[NEW] Toro y Moi – Lyin (Pt. 1-4)

Today, Chaz Bundick, aka Toro y Moi, has unleashed a groovy, funky fresh new track called “Lyin (Pt. 1-4). It’s got everything from jazzy samples to chillwave-y flourishes, and it doesn’t hesitate to switch things up at a moment’s notice. The cut is off an exclusive 7″ split single between Toro and Dog Bite, who will hit the road together soon. The single will be available on each of the dates, and digitally January 29th.

Toro Y Moi
Lyin (Pt. 1

Toro y Moi’s new album, Anything In Return, comes out January 22nd via Carpark Records.

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[Experimental] Kids of the Apocalypse – Masters of the Sun

With the heavy influence of EDM and dubstep in mainstream music over the past couple years, the boundaries for genres of music have become increasingly non-existant. As 2013 hits, the sound of “pop” music is involving into more of an eclectic mix that was once only heard on the underground. This concept is becoming more apparent with the debut single “Masters of the Sun” from newcomers Kids of the Apocalypse. This international group mixes elements of dubstep, trap, synth, and vocals from a children’s choir to create a unique and intriguing track that could easily be the sound of pop music for an ever-changing new generation. Be sure to check out this free download below.

Masters Of The Sun
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Dada Life – So Young So High (Dillon Francis Remix) [Preview]

OK! I know that the vocal sample of that guy saying “WHAT?” in every single trap song is getting annoying, but when it comes to Dillon Francis, we have to give him a pass. Taking on the fantastic 2012 release “So Young So High” from the banana eating campaign shugging duo Dada life, Dillon Francis produces a brand new rendition that still feels fresh for a track of that tempo. Though only a minute preview and not enough to keep us satisfied for its release on January 16th, we have also included Andybody’s more electro house forward remix of the track.

Dada Life
So Young So High (Dillon Francis Remix) PREVIEW
Dada Life
So Young So High (Andybody Remix)
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Jacob Plant – Shakedown [TMN Exclusive]

Calvin Harris very own label, Fly Eye Records, ended 2012 with the huge progressive house release of Thomas Gold’s “Miao”. Continuing that momentum into a new year comes a bigger banger by rising London producer Jacob Plant. After putting out a handful of well-crafted originals and remixes from dubstep to trap, the talented producer is back more determined than ever with his bass pounding single “Shakedown”. Although it will be officially released January 28th, The Music Ninja brings you the very first preview of the track. Featuring a long and evolving build up of an extremely palpable note progression that slowly rises from down under, “Shakedown” quickly brings one back down with a gritty and most satisfying in-your-face bassline. It lives somewhere between powerful electro house and dubstep but rest assured it is a full blooded banger.

Jacob Plant

We are so excited about the release that we had to learn more about Jacob Plant and how he got involved with Calvin Harris:

TMN: Congratulation on such an impressive release with “Shakedown”! Tell us more about how you got started and how you got involved with Fly Eye records.

Thanks! It was quite a simple process really. My first link with Calvin was when I did a remix for his and Example’s song ‘We’ll Be Coming Back”. I met him when I was LA a few months later and we got talking, he and his manager suggested I should do a song for his label. I made a few tracks the week I got back and ‘Shakedown’ was one of them. It seemed right for his label so I sent it his way and he loved it, which a massive honour!

TMN: Often times it takes a while for an artist to find their own sound and style, describe your sound in three words and walk us through your main influences as a producer.

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[Indie] Sibille Attar – Come Night (Prod. by Björn Yttling of Peter, Björn and John)

You guys remember the awesome Swedish indie rock group Peter, Björn and John, right? Of course you do! Here, the band’s Björn Yttling lends his production chops to indie pop artist and fellow Swede Sibille Attar on her latest song “Come Night”. Full of punchy percussion and effects, pretty piano, and sweet pop melodies, it’s a light, yet energetic track to keep on your playlists for days to come. Be sure to also check out its official music video here.

Sibille Attar
Come Night

“Come Night” is off the forthcoming album, Sleepyhead, out February 20th on Stranded Records.

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[Experimental] Fol Chen – 200 Words

Los Angeles’ electro/indie pop group Fol Chen plan to release their fourth LP, The False Alarms, this Spring. Today, we get a first taste of that album with “200 Words,” a tune that seems made for secret late night rendezvous. Slinky and seductive, it moves alongside slow beats and even lower synth work, led by Sinosa Loa’s hypnotic vocals. Check out the dark and sexy track below.

Fol Chen
200 Words

Fol Chen’s The False Alarms drops March 19th via Asthmatic Kitty.

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[Hip-Hop] Pusha T – Millions (Feat. Rick Ross)

Say what you want about Pusha T, but there’s no denying that he puts 110% into every verse he crafts. He’s got a fire and intensity about him that’s unmatched by anyone else that dares to pick up the mic in his presence. MMG bawse, Rick Ross, does his best to keep up as the two Southern emcees flaunt their wealth throughout the track. Considering how prominent of a part he’s played as part of G.O.O.D. Music since he signed back in 2010, it’s hard to believe we’re still waiting on Pusha’s first full solo album, My Name is My Name (that’s not counting Fear of God II: Let Us Pray). Before we get that however, we’ll be blessed with a mixtape, known as Wrath of Caine, which this song will be featured on. Both projects are expected to drop sometime in 2013.

Pusha T
Millions (Ft. Rick Ross)
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