this might be one of our favorite playlists in quite some time, as it includes some immensely talented artists like Chris McClenney, Aldo, Cable Coaster, Jordan James, El. Train, SZA, The Theorist, Majid Jordan, Sh?m, Kyan, JP Cooper, King Avriel, Rico LoveJames Fauntleroy, KidGhost, HSVN & Jarell Perry, belle, Kalenna, Elle Varner, KaytranadaDJ A1, djin, AVAY, MadeauxStwo, Duncan Gerow, Sci-Fi Scheme, guffstar, Chloe Martini, Haywyre and Allure. If that list of names doesn’t pique your interest, we’re not sure what will, but we’re hoping that after thirty four entries, you trust us to deliver you the best soul in the business.

’Chris McClenney – Live it Up (demo)’
’The Weeknd – What You Need (Live Remix) has vocals’
’bsd.u x kaya curtis – smoking at night’
’Miguel – Girl With The Tattoo (Xona Remix)’
’Aldo. – Piper’
’Nu Linh – So Beautiful (Musiq Soulchild Cover)’
’Jordan James – Losing Time (Prod. By El. Train)’
’Michael Jackson – Love Never Felt So Good (Cable Coaster Edit)’
’SZA – Moodring (prod. Felix Snow)’
’The Theorist – Runaway (Ft. NUEU & Aldo)’
’Beya Likhari – Rose Garden (Prod. by eu IV)’
’Majid Jordan – A Place Like This’
Bitches Brew (Sh?m Rendition)’
’18+ – Crow (Houndstooth)’
’Cash+David – Funn (Daktyl Remix)’
’Authr – Breathe’

’Banoffee – Got It’

’Kyan – Days In A Triangle’
’JP Cooper – Keep The Quiet Out’
’NOVA – I Know U Want It (ALBUM B SIDE)’
’King avriel – 180’
’Tiffany Gouché – Lonely Girls feat. Casey Veggies’
’Leigh Bush – Good Morning Sex’
’Rico Love – Freak No More #TTLO Remix’
’James Fauntleroy – Mo’nin’
’pHoenix Feat LordQuest – Everyday (prod Junia T)’
’August Rigo – Brown Suga (D’Angelo)’
’Omarion Ft. Shad Moss (Bow Wow) – Need That Love’
’KidGhost – House In The Hills (ft. Pedro Fresco & Cheikh)’
’The Dream – Outkast’
’HSVN – Supreme (feat. Jarell Perry)’
’Charlie Puth – Chop Like This’
’Travis Garland – WEST COAST (Lana Del Rey Remix)’
’DANDERSON – Make My Body Move feat. El. Train’
’Senze – SAME TIME’
’belle – sunset in paris’
’Ro James – LIGHTS ON IT – RUFF 03’
’August Rigo – Before I Let You Go / You Remind Me (Blackstreet, R.Kelly)’
’Kalenna – Murder’
’Elle Varner – Don’t Wanna Dance Featuring A$AP Ferg’
’Usher – She Came To Give It To You Featuring Nicki Minaj’
’Claudette Ortiz
’Carmen – COLD’
’BOY/FRIEND & The New Deal – I Do That (Prod. MNTN)’
’JAHKOY – withoutYOU (p. Chris Lorenzo)’
’MNEK – Wrote A Song About You (Kaytranada Edition)’
’Telescope Thieves – Andromeda (Brightwing Remix)’
’Erykah Badu – Tyrone (DJ A1 Remix)’
’Kendrick Lamar – Bitch dont kill my vibe (ZAGOR Lifted Remix)’
’Chu. – Maybe’
’Jade Statues – left u on ur own’
’Leon Osborn – Vale Of Kashmir’
’illusive – Safe (with You)’
’djin. – Show Me Love’
’SHUΛ J – Born2Fly’
’Haan808 – Iire’
’Ta ku – Descent (Chiefs ‘Reggie Crazy’ Edit) #THANKU’
’ROOK MILO – Bodyroll ~ MMVIII EP’
’The Weeknd – Loft Music (XONA Remix) PART 2’
’AVAY – Fall ft. The Hotel’
’Tinashe – Days In The West (djin. Flip)’
’Tinashe – Days In The West (Drake Cover) (Ekali Remix)’
’SBΛCΞ – Suicide Ft. Maryann (Sad Girl Trap)’
’Madeaux – FEELSOGOOD’
’promnite – used to be (unity)’
’Lido – Lost feat. Muri (Stwo Remix)’
’Duncan Gerow – Musiq Soulchild + Stwo = Just Friends’
’Duncan Gerow – TLC + Darkchild = Creep’
’Whitney Houston – It’s Not Right But It’s Okay (Sci Fi Scheme Remix)’
’Tyga Ft. Kirko Bangz – Girls And Guitars (guffstar edit)’
’Duncan Gerow – Tinashe & Schoolboy Q + Nineteen85  = 2 On’
’Ty Dolla $ign – Or Nah (K Theory Remix)’
’Sia – Chandelier (Chloe Martini Remix)’
’Andreena – Do It All Again (guffstar edit)’
’Jacquees – Perfect (guffstar edit)’
High Tide (Oliver Nelson & Tobtok Remix)’
’Haywyre – Smooth Criminal’
’Bubbly Bulbasaur – Drank’
’Trey Songz – Na Na (LION KNGS Remix)’
’Kito & Reija Lee – Starting Line (Etched Remix)’
’Janet Jackson – Can’t B Good (Allure Remix)’
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Mac DeMarco at Great American Music Hall 7/9 [Event + Photo Review]


Mac DeMarco
Cooking Up Something Good

When the term “pop music” became commonplace in the 1950s, it was used to describe the emerging genre of rock ‘n roll that draws inspiration from blues, folk and jazz among other classic influences. Since that time its definition has grown with times and their respective fads–snowballing to encompass a variety of styles, most recently the manufactured, electronic-based sound that dominates the top 40 charts. Few contemporary artists evoke a sense of nostalgia for pop of the past as well as the Canadian-bred, Brooklyn-based Mac DeMarco

Musically, DeMarco strums an airy guitar paired with vocals just quirky enough to bring the great psych-rock leads to mind and, with an analog-only studio in Brooklyn, he likely uses some of the same recording equipment. Mac certainly has his fair share of songs related to love and heartbreak, but he also has a strong counter-cultural youthful tone as he cleverly recounts mischief. His sophomore album, Salad Days, demonstrates the maturation of a seasoned musician with more introversion without losing that light feel.

We had a chance to catch Mac DeMarco at his second consecutive sold-out show at the intimate Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and, just as we expected, he proved an incredibly engaging performer. Opening his set with the fan-favorite first tracks of his two albums, “Cooking up Something Good” and “Salad Days” respectively, Mac and his impressive ragtag band immediately drew the crowd in never looking back. DeMarco, with flowing hair under his hat and a distinctive gap between his front teeth, brings an extremely unique and kooky stage presence, which displays, just like his music, an artist in a decade of his own.

Full of fan interaction, and intermittent comedy bits, Mac DeMarco’s set includes a perfect amount variation. Even during the slowest portion, “Let My Baby Stay,” fans could be heard singing along to every word, a testament to the consistently strong music he has released thus far. Check out our photos from the show below and don’t miss a chance for a fantastic evening–you can find MacDeMarco’s upcoming dates here.

MacDeMarco-7 Continue reading

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[Chill] Whitney Houston – It’s Not Right But It’s Okay (Sci-Fi Scheme Remix)

Sci-Fi Scheme
It's Not Right But It's Okay (Sci-Fi Scheme Remix)

Anytime anyone touches a Whitney Houston song, we cannot help but imagine the only two outcomes in this type of situation: (1) Absolutely yes and (2) Absolutely no. Today we have something that falls in the category of “Absolutely yes” thanks to the likes of Sci-Fi Scheme. Sci-Fi Scheme took on the big Whitney number, “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay”, and gave us more the reason to miss the goddess of power-house ballads.

With less than 1,000 followers on Soundcloud and only 9 songs on his SoundCloud, there was something that popped about his style of production the moment we stumbled upon his page. We’ve been keeping our eyes on Sci-Fi Scheme for quite some time now and today he definitely gave us a good reason to share his Whitney Houston remix with all of you. As soon as you hit play you are sent into a lucid state of mind where you are inevitably sucked in with dreamy piano synths, Whitney’s angellic voice, and a sub bass to send us all into chill overdrive. Sci-Fi Scheme truly captured the essence of simplicity at its finest with this remix and we just can’t seem to stop listening to this. As you prepare for your Saturday night, make sure to take some time to catch these chill vibes to get your mind in the right place. Cheers ninjas!

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Aer – Whatever We Want (Video)

Whatever We Want

Since releasing their self-titled second album in January, Aer have been busy selling out shows and earning themselves spots at major music festivals, Outside Lands being the most recent announcement. Earlier this week, the Boston-bred, genre-fusing duo released some visuals for one of our favorite songs from the album, “Watever We Want,” and they come right in time for summer. The video takes David and Carter back in time with Adidas jumpsuits among other hilarious outfits as they trash a house with some ferocious looking dogs. The fun and goofy feel match the song’s positive energy making it perfect for a sunny Saturday afternoon, as always with Aer. Enjoy the video below and make sure to check our exclusive interview with Aer from a few months back to learn some more about these up ‘n comers.

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[Indie Funk] Saint Pepsi – Fiona Coyne

Saint Pepsi
Fiona Coyne

We’ve been searching long and hard for that one song that encompasses everything Summer represents. With such great music coming out each and every week, the search has become almost too challenging for our taste, however, despite those grueling efforts, our team here at TMN is happy to announce that we have officially broken our dry spell with the Summer anthem of 2014 and would like to generously give the winning song to Long-Island musician, Saint Pepsi.

Saint Pepsi, otherwise known as Ryan DeRobertis, is one of those artists that synth-fully blends together nostalgia, love, and cognitive dissonace. His music makes your subconscious process the emotive value of his words, but your body is forcing you to dance through the conflicting thought patterns. Talk about a pickle to be in.

Just recently, Saint Pepsi signed with Carpark Records and released his debut single, “Fiona Coyne”. Shifting into more of the indie-pop realm of production, he has taken his sound and redefined everything we know and understand what it means to be elevated to new heights. With the release of this track and with new music on the horizon, Saint Pepsi is preparing us all for what may be the end of the internet as we know it.

“Fiona Coyne” was inspired by a character from an old Canadian teen drama, Degrassi: The Next Generation, in which Saint Pepsi expresses the idea that music is capable of sparking romance in places we may not deem possible. The concept alone has a much more intrinsic value beneath it, but on the surface, this song has an addicting melody, a funky beat, and some adorable nostalgic lyrics to match the summery, groovy vibe. Saint Pepsi has pushed pop-culture into a more positive limelight and “Fiona Coyne” is proof that artistry and eclecticism still exist in our world. We think he has definitely fulfilled his ambitious goal of “creating pop music for freaks”, so why don’t you press play and re-kindle that flame between you and your soul because you might just find yourself floating amidst the clouds.

Pre-Order Fiona Coyne here – Out next month on Carpark Records

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[Nu-Disco] Televisor – Neon


We absolutely love when we stumble upon those tracks that make us want to boogy ourselves back into the 80’s synth days full of big hair, bold colors, and a pair of black lungs to match our chainsmoking alter-egos. These scenario-inspired tracks are difficult to execute and extremely rare to come across, however, we always seem to find them because we are ninjas and we have been training for this moment our entire lives.

Disco duo and groove masters, Televisor, recently unleashed their inner diva personas with a new original, “Neon”. This track is the perfect song for any occasion, whether you’re BBQing with your friends at a pool party or you’re getting ready to watch an intense episode of Cops – you can pretty much choose you’re own setting and it will be suitable no matter what. With its strong synth lead and Nu-Disco flow, Televisor takes us on an intense journey back to a time most of us didn’t even exist (instead we act as if we did and call it a day). If you love 80s synths and some Daft Punk vibes, then “Neon” is going to rock your boat more than anything else out on the internet today.

So before you prepare to watch multiple re-runs of “VH1: I Love the 80’s”, make sure to grab those dancin’ shoes, tease your hair the Farrah Fawcett way, and bump this tune all the way up because you’re about to experience a blast from the past.

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