[Indie/Pop] Lincoln Jesser – We’ll Be Fine

Lincoln Jesser
We'll Be Fine

There’s something about these artists with the 80’s pop sound making a huge comeback. Let’s discuss Lincoln Jesser for a minute because his new release “We’ll Be Fine” embodies all that is indie-pop. He has beautifully simple lyrics that go perfectly with his soft and enticing vocals. The beat of the song is light and airy, an upbeat mix that captures a lot of the same sounds used in 80’s classic pop songs. I believe him when he sings that we’ll be fine.

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[Indie Rock] Double King – Premonitions EP


Double King have something going. With an interesting vocal tone and range, hip-swaying 50’s style surf rock guitars and a catchy pop set up, we find ourselves swooning. They have a sound dripping in Americana that beckons on classical styles infused with traditional pop structures. It’s hard not to get overwhelmed by this Brooklyn based indie rock outfit.

Speaking of Brooklyn, it seems like everyday we’re talking about another band making a splash from that part of the country. We don’t know what they’re putting in the water out there, but we will gladly take a glass. Between pizza and indie rock, NYC water is holding it down.

Tasty thin crust slices aside, Double Kings have one of those painfully joyous familiar sounds. Clean and enticing guitar chords remind you of something you’d hear in the prom scene of Back to the Future, yet there’s a certain modern flair that helps bring it all full circle. It’s agreeable, yet defined enough to stand above the rest. Just press play, and have a listen for yourself.

Red Tide
Battle Cry
Holy Water
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[Secret Ninja Pass] This Week at Beta 10/10


Alright, ninjas. We’ve been hooking you up with free entry to Beta for over the past year. We know you’ve have some epic times, catching some of the most legendary talent EDM has to offer, and we’re on board to keep this thing going. We recently spoke with the Rolling Stone #1 Club in North America just last weekend, and you know what they said about you? That they love you guys, and they love the energy the ninjas bring to the crowd.

So, we’re once again giving you an opportunity to check out the best night club in North America for free. What all do you have to do to get in? It’s pretty damn easy. Just follow these steps:

– Get in line up front door before 11 pm
– Show this post to the cashier

Boom. That’s it, ninjas! The only stipulations are that this deal is that you have to be 21 and up, and in the door by 11pm.

Who’s going to be lighting the decks up this week? Peep the killer talent below.

Emma Hewitt - October 10th
Dash Berlin
Waiting (ft. Emma Hewitt)

M.U.D. Tour feat. Biome & Demon - October 11th
Sultan & Ned Shepard - October 12th
Sultan + Ned Shepard
All These Roads (feat. Zella Day and Sam Martin) Pete Tong Radio Premiere
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[Hip-Hop] Johnny Astro – Moonlight Therapy (ft. Crocket Porter)

Moonlight Therapy

While differentiation is hard to find in hip-hop, Texas-based emcee Johnny Astro seems to be able to carve out his own sound while offering something consistent with the current motion of the genre. On Astro’s latest offering, “Moonlight Therapy,” his flow is rythmic and melodic over a mesmerizing beat helping make a darker track about internal struggle feel surprisingly danceable.  All three of the young artist’s verses are lyrically on point as he takes the listener on an introspective journey.

Enjoy this dope cut above and make sure to look out for more from the promising Astro.

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[Event Preview] Fool’s Gold Day Off – CU Campus 10/13


What’s better than catching an epic lineup on a college campus? Catching an epic lineup on a college campus for free. Thanks to the good folks at Fool’s Gold, this weekend you can see A-Trak, Danny Brown, Carnage, Casey Veggies, Nick Catchdubs and many more up at the Colorado University campus. This party is free, and will be hosted at the Balch Fieldhouse on campus from 2pm – 8pm.

RSVP by clicking here.

Peep a few tracks from the lineup below, watch the NYC Fool’s Gold Day Off recap, then throw on your dancing shoes. It’s about to go down on Sunday

A Trak
Landline 2.0 feat. GTA
Danny Brown
Side B (Dope Song)
Dimitri Vegas & Moguai & Like Mike
Mammoth (Heroes & Villains Vs. Carnage Festival Trap Remix)
Casey Veggies
Baby Dont Cry
Bizness feat IAMSU! & Jay Ant

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[Hip-Hop] Childish Gambino – Yaphet Kotto (Freestyle)

Because The Internet
Childish Gambino
yaphet kotto (freestyle)

Earlier today, Childish Gambino took to Twitter to announce that his upcoming album, Because The Internet, would be dropping this winter. It seems like an appropriate title, given that Bino can attribute much of his fame and success to the web (although that can be said for just about every musician these days). Not content with just an announcement though, Mr. Glover decided to commemorate the occasion by giving us a taste of just what we should expect from the effort, with “Yaphet Kotto.” The soulful single features the Georgia representative running through his entire repertoire of flows, as he employs clever wordplay to convey personal messages throughout the cut. The song doesn’t seem to be a “freestyle” in the traditional sense; rather, it seems to refer more to the song’s sporadic nature, as Childish continously hops from one topic to another.

We look forward to hearing more from Gambino throughout the course of the year, but in the meantime, make sure to check out the track above, as well as the accompanying trailer for Because The Internet below.

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[Album Review] Deltron 3030 – Event 2

Deltron 3030
What is this Loneliness (ft. Damon Albarn & Casual)

In 2000, Del the Funky Homosapien, of the Hieroglyphics and Gorillaz, teamed up with producer Dan the Automator and turntablist Kid Koala to create Deltron 3030. Their self-titled debut, a futuristic tale of Deltron Zero fighting for the people, was hailed by many as one of the top underground rap albums of all time. Thirteen years later, after endless anticipation and speculation from fans, the trio has returned, this time in 3040.

Event 2 opens with a fittingly dramatic monologue from Inception‘s Joseph Gordon Levitt before Del picks up on “The Return” right where he left off. In the year 3040, greed and corruption have brought human civilization to a backwards, anarchical crossroads. Deltron Zero, riding his stream-of-conscious storytelling flow, journeys the future’s hazardous terrain surprisingly smoothly for someone who, in both this tale and reality, has nearly become a mythical character. The sonic background created by Dan the Automator, who actually finished the production circa 2008, proves timeless once again with influences ranging from classical to funk.

While the first installment held minimal features, Del brought on a number of friends this time around including strong collaborations from members of AWOLNATION and Rage Against the Machine. His reunion with Damon Albarn on “What is this Loneliness,” which you can stream above, proves to be one of Event 2‘s high points holding the distinctly strange Gorillaz flare. The Lonely Island, of SNL fame, even make an extended appearance for comic relief, a random inclusion that fairs alright. Even with the array of personnel on nearly every track, Del carries the majority of the narrative and creative direction making for a truly interesting, and mostly smooth, melding of styles.

Read the rest of the review after the jump

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