[TMN Resident Artist for September] It is as simple as TJR

TJR @ Wet Republic
Las Vegas, NV

As another month passes and summer slowly fades away it is time again to present a new Resident Artist for the month of September.

There are many things to say about our new artist, for starters, this is not his first rodeo musically speaking. He has been DJing since his college days discovering that he loved making beats more than his other love, which was golf at the time. He moved from his home on the East Coast only a few years back to pursue and push his music making but he did this with his own sound. He started making bootlegs and sampling anything he could get his hands on and the biggest thing he could do for his music, he stopped caring what other people thought about his music.

If you haven’t figure it out yet then I guess I had better spell the letters out for you: ladies and gentleman, the incredible artist we know simply as TJR.

A product of the 90’s, TJR continues to show his originality in his music, DJing and producing sounds that blur the lines of house, techno and electro. Just like other musicians out there, TJR made all these beats for his own pleasure and then those songs were picked up and played by other artists such as Chuckie and Fatboy Slim and from there, TJR’s fan base and admirers only grew. That little known (or renowned) TJR tune called “Funky Vodka”? We were honored to premiere it on TMN and the song inevitably made its way to the #1 spot on Beatport, with great reason. And his recently released “What up Suckaz” also climbed its way to the #1 spot, again, because it is a song that deserves to be up there.

Besides being an amazing producer, TJR is also known for his captivating live performances. He has said that he realizes many artists today just stand in front of a computer screen for their shows but he believes stage performance is just as important as the music itself.

TJR is a musician who has made it a point to make the music he loves and in return, he has captured the hearts and ears of many fans. This month we are excited to get weird with this artist and learn just a little bit more about the man behind TJR and his undeniable success.

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[NEW] Madeon – Ubelkeit


Prepare for the most aggressive track that you have heard from the French prodigy, Madeon. His normal approach to production went out the window for this this one, and he still nails it. Delivering a Acid/Electro infused sound design that that features flawless chord progression. This track was ripped from Dog Blood‘s Set at Coachella Weekend 2 (hence all the “Dog Blood” samples being dropped through out the track). No news on the release date yet, but as always, we will keep you posted. Cheers.


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Action Bronson
Drug Shit [DJ Semi Mix] (Prod. by DJ Semi)

Queen’s emcee Action Bronson has been killing it this summer with freebies and features. Today we get another dose of his flow, thanks to Connecticut’s … Continue reading »

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[TMN PREMIERE] Jarred A.G. – So I Go (Video)

So I Go
Jarred A.G.
So I Go (Prod. by Smoko Ono)

If you thought the Smoko Ono produced “So I Go” was trippy before, wait till you catch a glimpse of the new video from Chitown’s very own Jarred A.G. Conceived by Merked Creative, the vibrant visuals can be more accurately considered as an interpretive artpiece–something that falls closely between an acid trip and those visualizers from the Windows Media Player days. The transitions in the video sync up perfectly with the rhythm of Jarred’s flow, which seamlessly drifts between a laidback, swagged-out drawl to a sped up, feverish clip. The track itself helps shows off Jarred’s versatility, and provides a case for why he should be mentioned among the plethora of rising names coming out of Chicago, the current hip-hop capital of the world.

Disclaimer: This video may cause seizures for those suffering from photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised. 

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[Video] Reuben Hollebon – Faces (TMN PREMIERE)

Reuben Hollebon

Reuben Hollebon’s recent electric, cinematic folk tune “Faces” now has a a visual association with it, and we couldn’t be happier. The rolling drums, subdued guitars, and steady bass line had created a perfect backdrop for Reuben’s powerful, emotionally charged lyrics, but today we get to see director Emma Rozanski’s interpretation of “Faces.”

The video, to be expected, is rather dark and troubling at times; showing people obviously dealing with conflicting emotions. When asked about the vision, Rozanksi said,

“The video was inspired by impressions that the song evoked of people adopting different personas and trying to come to terms with their contrasting personalities.”

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[Pop] Bloom Twins – Faranheit


A slice of sultry and a piece of gloom pop featuring a haunting piano accompaniment. Meet Ukrainian duo Bloom Twins: meddling in both modelling and music they’ve now leapt the pond to London, where they currently reside.

Their most recent venture is their rendition of Kish Mauve’s ‘Fahrenheit’. Taking a minimalist and stripped down sentiment Bloom Twins overlay their interpretation with dreamy soundscapes and a dash of darkness. Beneath their perfected pop vocal, and amidst the mature harmonies, lies a forlorn undercurrent. This track succeeds in being both familiar and recognisable, yet uneasily unique.

Whilst they’re already hyped with high hopes, Bloom Twins at the age of seventeen, have a few years to reach their predicted status. Here’s a stark and unblemished reminder of a potentially big future.

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[MP3 Playlist] The Chill Dojo #51

chill dojo

Often music news has more to do with celebrity antics than anything of actual musical quality. Well that may be of interest to some, but as far as the Chill Dojo’s concerned, we’re far too wrapped up with what’s really worth talking about, talented artists and amazing music.

Our first track from Moods is exactly that, with a shining example of a raw instrumental that is a million times sexier than any display of ‘twerking’ could ever achieve. We’ve been a strong advocate for the Dutch beatmaker for a while now, and his stunning production on this addition to the latest EP from Catching Flies is well deserving of another shout out. It seems like we’re singing this guy’s praises every week, but lo and behold Kaytranada is back again with that signature bassline and drums that we just can’t get enough of. Whether you choose to dance or just vibe to his latest remix of JMSN, it’s definitely another feather in his cap for what has been an absolute tear of late. The modern revival of R&B classics has been an exciting trend in recent times, with many artists bringing tracks from the late 90’s and early 00’s into a new scene of future sounds mixed with the sexy jams of the past. This week we feature DJ Hoodboi who adds some Jersey Club flavour to this 2001 chart-topper from Ginuwine, which is sure to get bodies moving all over again 12 years later. German duo Gamper & Dadoni have been another revelation to the dojo this week, but their array of bouncy, light-hearted mixes are a perfect way to see out summer. So too is this latest remix from Figgy, who takes on the beloved original from Banks, and brings a new level of warmth to this smooth serenade. Dojo favourite Lane 8 certainly knows his way around a beautiful female voice, so expectations were set pretty high for his remix of the stunning ‘Youth’ from Daughter. But, just as always, his chilled house style perfectly caresses the gorgeous vocals for amazing results. And before we wrap up, we have to give a final shout out to another new discovery in Kygo, the 21 year old Norwegian producer who sports a Soundcloud well worth checking out if you’re digging the tunes we’ve posted below.

So for all the music news that really matters, you know where to go. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #51 zip

Catching Flies
Sunrays (Moods Remix)
Love & Pain (Kaytranada Remix)
Differences (DJ Hoodboi Remix)
Laura Veirs
July Flame (GAMPER & DADONI Remix)
Warm Water(Figgy Remix)
Youth (Lane 8 Remix)
Caravan (Kygo Remix)
Ed Sheeran & Passenger
No Diggity vs. Thrift Shop (Kygo Remix)
Matt Corby
Brother (Kygo Remix) Free Download
Laber Bris
Macklemore ft. Ed Sheeran
Same Love (De Hofnar Bootleg)
Imagine Dragons
Its Time (Faceless22 Remix)
Hot Natured feat. Roisin Murphy
Alternate State
Radical Something
Spraypaint (Viceroy Remix)
Giving It All (Joe Goddard Remix)
Drake, Ghost Loft & Stwo
Say Something (AA So High Bootleg)
Say Something (Stwo Remix)
Ghosts Of Paraguay
Come Home (Dubstep Version)
Ghosts Of Paraguay & Plutonic
When The Rains Came down
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