[NEW] Phantogram – Fall In Love

Phantogram - Voices
Fall In Love

We’ve received even more good news today, as Phantogram have finally announced the release date for their upcoming studio album. The band made their comeback earlier this year with a self-titled EP that dropped in September, but now we have word that Voices, the follow-up to 2009’s Eyelid Movies, is set to drop on February 18th, 2014. Along with the announcement we’ve received the first official single from the project, and it’s one we’re sure you’ll immediately “Fall In Love” with. Check out the track below, and make sure to be one of the first to pre-order the album before it hits shelves next year.


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Katy Perry – Dark Horse (REVOKE Remix) [TMN Premiere]

dark horse
Katy Perry
Dark Horse (REVOKE Remix)

REVOKE comes through with a massive release on Candyland’s record label, Sweet Shop Records. REVOKE hails from the Southern California and delivers a sound design similiar to KOAN Sound. Bringing a bass heavy Trap/Dubstep infused remix of Katy Perry‘s track “Dark Horse”. Taking the erie vocals and synths from the original, and transforming it into a monstrous  festival ready banger.  Best of all, it’s a FREE download via, REVOKE’s Facebook.

Make sure to follow REVOKE on Soundcloud and Sweet Shop Records on Soundcloud.

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[Ambient] Marley Carroll – First Thought, Best Thought/ The Hunter


Known among his peers as “the producer’s producer,” this classically trained pianist and percussionist has straddled genre lines for years, previously being awarded as the Best Scratch DJ for his home state of North Carolina – at the age of 17. With a love and flair for classic instrumentation, and an interest rooted in the electronica world, it’s no wonder we’re picking our jaw up off the ground after hearing Sings, which dropped last week.

One of our favorite tunes from the gorgeously orchestrated LP is “First Thought, Best Thought.” The precariously named title might be a nod to what every artist goes through in creating something, going through constant eternal struggles only to find that that initial creative flame, was in fact, the best.

Carroll’s percussion rich upbringing can be heard throughout this entire piece, popping over atmospheric, nature rich elements, and synthesized human chantings.

On the other end of the spectrum, we’re offered a much more pop driven tune in “The Hunter.” With a light, playful melody, Carroll’s voice carries effortless through the dance inspired beats. You honestly can’t help but get taken to another world whilst listening to this tune, embracing its flirty and playful nature is inevitable.

Both examples are mesmerizing, and in all honesty, are just the tip of the iceberg for what you can expect from Sings.

First Thought, Best Thought
The Hunter
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[Dance] The Colourist – Fix This (The Chainsmokers Remix)

The Colourist
Fix This (The Chainsmokers Remix)

This Big Apple producer/DJ duo snuffed out their smokes and focused in on one hell of an indie electro house tune. Through the wisps of extinguished cigarettes, we see a real dance floor pleaser rise up. Smokey descriptors aside, we’ve always been fans of The Chainsmokers, and “Fix This,” continued our affinity for their creative and unique sounds.

Calling on similarities of indie dance tunes from the likes of Dragonette and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, it’s no wonder Alex and Drew were chompin’ at the bit to get their hands and software all over this tune from The Colourist. The focus of the tune is definitely on the vocals, which aren’t overly treated. Couple that with a heart pounding electro house melody, and you’re left helpless to this remix’s demands. What are those demands exactly? It’s simple really. Dance.

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[NEW] St. Vincent – Birth In Reverse

St. Vincent
Birth In Reverse

The new year is still a few weeks away, but we already have something to look forward to heading into 2014. Today fans were pleased to hear that Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, is preparing to release her self-titled fourth studio album on February 25th, 2014. If this effort is anything like 2011’s Strange Mercy, we’re in for a real treat. Luckily for us, we have our first glimpse of the project with the fabulous new single, “Birth In Reverse.”

Like the accompanying album art, the track is far edgier than her previous work, with an ecstatic energy pulsing through it that’ll instantly have your hips swaying to the infectious melody. Of the record Clark stated, “I knew the groove needed to be paramount. I wanted to make a party record you could play at a funeral.” We’re not exactly sure what that means, but if anyone could achieve that sound, it’s her. Grab a free copy of the single above (in exchange for an email address), and stay tuned for more releases after we close the books on 2013.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #65

chill dojo

Anytime a new Bondax track is released, you just know it’s going to be a good week for the Chill Dojo. That together with all the other amazing tunes in our playlist again prove that to be the truth for this edition.

As for the song in question, ‘Fires’ opens in a majestic fashion as can be expected from the prodigious UK duo. The stunning vocals of Josh Record make the opening minute a simple joy to listen to. And then there’s what comes next. Words actually can’t do it justice. You’ll just have to listen for yourself. Is there even a point in trying to describe what Bondax do? We do need to include something in this write-up though, so instead we can talk about the smooth stylings of Cherokee and their work on this Amerie classic. As we’ve been taught numerous times before, this seasoned French duo have a way with funk, and the bassline on this remix will quickly have you under its spell. While we’re high on this groovy feeling, let’s kick things up a notch with this absolute jam from another Frenchman in Jean Tonique. There are some things that the French just do better, so there’s no way to decipher how exactly he has made this fresh Jay-Z remix so goddamn funky. You’ll be too busy in a state of uncontrollable dancing to even care anyway. Now this dojo isn’t known for posting a whole lot of progressive house, but every so often there’ll be a special tune we come across with the perfect vibe for what we stand for. MaHi’s latest release is a prime example of this, with ‘Wake Up’ providing dreamy melodies and an uplifting feeling that just needed to be shared. Since the dojo’s first beginnings, we’ve seen plenty of unknown chill producers set the blogosphere alight with a consistent stream of amazing music. One of the hottest names right now is Kygo, and this week we were given another reason to be heaping praise on the young Norwegian. No stranger to the top of the Hypem charts, Kygo has quickly scaled them once more with this beautiful take on Ed Sheeran’s ‘I See Fire’. His charming melodies and infectious percussion are once again on full display for another track to be replayed again and again. And if you still can’t get enough, check out edit from DJ AA for a different blend. We could keep writing about this week’s additions forever, but we’ll keep things short so you have more time to enjoy the newest jams from our favourite beatmakers like Mr. Carmack, IAMNOBODI, and Flofilz.

Enough talk, more chilling. Peace out

Chill Dojo #65 zip

Fires Ft Josh Record
1 Thing (Cherokee Remix)
Jay Z feat. Pharrell
I Just Wanna Love U (Jean Tonique Remix)
Wake Up (Original Mix)
Ed Sheeran
I See Fire (Kygo Remix)
Kygo, Morgan Page & Ed Sheeran
I See Fire (AA Longest Road Bootleg)
Mr. Carmack
Spaced Out
Needs & Wants & Bad Habits
Home Hiatus
Dancing In Eden
Joe Space & FloFilz
Dünnes Eis (Cuts by fLOwTEC)
Adalita (Figgy Remix)
Fabich & Ferdinand Weber
Stay Away Too Long
Moon Boots
Got Somebody (Free Magic Dub)
The Fall (BRONX Night Dub)
Oscar Key Sung
All I Could Do
Stand Next To Me (Pretty Pink Remix)
Ben Khan
The Club (Shlohmo Remix)
Tell Me
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Sunday Night Soul [Vol. 4]

Sunday Night Soul

It’s the first weekend of December, meaning I, like most of you out there, spent my Sunday stuck inside watching the snowflakes gently trickle down to the ground. Being trapped indoors isn’t always a bad thing however. At least you now have an excuse to huddle around the fireplace as you listen to the latest edition of Sunday Night Soul (if you don’t have a fireplace, a space heater will have to do). This edition is packed further to the brim than that mug of piping hot cocoa you’re gripping onto right now, with tasty selections from some of the most talented singers from across the web. It’s hard to pick a favorite from this crop, but I’d like to point your attention to offerings from newcomers Snoh Aalegra, Rosie LoweDrew Love, and SPZRKT. Of course we have to recognize budding series regulars Raleigh RitchieTev’n, and Tei Shi, as well as TMN favorites Childish GambinoJhené Aiko, Bondax, and Sebastian Mikael. If that stellar lineup alone doesn’t give it away, we’re rather confident that you’ll leave tonight’s presentation well satisfied. 

How Will It End (Prod. RJD2)
Raleigh Ritchie
Snoh Aalegra
Burning Bridges
Reign Down
Rosie Lowe
Madame Sabrosa
Jhene Aiko
The Vapors Ft. Wiz Khalifa
Luke James
Strawberry Vapors
Sassieon Dupris
Drew Love
Kiss Of Life
Sleep Alone
Tei Shi
M&Ms (MP • Williams Paranoid Remix)
Sebastian Mikael
Worst Behavior (Drake Remix) (Producer Lü Balz)
ON YA (Produced by Slakah the Beatchild)
Chasing Storms
Tiffany Stevenson
Old Thing
Dont Matter feat. Darianna
Fires Ft Josh Record
Adrian Marcel
Childish Major
Vietnam (Dont Let It Fall)
Childish Gambino
what kind of love
U N I V E R S E (prod By Sango)
Destiny Bends (DEMO) (ft. Will Wells)
Seinabo Sey
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